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Smelly Stuff…

10 May

When I say smelly stuff, I mean good smelly stuff. The sort of smelly stuff where you waft past someone and they say ‘ooooh’ you smell nice’ or you get a whiff of other people and wonder what they have on that makes them smell so good (or absolutely terrible.) Well anyway, these are my favourite smelly things that (I hope) smell absolutely scrummy!

Hollister~ Laguna Beach

I was given this bottle about 2 years ago as one of my birthday presents when Hollister was still pretty new and snazzy, and they’ve changed the bottle since (and upped the price) but it’s still available along with other nice smelling stuff like body lotion. Hollister isn’t everyone’s thing, it’s too dark, it’s over priced, but we do have to admit, along with the hot guys, Hollister stores smell darn good! The actual sent that the shop smells of is actually a ‘Dude’s’ fragrance but the ‘Betty’s’ body sprays and perfume (if you have a little more in your bank account than me) smells equally as great. I’ve been savouring this and I have a tiny bit of this pink goodness left, so if I want a new bottle I may have to start saving, but I think these body sprays make a great gift and last a long time.


Ted Baker London Body Spray

This body spray is simply the best body spray in the whole wide world! It has been my favourite for about a year now, and I’ve stocked up (I have about 4 bottles including the tiny travel sized ones) just in case Ted Baker decides to get rid of this spray and replace it with a new fragrance. But let’s pray they never do! The obsession started when I got the body wash to review, and that smelt pretty amazing, it was summery and fresh. Then I went and brought my friend the body spray for her birthday and had a cheeky spritz, it smelt just as summery and beautiful as the wash and I just brought it (opps!) I’m always wearing it, and have the travel sized in my bag, and most of the girls I know are also hooked. If you haven’t tried it, where have you been?! Get down to Boots and get some before it’s gone! The bottle is cute too, and it’s all it’s a designer label but at a cheap price, what’s not to love?


Taylor Swift~ Wonder Struck

Let’s start with the bottle, I love perfume bottles in general but this one is just perfect, it looks great on my dresser, due to the colour matching my room also. The bottle has a sort of metallically finish, so when the light shines on it the bottle has a sort of multi-coloured shimmer look. Around the top are cute little charms, which must be something metaphorical and personal to Taylor but I don’t know! I did do a bit of googling to find out the fragrances in it, and this is what The Perfume Shop describes the fragrances as, ‘A charming and sparkling surprise of vibrant fruits, kissed by a bouquet if soft petals and a touch of sweet indulgence.’ And I couldn’t have said that better myself; this is a generally girly, magical fragrance which I recommend you having a smell of. Good job Miss Taylor Swift, if the singing thing doesn’t work out you will defiantly be a successful perfume brand.


Vera Wang Princess

This was my first ever proper perfume, awww. I’d wanted it for months and then my parents got it for my birthday about 4 or 5 years ago, I loved the floral scent and savoured every last drop of this girly perfume, I hated using it because I didn’t want it to ever run out because I just loved the look of it especially too much. But then after 2 years of using it in tiny amounts, it ran out. Even though I’ve grown a bit since then I still love this perfume and it’s been the first perfume which holds it’s scent for most of the day. Once again I took a look on The Perfume Shop website to see how they described it, and they said it feels ‘playful, sexy and enchanting’, which is sort of weird considering it was my first perfume in my ‘tween years’. I always linked princesses to young girls, and not to sexy and enchanting, but that might just be me? The bottle was a pinky, purple colour when it was fill, in a cute heart shaped bottle and a little crown on top, so that is why I think it’s more for teenage girls instead of sexy women.



How to: Make a Glitter Jar…

10 May

Okay so I’m sure if you’re on Tumblr or just a general hipster type person you would have seen Glitter Jars all over the place, and I did think they looked really cute and would make great pictures too. I’m a serious stresser and I read online that glitter jars are meant to be calming and help you think, so it was another excuse to give it ago besides they looked extremely pretty.

I made the jars with my friend and to be a little bit different we brought tiny jars instead of using second hand large jars or bottles which are most commonly seen online, just because we thought they’d look cuter. But being the silly people we are, we didn’t think to quarter the ingredients (please don’t eat glitter, it is not food but I couldn’t think of a better way to describe it!) So if you want to attempt a smaller jar like we wanted to, make sure you only use a tiny amount of glitter and glitter glue especially or the water becomes more like glue and the glitter can’t swirl around in a pretty way.

So you probably want to know what you need:

  • An empty and washed out jar or bottle (The one we used was a large jam jar sized bottle)
  • Some glitter glue (The colour doesn’t have to match exactly to your glue, I found a white/ silver glue makes the water have a pretty shimmer) The glitter glue makes the water thicker so the glitter doesn’t sink straight away and makes the swirls cooler.
  • Glitter! (I used pink and blue glitter, which created a purple colour. I recommend using two different glitter colours as this creates a much better effect and adds to the texture.
  • 1 Cup of hot water and just some tap water for later on
  • Optional: Food colouring that matched your glitter colours

Time to make:

Once you get the hang of it you’ll be able to make one in 5 minutes, but the first time we made one it took us about 10 minutes because we had to read the steps.

What you need to do… (Sorry there are no process pictures, but at the time we didn’t really think it would work as well as it!)

  1. Find a space that is alright to spill glitter all over, because it will go everywhere, including your face and hair if you’re as clumsy as me!
  2. Put about 2 tablespoons of glitter glue into the jar. (Remember to change this for the size of the jar, but this amount if correct for the bigger jar we did)
  3. Add a cup of hot water, and stir the glitter glue so it is less clumpy.
  4. Add about 3/4 inch layer of your glitter
  5. Add more water, leaving and 1 inch at the top for shaking room.
  6. Shake the jar to mix it all up (Putting on the lid first always helps)
  7. The glitter we used dyed the water purple but if you want a deeper colour or the glitter is not colouring the water, add a drop or two food colouring.
  8. And then you will have one beautiful glitter jar!

Here are my 2 glitter jar attempts, the bigger one works perfectly and it looks really pretty, it’s a shame my other one doesn’t mix well because I think the tiny jar design would look sweet but I still think it looks great due to the neon pink colour of the water


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