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True Beauty?

20 Feb
I though I should do a post on true beauty seeing as thats a key topic at the moment and the girls did a great job at the video with a really good and important message. Anyway, here it is…
Pretty much everyone says that they believe that ‘true beauty comes from within’ but do they always mean it?
I don’t know about you but I think that almost everyone cares about looks, you’ve got to make a good impression on the world right? But sometimes people ONLY care about looks, and then judge people on them. It’s all well and good saying that true beauty is on the inside but what’s the point if you don’t believe it? Have you ever seen the film ‘Shallow Hal’? Well, in a nutshell, it’s about a man who will only fancy girls if they look good, then he gets hypnotised so he only sees the beuty within people, suddenly all girls deemed ‘ugly’ but are really kind look amazing, and the good looking people who are actually really mean look horrible. Maybe we should see people like that too? It’s not fair that people get judged or voted ‘unpopular’ down to their appearance. People with spots or people that are different weights are all teased and made to feel terrible about themselves even when they are beautiful on the inside. So please think before you stand up for inner beauty because you have to really believe it, then you can be beautiful on the inside too! Remember, every girl is beautiful in their own way!
Agent C xx

We’re on facebook and twitter!

19 Feb

Yes that is right we are on Twitter, follow me @Highstreet_spy and I’ll follow all of you back! Also, like our facebook page, called High Street Spy! Thanks spies, M xxx

True Beauty Campaign….

19 Feb

I’m sure many have you have watched our campaign for true beauty campaign video and I’d just like to thank you all for the amazing support you have given us, if you haven’t seen it watch it now at Keep up the good work and keep sharing, spread the word spies! M xxx

Get the look…

17 Feb

I love Fearne Cotton’s look, she is a total trend setter, so I’m going to show you how to channel her look from the Baftas with items from New Look(below.)  This dress is basically a copy but shorter, this colour is so on trend for spring/summer and the the bow detail is really contrast and makes this dress stand out. £29.99. Match in with Ferne’s simple accessories, with this statement ring,  £2.99.  Get Ferne’s red carpet glam bracelets for a fraction of the price, this way you can copy the look exactly by getting two of them for £6.99 each. (At the moment, get the ring and bracelets for buy 1 get 1 free.) Tie in your belt with your shoes with a super trendy snake print platforms, for a bargain £19.99. M xxx

Coral (Orange) Contrast Bow Ponte Dress | 249156983 | New LookBiscuit (Stone ) Faceted Oval Ring | 241748515 | New LookCrystal (Clear) Bling Wave Bracelet | 245885090 | New LookBlack (Black) Suedette Contrast Snake Print Platform Shoes | 245604401 | New Look


16 Feb

Highstreet spy has now got a You Tube Channel! Take a look, at, thanks to Erin it is looking super cool! Tomorrow, we are filming High Street Spy: True Beauty? So keep an eye out on here or on the channel to watch it and maybe see yourself if you got involved! We are even thinking of doing a monthly fashion clip, what do you think? M xxx

Spotlight Competition Winner…

16 Feb

Thank you everyone who entered, I really enjoyed reading them but there can only be one winner, and the winner is… (drum roll) Agent C! Congratulations, you become a spy writer for the blog, where each week your post will be published on the page for a month! So everyone, this is Agent C’s entry and her first post, leave your feedback for her below, sit back and enjoy! M xxx

Odd Girl Out
Ok, so no one wants to stand out all the time, but when it comes to fashion, it’s your chance to show off! I know I don’t always want to be the centre of attention, but I don’t always want to follow everyone else! There are many different ways you can make yourself different so here are my top three:
1. Wear a statement– you can easily start to express yourself by doing this and it is so easy! Try wearing something that grabs other people’s attention like a bold top or item of jewellery. By doing this you are not completely out of your comfort zone but still making a difference!
2. Experiment don’t be afraid to try new things! If you don’t like it, try something else! Also, don’t ever worry about other people critisising you, it might happen but it’s what you think that matters most. Look at Ferne cotton for inspiration! She is always trying something new and experimenting, some people may not always like it but I personally think she looks amazing. Don’t think you have to go crazy or try everything, if you don’t feel comfortable, just start with experimenting with some new colours you perhaps haven’t tried before.
3. Go Crazy!– ok, going crazy might not always be the best idea, but if you are brave and want a completeley new look, go for it! And sometimes that is the best way to stand out, by going for a different look altogether, it will make other people notice you. If you are going to change your look, don’t ever copy what other people are doing, make it your own! You can still be completely unique and look stylish! Try lots of new combinations or instead of going to your usual highstreet shop, try the interesting one you have had your eye on for a while. 
Remember, don’t follow the crowd! Go crazy and have fun with your fashion!
Agent C xx

Grammy vs Bafta Glam- Best dressed 2012…

15 Feb

I’m sure many of you watched the Grammy or the Bafta awards, and it’s time to pick High Street Spy’s best dressed. (From top left to bottom right) First comes Taylor Swift at the Grammys with this glamorous number, I love the sparkle and the pattern and the heart cut out is a quirky part to the outfit. I’m glad she went with the slicked back hair and the simple make-up and let the dress show off! Check out Jessie J’s, also at the Grammy’s, metallic fishtail dress, I love this because it has that glamorous red carpet look but with a but of a funky edge to it that still goes with her look. Fearne always gets on my best dressed look and here she is looking totally chic at the Bafta awards, she defiantly brightened up this years read carpet with her coral dress and matching statement lips, the belt is really cute and helps break up the colour a bit. This has got to be my favourite outfit! Alycia Lane now it this figure hugging number, I love how this simple dress is topped with statement red lips and that chunky gold necklace. What do you guys think? M xxx

Taylor SwiftJessie J

High Street Spy: True Beauty

12 Feb

High Street Spy are making a documentary covering the issues such as body confidence, photo editing, models and true beauty. Within this we are looking for both girls and boys to be either interviewed on the subject or make a comment, (this can be autonomous if you’s prefer.) If you are interested or would like to give me a comment on the issue, leave a comment below or e-mail me by going to the contact me section where you will find my e-mail and say whether you want to be named or not. Thank you, M xxx

4Beauty’s Campaign against airbrushing…

11 Feb

After watching Gok’s teens the other day it made me think how airbrushing effects young men and women’s lives and how it can go to the extremes of anorexia. These images are all around us, which makes us aim for a beauty which no one can ever achieve healthily. So that’s why High Street Spy is supporting 4Beauty’s Campaign against airbrushing, where they say ‘since very thin models and airbrushed images lower our self-esteem, there really is no excuse any more. It’s time for people who work in the media to agree to portray healthy real women.’ In early 2010, MP Jo Swinson launched the Campaign for Body Confidence. This campaign wants a greater diversity of body shapes and people used in magazines, adverts and on the catwalk, and the standards of airbrushing changed. They also want schools to hold body confidence sessions to help build their self esteem and love their bodies and who they are, also not to be pressured by these airbrushed images. You can find Jo’s petition to the Advertising Standards Authority here: Real Women: Take Action petition, where you can join the campaign for real beauty. If you agree, please share this post with your friends or family via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter and stand up for real beauty, thank you. M xxx

Spotlight Competition Update!

10 Feb

Thanks to everyone who has entered so far, but just a reminder that it closes on Tuesday. The two runners up will have their posts published as well as the winner but the winner will become the fan spy writer, where they will write a post each week which will be published on the page for a month! Good Luck everyone and keep your entries coming in! M xxx

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