Review of Barry M Confetti Nail Varnish…

23 Jun

The majority of nail varnish Barry M bring out I love but even if I don’t I buy them anyway just to test them out. Recently I picked up the Confetti nail varnish in ‘Dolly Mixture’, which actually reminded me more of sprinkles than confetti and it’s kind of appropriate at the moment as I’ll be working in a wedding shop soon, and I’ve got to say I’ve fallen in love with it and is my favourite Barry M effect polish so far! I love pastel and vintage colours, and the ‘Dolly Mixture’ polish will add a vintage feel to any polish.

Barry M Dolly Mixture Confetti Polish

Barry M Dolly Mixture Confetti Polish

I decided to go along with the pastel colours and go with a light purple colour that I already had which was a Miss Sporty Quick Dry polish, I’m not completely sure if they still do it because I’ve had it for over a year now, but most cosmetics brands do pastel polishes which will look great with ‘Dolly Mixture’. I was just taking a guess with the colours would go with it but there are bluey purple confetti pieces in the polish so I thought a light purple will pick it out and I think the Dolly Mixture packaging is purple, but I’m not completely sure as I’m not too keen on them!

Barry M Dolly Mixture and Miss Sporty purple polish

Barry M Dolly Mixture and Miss Sporty purple polish

What I loved about it was it was so super easy, I painted on a base coat, then the colour, then you just brushed on the confetti and it went on really evenly. I only put one coat of the confetti on because I wanted it to look more like sprinkles but it would be easy to build up the layers so the nails were completely made up from the sprinkles, with one layer it dried in about 10 minutes. Personally I hate painting my nails and having to sit doing nothing for hours because you don’t want to ruin them, but I found mine were completely dry in just over half an hour which was a bonus.

The completed confetti varnish look

The completed confetti varnish look

Even though textured nails and matt are very ‘in’ right now, I just can’t bare them, personally I just love a really high glossy finish to a nail varnish, I thought this varnish would be quite textured and bumpy, but when the top coat was put on the nails were basically completely smooth apart from the odd bump and still had a shine to the nail. Overall I really recommend this colour, it’s so versatile and could be build up to create a complete confetti look or will just work over any colour, I’m completely in love with this effect! Thank you Barry M, I am very, very impressed.

And a close up of the finished look...

And a close up of the finished look…


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