Lipstick Loving… (Review)

20 Jul

Hello, so I’m blogging twice in one day just to make up for my lack of blogging for the past few weeks. Anyway let’s get to the review!

I’ve always go for nude lips, or just stuck to my to the rose lips Vaseline, so I decided I wanted to had a different colour for my lips, so when I was in Boots I wanted to pick up a lipstick in a coral colour and thought I’d get a Revlon lip butter. When I’ve read the blogs these lips butters were meant to be really good but it didn’t really have the sort of bright summery colours so I didn’t really want to spend money on a lipstick I didn’t really want. So instead I picked up 2 other Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid Lipsticks in ‘Electric Orange’ and ‘Shocking Coral’ which were £7.19 each but I got them on a buy one get one free offer (yay!)

Check out that beautiful packaging...

Check out that beautiful packaging…

Electric Orange and Shocking Coral...

Electric Orange and Shocking Coral…

The lipsticks do what they say on the packaging and are really vivid and have great pigment to them, even though they look like really bright colours they’re still a really wearable everyday colour. They also have a really nice soft and glossy finish to them as personally I really dislike matte colours as I love shine the shine glosses have, they’re also really super easy to apply, so they can be touched up in the day quickly and easily.




My favourite is the orange, and I’ve worn it everyday since I brought it! I’ve been wanting to buy an orange for a while because beauty vlogger and blogger Zoella looked so good in them and finally got one, I can see why she loved that colour! Even though the coral could is an everyday colour, I find it not as wearable due to the fact I feel it’s a bit full on for the majority of the relaxed style clothes I own, but I think it would nicer with a dresser make-up look instead of everyday for me.

Some cheeky swatches on my hand for you. (Please ignore the hairs. I don't have a hairy hand, I blame my camera's pretty amazing quality. Promise)

Some cheeky swatches on my hand for you. (Please ignore the hairs. I don’t have a hairy hand, I blame my camera’s pretty amazing quality. Promise)

I really recommend you invest in some lipsticks if you haven’t got any or own very few, as you can pick up some great coloured ones from Boots (or other drugstores) at a really cheap price and they always have offers on. Once you wear lipstick you’ll never go back to a boring gloss you got in a magazine or for £1!

Is it normal to be in love with lipstick colours? Because right now I’m being weird and I’m in love.


6 Responses to “Lipstick Loving… (Review)”

  1. shadowdancerx July 20, 2013 at 6:44 pm #

    Those do seem like nice colors. I use both lipstick and lip gloss depending on my mood of the day.

    • highstreetspy July 20, 2013 at 6:50 pm #

      As you can tell, I love them! It’s the same for me, I felt like making the step from my teenage lipgloss comfort zone hehe 😀 Thanks for reading 🙂 Maisie xxx

  2. Must Have Boxes July 22, 2013 at 3:17 am #

    These colors are gorgeous!

    – KW

    • highstreetspy July 22, 2013 at 5:29 pm #

      I completely agree and thank you for reading~ Maisie xxx


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