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Review: Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser…

28 Jan

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all well?

So recently I popped into the mother ship (you may know it as Boots) to get my friend a birthday present and to pick up some essentials I needed, toner and pore strips. Whilst I was there I remembered I really wanted to pick up the Maybelline Baby Skin Primer just because I’ve never used one before and I am always curious to try products that are highly advertised. I expect pretty great things from those products. I own two baby lips, the pink and clear one, and if I’m honest I’m not completely convinced with them, I don’t think they really hydrate for long and the pink looks a bit cheap, and the smell/ taste is slightly weird, but I wanted to give the primer a go.


First of all the pastels are a winner with me, because as you might be able to see I am a lover of pastels. The tube itself is not actually very big, with a pointy small tip so not a lot comes out of it, and you don’t need to use a lot of it for your face. A pea sized amount covers about half of my face but I apply it pretty generously (I also have a pretty big face.)


The product is clear, and has a sort of greasy feel to it but even though it does feel like it, it doesn’t look like it on the face. Before putting it on I cleanse, tone and moisturize (all Simple) and then once it’s all sunk it I apply the primer. You can spread it out easily onto the face, it creates an even look and also calms down redness I have around my nose. It says you can wear it without make-up on top, which is pretty snazzy because you can go for the natural look but still feel confident you have some product on your face as it does smooth out the face, making it pore-less. (I haven’t tried this yet because I have two whoopn’ red spots that are a match for foundation and concealer. But when I do, I’ll let you know.)

The only thing I’m not so keen on is that it doesn’t sink in very fast into the skin, even though it does feel lightweight, so you can either wait for it to do so, or put make-up over it straight away, but the skin (even though it doesn’t look it) feels slightly greasey. My skin is combination skin with dry patches here and there but it does make my skin feel really soft and doesn’t dry it out, keeping it feel hydrated all day. I’m not a big fan of fragrance products as they feel they are burning my skin and 99% of the time I do not like the scents, and this one is fragrance free the lovers of all things boring and smell-less.

Overall I do really enjoy using this product, as I am really getting less lazy with my skincare and I am feeling the benefit of it.

I know a lot of people asked me about this product and if the £7.99 was worth it, but I think if you are looking for a budget primer it will last you a long time, and I’d say is as good as Benefit Pore-fessional primer which I am a big fan of.

See you all soon,

Maisie x


What’s in My Make-Up Bag? *Collaboration*

26 Jan

Hello my lovely ones,

I haven’t done a ‘what’s in my make-up bag’ post for about 2 years. (That is crazy) The original post is pretty funny to look back on, the ‘soft focus’ photos taken on my old Blackberry mobile phone and to see how my make-up collection has rocketed since then. Oh’ dear. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the difference. (Not all my make-up is even shown on the left. Hehe.)

2014 make-up bag…


2011/2012 make-up bag…

So here’s another collab for you all with my blog best friend, Kavi. So basically she is the greatest blogger around and also the funniest person to have a conversation with. I can always trust that when Kavi will be the first to like my posts and have a whine at me for not replying to her e-mails. Her post is already up because I’ve been so busy I’m finding it hard to post at the moment, and you can read that and her other beyond fabulous posts here. I included the colours I know but some I didn’t sorry.

Make-Up Bag…

*Ted Baker (Outlet)


* Maybelline Baby Skin Primer 

* Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation 

* Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer 

* Sleek Contouring Kit 

* Bourjois Blushes

*L’Oreal Natural Bronzer

*L’Oreal True Match The Powder



*Rimmel Quad Eye Shadow Palette 

* Maybelline False Lash Effect Mascara 

*Miss Sporty Studio Lash Liner 

*Eyelash Curlers



*Soap & Glory Mother Pucker Gloss Sticks (Plum Jam/ Fuscia-Ristic/ Nudist)

*Clinique Chubby Stick (Woopn’ Watermelon)

*Rimmel Lipstick 

*Maybelline Color Sensational

*Maybelline Baby Lips (Pink & Clear)

*Benefit Coralista/ Dandelion Lip Gloss

*Bourjois Color Boost Lip Crayon (Red Island)

*L’Oreal Lipstick


Brushes & Tools…

*Clinique Powder Brush

*Models Own Travel Brush Set

*17 Bronzing Brush

*Tweezers from an unknown boutique 


Hope you all liked a nosy in my make-up bag and you better all go and look at Kavi’s post now, yes? Good.

See you soon,

Maisie x

Flower Girl Dress, Designed & Made By Me…

19 Jan

Hello everyone,

Currently having a break from homework to blog about what’s been going on in my life at the moment and one of which was I finished my last GCSE textiles project this week. The second project at GCSE is to pick either 2 cushions, an women’s sleeveless dress or a flower girl dress to design, make and evaluate. Personally I am a lover of children’s wear just because it’s 100 times easier then women’s fashion, just because you can be over the top but because it’s for children it is totally acceptable, that’s why I chose to do a flower girls dress, but I also wanted to try and make a higher quality item and test myself.


Above is a photograph of my notebook and a paint colour chart, (that I later drew all over) that I took with me when I went to the fabric shop. As my design work is all at school on big A3 pages, I don’t have a picture of that unfortunately but the really quick sketch I drew for the lady in the shop shows a bit of my limited art skills, but I did stick to my design pretty well. The pattern for the dress was brought from John Lewis and luckily went up to size 7-8, which I wanted for my dress so it would fit my lovely little model Zoe. But on that visit I gained a £20 John Lewis gift card, due to the staff being extremely rude and unhelpful to me, pretty disappointing as it was my first time using the John Lewis haberdashery department that was actually pretty confusing. (I’ve been slightly scared to go back since because I complained. Eeeek.)

photo 1

I’m not the best at the whole making of textiles, but after doing this I can see I’m not completely hopeless and I’ll improve going onto study A-Level fashion next year. I prefer the designing stages because I’ve just always preferred drawing and the ideas behind fashion, not actually the whole materialization of it. (Literally when it comes to textiles.) From the beginning I knew I wanted to use lace and pastel colours, because I love that combination and wanted my flower girl dress to be worn during the spring. I’m a believer in simple, and classic when it comes to weddings, so I tried to get that idea across in my design. Oh yeah and of course my favourite colour, pink!

photo 2

Flower girl= flowers, so I made a big-ish flower using the same material as the rest of the dress, even though it looks darker because I melted the edges of it to make it look wrinkled, and sewed on the same pearls as the ones I (painstakingly) hand sewed onto the lace. In total I couldn’t actually say how long this took me to make, but after a lot of unpicking and beading, I am pretty happy with the end result. Now I need to do more paper work (yawn) and have it modelled so I can snap some photos, and edit them. (Is it bad to say that’s one of my favourite parts of the whole project?)

flower girl dress 1

It needs a good press but here it is, a dress I hope Barbie, Elle Woods, and maybe Audrey Hepburn (because it’s vintage and all) would be happy with. 🙂

What do you guys think? Feedback from you lovely lot would be greatly appreciated.

Maisie x

P.S My prom is coming up in a few months and I am struggling big time to find a dress that other people won’t have. If you know a good website/ brand to get affordable, prom dresses please let me know. Mwah. x

To YouTube or Not to YouTube…

14 Jan


Just a quicky of a post for you all today, more of a ‘I need your help kind of post’.

So a while back I made a extremely awkward, to say the least, YouTube video but since then I have done nothing. I do want to do YouTube, while YouTube is still hot but then at the same time I’m not sure if it will be worth it or if in fact I am half decent at it.

So that brings me to where I need your help, if I did join the extremely scary world of YouTube would you watch? Or if you think I would be any good at it? If you would do, please leave a cheeky comment or a like to say, ‘yeah Maisie, go ahead!’ And if so, what videos would you want me to post?

If I get a positive response, I will be on it with the video camera. If my notifications are a desolate wasteland, then maybe not. 😉

Thank you very much

Maisie x

The Little Jar Of Happiness…

13 Jan

What is this you see? A post on a Monday?

(Well sort of, I wrote this yesterday. 😉 )

Being the hipster (not) I am, I decided to do another jar related activity, since the glitter jars are no longer with me. (Mum chucked them out. Don’t think she got why I put purple glittery water into an old jam jar. But some people have no imagination I guess. 😉 ) A while ago I saw on We Heart It or Tumblr that people were making a jar and every time something made you feel good in life you wrote it on a piece of paper and put it into the jar of happiness, which is the name I have given it.

In no way is this my idea, but I did decide to take photographs of how I prettied my jar because why not, you might want to know? (You all answer yes enthusiastically.)

What I Used…


So to make my jar look a lot nicer and less food jar like, I used these ribbon strips that are already gluey are the back so you just have to cut off the length you want. I get it from Hobby Craft for a few pounds and have used it lots of times before to ‘pretty’ bits and bobs up for my room. Then to write the happy things on, I am just using some smallish post it notes in pretty colours like greens, blues and pinks.


I decided to do this because I want to be more positive and happier this year, so I thought this would be a good idea so I can see that good things that have made me feel good have happened. Hopefully at the end of the year it will be filled to the brim and I’ll pour them all out and see my year in post it note form.


Here is the finished jar that I have accessorized with spots and pastels. If you are joining the jar of happiness bandwagon please let me know and link me up to your blog links.

I know this post is a bit pants but I want to become a lot more regular when it comes with my posting.

See you all soon,

Maisie x

Today I’m Wearing…

12 Jan

Hello lovelies,

I haven’t done a look post for a while so I thought whilst I look half decent I will share what I am wearing this grey and freezing Sunday. But because I was feeling slightly lazy, I couldn’t be bothered to set up the tripod and do a sort of awkward posing photoshoot with me as the model and photographer, so I did it in little bits for you all.

today I'm wearing edit





What Am I Wearing? 

*Rolled up jeans~ Next


*Frilly socks~ TopShop

*Snood~ Sainsbury’s

*Coat~ TopShop

*Shirt~ Jack Wills

*Watch~ Rotary

*Bracelet & earrings~ Accessorize (Cartilage earring is unknown)

Hope you’ve all had a fabulous Sunday!

Remember to follow me on other places on the internet and I’ll follow you back, and the details of which you will find in the Contact Me section of this blog!

See you all soon,

Maisie x

What I’ve Been Loving at the Moment…

11 Jan


Hope your 2014s have been amazing so far?


So a little while ago I met Eden (E_GLITTER) on Instagram and instantly loved her pictures, then I saw she has a blog on BlogSpot and of course I had to have a look, and it’s a goodn’. Her blog posts and photos are charming and cute, so into the bookmarks her little blog went. Not only is her blog charming and cute, so is Eden herself, Eden and I bonding over a love of Harry Potter and blogging. She’s only 14, so I predict her blog is going to get bigger and better! Before Christmas I dropped her a message to ask about a collab post, and this post was born! (Completely Eden’s idea!)

edens blog

So after you’ve read this post, go and have a sneaky look at Eden’s wonderful blog to read her half of the collaboration by clicking right here.

So here’s what I’ve been loving right now… 


*Yoshi Satchel Bag 

One of my Christmas presents, that is currently a bit too small to fit all my essential (rubbish) I need in for school because it is real leather. So at the moment it’s sitting there all puffed out with a big towel inside of it to hopefully stretch the leather a bit.The colour is just gorgeous, you may be able to tell by now what sort of colours I tend to go for, but my dad actually picked this for me. I am extremely impressed of course!

*One Direction Our Moment Perfume 

I don’t feel I need to explain why this is a favourite. But it smelly pretty fantastic besides the fact it is by 5 sex gods.

*TopShop Socks

I have had these frilly socks a little while but recently invested in some more darker coloured ones that aren’t so ‘in your face’. Of course I brought 3 pairs (3 for £8 as I’m sure you are all aware. 😉 ) The grey ones I wear the most because they go with most and I’m boring, but today I have sky blue ones on because I’m feeling in a cheerful kind of mood.

*Elle Magazine 

One of my favourite fashion publications out there, I’m a glossy kind of magazine girl oppose to gossip. My dream is to have my names in one of the side bars in Elle, writing about how I’m drooling over  a certain handbag and shoe combo or solving make-up dilemmas. A girl can dream right?

*Bourjois Cream Blush 

I love their normal blush but they are usually a bit pricey for me, so when the sales came round I picked up both Bourjois products in this post. I love the creaminess of the blush and how you can just dab a little bit on the apples of your cheeks with your finger and it instantly brightens up your appearance without looking clown like.

*Soap & Glory Mother Pucker Gloss Sticks 

A present a got from my birthday from my best ones Ellie and Sarah, and the first Soap & Glory make-up I actually own and they are very impressive. First of all, may we all take a moment to admire the name of the product, a little bit naughty Soap & Glory, but also the 3 sticks inside themselves; nudist, fuchsia-ristic, and plum jam. I would like to give whoever thought of the names of this an imaginary crown, because they are pure genius.

*Bourjois Color Boost Lipstick 

The other product that I picked up in Boots sale land, and it’s as good as everyone says they are. Promise. The colour I got (Red Sunrise) is quite a pinky, summer colour, maybe a bit bright for now so I tend to dab it down a bit but I predict I will still be loving it in the summer.

*The Fault in Our Stars by John Green on Kindle 

I actually started reading this before Christmas but stopped due to exam revision, but when I saw it on the kindle for 99p I had to download it. (I actually thought they must have priced it wrong or it wasn’t the real book at first!) Just before I finished this post I finished the book that I only started 2 days ago and I still have a lump in my throat. I always feel a bit of a fraud starting a book that is already so well know and raved about, but I decided to jump on the band (book) wagon, and I’m extremely glad I did. John Green you literally genius, not only did you make me cry at a book since Marley and Me, but you also made me realize how special life is. I am all hyped for the film now! Woo. Just downloaded Looking For Alaska so I’ll fill you in on how that one compares.

*Harry Potter, Blott & Paperchase notebooks

You guys probably know I have a fetish for notebooks, and these beauties are my newest purchases (and present from Lauren.) The beach one is my GCSE dance choreography notes, that I started to make at ballet yesterday. Oh’ notebooks, why do you have this hold over me?

Hope you all liked this collab post and Eden’s blog/ post as much as I do!

Remember to go read her post here

(I linked it twice, just to be super sure you went and read it. You better. Go on. Do it.)

See you all soon

Maisie x

What I Got & Did For My Birthday…

4 Jan

Hello everyone,

Firstly I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and also wish you a happy new year.

It’s been a while since my birthday and not a lot has changed being 16, but I thought I’d share with you some of the things I’ve got. I was so lucky for my birthday and Christmas getting a lot of lovely things, and I’ve only included a few things in this post as some products I want to review as they are completely new products to me.

Before I start my post, thank you to everyone who read my post that went out on my birthday and wished me a happy birthday, it means a lot and I never had time to thank you all personally. Also you may be aware that I had a surprise planned for the afternoon/ evening of my birthday, well I went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour London (not really London if I’m honest) that is close to where I live and I’ve been wanting to go forever, but my parents always told me it was booked up, but they had really had it booked for my birthday! It was amazing, and it was so exciting, I just want to go back there again, if you are into Harry Potter you must go! (I decided to include some snaps from the tour below. Aren’t I kind.)

What Did I Get?

I got quite a few bits and bobs for my birthday but decided to include all the beauty and fashiony related ones in the picture which for some reason has gone a bit blurred when I came back to finish the post.

what i got for my birthday

(Top row, left to right)

*Primark eye shadows and Debenhams Lipglosses

*Nail art kit

*Body Shop Japanese gift set

*Fearne Compact Mirror

*Soap and Glory Mother Pucker Lip Gloss Sticks

(Bottom row, left to right)

*Harry Potter Notebook and Deathly Hallows key ring (from the studio tour)

*Fearne Nail Varnish Gift Set

*Links of London Star bracelet

*Ted Baker Shower Gel

*Body Shop Chocolate Gift Set


*This Rotary vintage watch is my favourite present I received from my parents, and I’ve been waiting for months to get it because I went with my dad to choose it myself. Also the bracelet in this picture is also my favourite, a friendship one with gold hearts from my best friend.

  Harry Potter Studio Tour

Butterbeer drinking outside number 4 Privet Drive. I have a really sweet tooth, so I love this drink a lot, but one cup is enough.

Cheeky beer, don't mind if I do.

Cheeky beer, don’t mind if I do.

Seeing Hogwarts all covered in snow was the highlight for me.


Costumes from the ball within Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. You know you’re a textiles students when you look at the costumes and try and work out how they’ve been made! 😉


The Great Hall set up for Christmas


The Ministry of Magic duh duh duhhh


I had a really great 16th birthday, so thank you to everyone who made it so special.

See you all soon,

Maisie x

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