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Beauty Sleep…

24 Mar

We’ve all heard the term beauty sleep, but what does it really mean? Well, sleep is really import to our body but did you know the more sleep you get the better your skin will look too? Between 1 and 2 am, your skin revitalizes itself whilst you are asleep, so that’s why it’s important to get enough sleep because you will not just feel tired but look tired too! M xxx


True Beauty?

12 Mar

High Street Spy: True Beauty?

A Big Thank You!

2 Mar

Hi spies, I feels like such a long time I’ve blogged and I know some people have been waiting for a new post so thank you for that. It’s been pretty busy with the campaign and trying to spread the word, which has taken quite a few e-mails! We were amazed how many views the video has got and all the positive feedback too, thank you very much and it really made the hours of filming and research worth it. Also a very special thank you to everyone we interviewed and the shopkeepers, we couldn’t of done it without you! Keep spreading the word!  M xxx

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