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Mid- April Update… |High Street Spy|

25 Apr

Hello beauties,

Yes, it is that time again where I scroll through my phone and give you a cheeky insight into what I’ve been up to (or not up to) this month.

mid april update

Revision, revision and more revision…

B.O.R.I.N.G. You all know what it is, but that’s all I’ve been doing this half term and I can not wait until my GCSEs are over and I can have the longest summer ever! If you do want to read about how I’ve been revising, I wrote about it here.¬†After I’ve finished writing this post I am off to revise science because it is officially my worst subject, damn my scientific dreams are crushed. ūüėČ

I’ve been getting all Blogilates…

A while back I discovered the fantastical world which is Blogilates when I was looking for some easy exercises I could do at home to slim my legs a bit, and I am in love with it, not only has the way too perky Casey has the amazing website, ( she also has an app and a YouTube channel. All of these have super easy you follow YouTube videos for every bit of your body you can think of, but also diet plans and recipes to coincide with every exercise too and also a workout calendar if you really want to stick to it. I have been slacking this week due to the realization of how much revision I had to do, but last week I was following the Perfect legs workout everyday, and surprisingly I do it the whole way through. Promise. For some reason I find her really motivating, and you don’t even have to leave your house and get sweating in front of people, it feels like she’s giving you her own private class which I love. I really recommend giving this a go, as there is literally a workout for everyone!

Happy Birthday Lauren & Lauren…

Last week it was fellow bloggers and friends in the real world Lauren and Lauren’s 16th Birthdays. Firstly it was Lauren W’s birthday, where we ate way too much food and I watched Frozen for the first time which is now a new favourite of mine. I got both Lauren’s giant cards I picked up from Asda that week but I got Lauren W a Jack Wills bag which my mum picked out. (Good choice mum.) Then on the Friday of that week we all popped round to Lauren A’s and for once I was the first one there! The idea for her present came from when I was going through the thousands of pictures on my phone and realised the majority of which were of Lauren or Lauren and I, I would say a good 70% of them, so I decided to make her a scrapbook which I was pretty pleased with. It took me all week and my kitchen table being covered it pink glitter to make it, oh and all my brother’s colour ink from his printer! I also gave her a Ted Baker body set because she smells and a tampon. (Long Story.)

photo 1photo 2photo 3

I tried out my prom hair & make-up…

Prom is coming up extremely soon, and I have to say I am excited, I only have a few bits and bobs to pick up and I am ready to go! I know a few of you have seen my hair on my personal Twitter but if you haven’t, sorry you can’t see it. ūüėČ This is because I am going to post a Get Ready with Me Prom edition very soon, so you will just have to wait until then! I am doing my make-up myself and my super clever hairdresser/ beauty therapist mother is doing my hair, the other day I literally just gave her a picture of how I wanted my hair and she did it literally identically! The hair is copied from a very well known YouTuber so there’s a hint for you.

I went all mermaid…

I’m normally pretty boring but due to a lot of procrastination I ended up painting my nails like this, using a Fearne metallic polish in green and a pushing a gold glitter from the tips upwards. I might do a proper tutorial of these but for now here’s just another teaser for you.


So far this month has been beyond boring, due to the exams once again! I hope you find you have a lovely Easter, tucking into chocolate eggs like me. My prom look will be up very soon, as I know a lot of you have asked me about it all.

See you soon,

Maisie x


My Top 5 Spring Nail Varnishes… |High Street Spy|

23 Apr

Hello again lovelies,

So a while ago I posted my top 5 lipsticks for spring¬†but now it’s time for me to show you all my top 5 spring nail varnishes that I have worn or I am going to be wearing in the future.


(From left to right)

Fearne (Nameless)

It makes me sad that this varnish doesn’t have a name or it was on the box I no longer have, corals are my favourite colours in cosmetics and varnishes, I think it is because they compliment my olive skin tone really nicely and they are a perfect colours to take us into summer. Fearne nail varnishes are always I firm favourite of mine, my collection always growing every Christmas.

Barry M Confetti in Dolly Mixture

I picked this varnish up last summer and I’ve recently rediscovered it in my collection, the pastel colours look really pretty for spring over brights and pastels. Last year I posted a review of this, so to see what it looks like on my nails, just click here to read that.

Seventeen Gel Colour in Mint Bon-Bon

I love this greeny colour, I think this is an colour that is super wearable all year round, the gel effect also gives it that high shine ‘gel’ look which I love.

Maybelline Color Show in Iced Queen

I love these polishes, just because there are so many at a really good price. Even though the name suggests otherwise I this colour just reminds me of the sea and spring flowers.

Berry M Jelly Hi- Shine in Blue Berry

I am currently wearing this colour of my nails, I think this tone of blue looks a lot better with a tan as it is pretty bright so it is one for spring/ summer months. This is also a ‘gel’ effect so it has that high shine finish to it which I love. I reviewed these many moons ago so you can also go and read about these polishes in more detail here.

I know this post is brief once again, but blame the revision!

What nail varnish colours are you loving at the moment? Let me know so I can pick them up for myself.

Maisie x

Spring Fever Tag… |High Street Spy|

21 Apr

Hello lovelies,

I am back, I have done 90% of my revision which gives me time to finish off this post which has been in my drafts for almost a month now!

spring fever tag

It’s starting to feel slightly spring like outside, which means it was perfect timing to get tagged to do the Spring Fever Tag by the lovely Blushing Beauty. Why not go and follow her? (After you’ve read this of course.)

1) What eye pallete will you use most this spring?

To be honest I don’t really have a lot of palletes, but a while back I won a Beauties Factory pallete which has some really nice browns and neutral matte colours within but also some really pretty pinks I’d love to try out this spring, then step out of my comfort zone.


2)What blusher in your collection is a Spring must? And what about lipstick too?

The blusher I will be using a lot more is the Bourjois cream blush in a light coral colour which I haven’t used in a while. I have a olive skin tone so I think corals really compliment my skin but don’t look really obvious and make more of a subtle blush. My lipstick pick is the Revlon lip butter in Candy Apple, which is a coral/ red colour which I think will look really fresh and bright for spring, what I love about the lip butters and you can build up the colour or leave it as a subtle glossy look.

3)What nail polish do you love to wear in Spring?

As soon as it gets a bit more summery I whip out the brighter colour, and pastels as well but I really want to try out these blue tone polishes: Seventeen Gel Colour, Maybelline Color Show, and Barry M Gelly polish.

4)What is on your Spring break agenda?

Going on holiday, sunbathing, long walks, photography, meeting friends  

Revising for my exams in the summer. Yay.

5)What trends are you looking forward too, fashion nail polish make up etc?

Corals are my favourite when it comes to make-up. I really want matte lips to go out of trend, because I really dislike that look! To read my top spring lipsticks click here.

6)What is your signature Spring scent?

At the moment I’m avoiding sprays because it sets off my hay fever sniffling. Great.

7)Do you have a Spring skincare regime?

I’m trying to moisturise as much as I can, every morning I do a full body moisturisation to get my skin nice and soft for prom.

8)What is Spring like where you live?

At the moment the sun is shining, but the weather report has shown me that it will be back to English weather in not too long.

9)Florals, got to have them or make them stop?

Got to have them, but they aren’t very original are they?

10)Favourite activity to do in the Spring?

Going for a stroll up to the park with my camera, sitting on my favourite bench, watching the world go by and watching the pretty view.

Hope you all had a great Easter, I tag you all to do this but I would really like the Lauren’s to do this if you haven’t already!

Maisie x

20 Facts About Me… |High Street Spy|

6 Apr


 Hello lovelies!

Finally school is up for Easter which I good for lie ins but not good for GCSE students because it now means series revision. Because of this my posts are going to be pretty crappy and quick but it means my blog is not left empty and lonely! I was a bit stuck for post ideas when a few of you suggested a facts about me post, ‘that’s easy enough’ I thought planning to do 25, turns out I’m pretty damn boring and as you can tell I only got to 20. So yeah, I hope you find these not very interesting facts interesting and I always like to know if any of these facts apply to you too, so leave me a comment!

1. My middle name is Eleanor

2. Cornwall is my favourite place in the whole wide world

3. I hate my hair

4. I had a very serious operation when I was younger which now I know could have meant me never walking again! But I’m walking and dancing now so all is good.

5. I caught fire to toaster waffles. (I wanted them crispy. Opps)

6. I can never sleep on the first nigh anywhere.

7. I am extremely fussy when it comes to my surroundings.

8. I like to be on my own, but I hate to me lonely.

9. I’m watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air as I write this.

10. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 6.

11. Walkers bacon flavoured crisps now have real bacon in and I am not happy at all.

12. My favourite lessons at school are dance, history and textiles.

13. I am addicted to my phone.

14. I used to be scared of lifts.

15. Every time I go to DIY stores I pick up all those paint colour charts in colours that I like.

16. I hated being in a wheelchair for weeks because people stare.

17. I am currently on a bit of a fitness hype.

18. I want to go to a festival but I hate the idea of camping there.

19. But I love camping.

20. Stationary is my weakness. (Damn you Paperchase)

See you soon,

Maisie x

My Top 5 Spring Lipsticks… |High Street Spy|

5 Apr

Hello beauties,

As spring is in full swing¬†so I thought I would do little installments of my top 5 make-up picks for Spring, so let’s start off with my favourite make-up, LIPSTICKS!


*Maybelline Color Sensational~ Electric Orange

One of my favourite lipsticks I literally wore all last summer too, as you can see by the stumpy end! I love orange lipsticks, they’re really pretty and so pretty for spring/ summer. I love these lipsticks a lot, especially the smell of them, which is kind of weird.

*Maybelline Color Sensational~ Shocking Coral 

Once again I love this one too, this one is a lot brighter though so it’s not as wearable as it looks best with nothing else going on make-up wise. Both these Maybelline lipsticks look really nice with olive skin tones like myself. You can read a full review of the Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks here.

*Bourjois Color Boost~ Red Sunrise 

As you can I really love these coral pink colours, I feel they suit my skin tone the best. This is the most pigmented of all the crayons I have and has a really nice shine to it also.

*Revlon Lip Butter~ Candy Apple 

I picked this one recently in London and I have worn it as an ‘everyday’ lipstick a lot. It’s really good if you want the long wear and colour of a lipstick but want more of a gloss, subtle finish.

*Soap & Glory, Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick~ Fuscia-Ristic

These lip crayons are my favourite, a lot of the time I find these crayons stick to dry patches on your lips but these keep your lips hydrated and give that glossy look with a subtle bit of coral colour. The names of these are also wonderful.

Now for some cheeky swatches for you all:


What are your favourite lipsticks/ glosses, as I’d really like to try some more out and maybe step out my coral comfort zone.

See you all soon,

Maisie x


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