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Sparkly Vampire Nails…

28 Oct

What’s this? Another post? On a Monday?

Well hello there, I thought I haven’t done a nail look for a while because they’ve been naked due to school, but because it’s half term I got the nail varnish out and painted them myself successfully! *Happy dance*

At the moment my room is being redone, I call it my wardrobe extension, because essentially that is what is going on, to my sparkly new bedroom furniture. (The handles really are sparkly.) I’ve also sorted out my room and nail varnish collection, so I’ve discovered some really lovely polishes that I’ve seemed to abandoned and just like my new bedroom, this nail varnish is also sparkly.

I changed my font to have a green glow, as Halloween as I'm getting ;)

I changed my font to have a green glow, as Halloween as I’m getting ūüėČ

Personally, Halloween has never appealed to me because I’m not into being scared in the slightest, it’s not fun and it’s not nice, Dr Who is as scary as things get in my life. But this does have a bit of vampire-ness to it due to the purple/ darkness, but not just any vampire. No, a sparkly vampire. Fabulous. ūüėČ

Have a little girl crush on Fearne

Have a little girl crush on Fearne

One of the things I would love to do is have my own nail varnish range, and for a budget nail varnish, Miss Fearne Cotton will always win. Every year Fearne Cotton has brought out a range of gift sets for Christmas at Boots. I’m hoping they’re still doing them as they are always really great colours, have a Christmas feel, great quality and at an affordable price. People always buy me the nail varnishes as a present, and they’re always in really on trend colours and in a beautiful box you can reuse too, I even had a little compact mirror that is always with me (event though my friend Olivia broke the case grrrr!) Get yourself to Boots because they’ve brought out the gift sets now for the Christmas, and buy yourself a present, but also I might be giving one away on this blog very soon.

Cranberry Sparks by Fearne

Cranberry Sparks by Fearne

The colour I used was called Cranberry Sparks, which is very Christmas, and not Halloween at all sorry. ūüėČ It’s not actually a glitter polish, and it’s kind of hard to describe¬†as it’s not 3D or gritty feeling as it’s nice and shiny like a nice painted nail should. This one is from a set of glitter polishes and I love them all, but this one was more Autumn/ Halloween. Is it too early to be wearing glitter? I think not, but maybe not red glitter just yet.

This is surprisingly good for me

This is surprisingly good for me

My mum is a beautitheripist, so¬†she normally paints my nails for me,¬†but I did this all myself so please all admire¬†the finished look ūüėČ

Hope you all liked this not really Halloween nail look. Hope you have a lovely Halloween, if you can call Halloween lovely, maybe if you are into scariness unlike myself it is lovely?


Maisie xxx


Give Away Prizes…

25 Oct

Happy Friday Lovelies,

It feels sort of weird being able to write on a Friday just because it’s normally a busy day with ballet but today it was cancelled because my teacher¬†is on holiday. It feels sort of odd but it does mean I get to write, chill out and watch TV. (Currently I’m watching George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, 4OD it if you haven’t watched it, it’s brilliant) ūüėČ

Even though this week has dragged, there has been some little perks, such as the arrival of the prizes I won in a blog give away a little while ago from the beautiful Becki from The Struggles of an MUA. If you aren’t following her already, please go and take a look at this super talented make-up artist’s blog, I love it so I’m sure you will love it too. I’m normally completely unlucky when it comes to competitions and give aways but recently I’ve been super lucky, and after a little issues, it finally arrived from not that very far away to be honest!

Becki sent me some really lovely stuff, and turns out, it was stuff I was thinking about buying and wanted, which is a bonus, so I wanted to share them with you and thank Becky also.

Yay. Love me some free stuff and a cute little note from Becki

Yay. Love me some free stuff and a cute little note from Becki

Monu Illuminating Primer

Monu Primer

Monu Primer

This travel sized primer is completely new to me as I’ve never heard of Monu. I’ve been wanting a primer so I was happy that I saw this inside my package, to see if primers really make a difference. I had dance today, which means sweat, so I’m not sure yet if it has an effect all day, but this morning someone said to me my skin looked really good and flawless, so yes it works. It also SPF 15 which is always a bonus.

Me Me Me Cherub Blush Cheek and Lip Tint…

I'm blushing...

I’m blushing…

Lip and cheek tint has always been something that has been something I wanted to try and add to my collection. I did dab a little bit on my cheeks, it did give a natural looking tint, but I only put a tiny bit on because of school and also a bit on my lips and it did tint them really nicely.

Oceane Make-Up Remover Pen

My dream product

My dream product

I have to say I did get a little bit excited when I saw this. At the moment I’m a bit unpractised with eyeliner flicks and I always find it so annoying when I make a tiny mistake and I have to take all my make-up off and try again, it drives me nuts! So I know I will be using this a lot in the future (probably tomorrow!)

Eyelash Curlers

Happy Dance for eyelash curlers

Happy Dance for eyelash curlers

Finally, I own eyelash curlers! As you might know these were on my Autumn wish list so thank you very much for these beauties. Mwah.

Thanks again to Becki for all these beautiful presents and hope you all like this very unusual Friday posts as much as I do.

Have a lovely evening and I’ll see you all soon.

Maisie xxx

Maintaining and Caring for Ombre Hair…

20 Oct

Happy Sunday once again!

Hope you are all having a lovely relaxing Sunday and you’ve all had a great weekend?

Let me set the scene for this blog post… The other week¬† I posted the photos from a recent photo shoot I went too and you were all so lovely and complementary especially about my hair, thank you for that because personally I hate it! My hair is sort of natural, the curly/ frizziness, yes that is all natural, all I use is water! The darkest bit of my hair, that’s all natural too, but the blonde is ombred so I’m 1/3 unnatural hair.

Actually love how ombre my hair looks.

Actually love how ombre my hair looks.

I know ombre hair isn’t exactly new anymore and mine has been ombred for about a year now and I haven’t redone it since, so a lot of people ask me how I keep it looking blonde and new in a way as a lot of people have struggled with it at home. I know a lot of you are scared of peroxiding your hair because it’s damaging, and yes it is, but¬†so is using heat on your hair and we all do it, so if you care for it correctly, your hair won’t look damaged and horrible, I promise.

The ombre kit I used, not my picture, sorry, but I didn’t keep the box.

I used L’Oreal Wild Ombre Preference No.3, which is the middle one above, but it comes in a lot of different shades depending on your natural hair colour. I’ve actually ombred my hair twice; the first time I only did¬† it at the front like it tells you to do a tiny bit, just in case, the second time I got my mum to do it all the way around and taking it higher, this also lightened it some more.

Personally I don’t think this kit works as well with the blending if you have dead straight hair as it goes a bit liny but because mine is curly, there isn’t an obvious line with the ombre which I was super pleased with. I’m glad I was brave and went through with it, even though it stunk a lot.

So here are my¬†3 tips which keep your ombre looking new and not damaged…

* Don’t go too light. Don’t buy a lighter kit just because you think it will look better, the lighter you go, the more damaged and unnatural it will look.

*Have the ends of your hair cut regularly to stop split, straw like ends. Also having a trim will also make your hair grow faster.

*Buy a blonde conditioner, buy a brightening one if your ombre is looking a bit dull and a lightening one will also make your ombre look fresh and noticeable, without it looking unnatural. My favourite¬†blonde conditioner¬†is the John Freda Go Blonder Collection, I used to use the brightening one, and now I’m using the Sheer Blonde, Go Blonder lightening¬†conditioner I actually got by mistake but I love it. Even though it lightens hair, it has no peroxide or any other bad, harmful chemicals in, lemon juice is actually one of the main ingredients used in it.¬†¬†Also because it’s a conditioner, it makes the ends really soft and shiny so it doesn’t look damaged.

My favourite hair product.

My favourite hair product.

I’m not exactly a hair girl to be honest, I think shampoo is shampoo and hair is hair and as long as it’s clean I don’t really care. (How poetic was that? I didn’t even realise I started rhyming until I read it back. The Maisie Ombre Hair Poem ladies and gentleman! I’m copyrighting that) ūüėČ But it is really important to care for coloured hair so I do have to try just a little bit.

If you liked this hair post, please give it a like and maybe I’ll do some more.

Yay ombre fishtail!!!

Yay ombre fishtail!!!

See you soon

Maisie xxx

16th Birthday Party Ideas…

19 Oct

Hello beauties,

So my 16th birthday is slowly approaching in December and because I thought this is sort of a big birthday so I better do something as I never really do anything. So I was doing a bit of research online to see what sort of ideas I could come up with and I thought I’d share them with you, because I know a lot of you are about the same age as me but also you could use the ideas for other birthdays too.

1. A Photo shoot

The other week one of my best friends had a group photo and oh’ my gosh, it was so much fun! We’re no models and you don’t have to be, all you need to do is dress up nice, have a giggle with your friends and get some really cute photos from it. It’s not actually as expensive as you might think and the deal we got meant we all get a copy of a photo of our choice, I will also probably order some more just because it’ll be hard to pick just one! It isn’t as expensive as you may believe, the more people, the more value for money it is.

A giggle with the girls <3

A giggle with the girls ‚̧

2. PJ Party

This is the party I think I’ll end up going with. I love the idea of not having to make a huge effort, inviting everyone round to chill in their PJs (not onesies because that is cheating!) Then pick a good chick flick, and stuff ourselves silly on pizza whilst sipping hot chocolates which cream and marshmallows. Yummy. You can also add some facemasks to that, some dancing, some crappy games¬†and some¬†hugs with your¬†best friends aww.

We all love a den. However old we are.  Source: We Heart It

We all love a den. However old we are.
Source: We Heart It

3. A Posh Ball Gown Wearing Do

If you are the classy type, why not have a dressed up party. Get everyone to dress like they’re going to a wedding or prom and have a proper posh knees up, with a sit down meal and hoping you don’t drop anything down your front! Maybe even make it a masked do and add a air of mystery to your birthday.

Thumble the Tumble

Why not make it a masked too? ooooh’ how snazzy!
Source: We Heart It

4. Act Like a Little Kid in a Indoor Play Area Party

I also like the idea of this very much, maybe I’ll have a play area PJ party? You know those really plastic places that smell of pee with drop down slides and ball pits? Nothing says party like¬†a ball pit, so hire out one of those places and run around like your not a day older than 10. The more people you invite to ‘play’ with, the more worth it’s money it’ll be by hour. The only thing that isn’t appealing to me is that it sort of involves exercise, which means sweat and I don’t want to be little miss shiny t-zone on my birthday!

5. Vintage Tea Party

I also am thinking of going this route for my own party as it combines two of my favourite things, vintage and tea (plus cake) Vintage is so in right now, so you can make it look really pretty and girly, which also makes some great blog photos to write about. ūüėČ

Brightly coloured garden tea party.

6. Pink Party

Pink is my colour, so I will be adding this element to my party but why not go all out with pink, or your favourite colour? Dress your room in your colour, make everyone dress in that colour and eat food that is that colour. Pink, pink and more pink. Perfect.

Pink, pink and more pink.
Source: We Heart It

7. Photography Party

I know I already said about a photo shoot but I thought instead of the more expensive photo shoot, you can pick up everyone some disposable cameras (which could be party favours too) and let everyone take photos. You could also set up your own photo booth with a bed sheet, a camera and some funny props.

One of my favourite things in the whole wide world
Source: We Heart It

8. Night at the movies/ theatre

Favourite film or show? Give everyone a character from it, then end the night by watching it. Or just get everyone to come as your favourite actor or actress. Maybe set up a red carpet too?

My favourite actress as you all know.

My favourite actress as you all know.

9. Inflatable Party

By inflatable I mean sumo suits and inflatable jousting. If my birthday wasn’t in the middle of winter and with a bigger garden, I would love this, even if I got a little bit shiny! Even a bouncy castle if you’re going all out.

10. Pool Party

A pool party to me just seems so American, so why not make it an America style pool party. Red cups and all! Obviously this is a currently a great outdoor options, but if you have a leisure centre near by and want to spend a little more, you can always hire them out. Only problem is that not everyone is swimsuit confident, which is never good but you want everyone to be comfortable and have a fantastic time.

Looking at this makes me want summer.
Source: We Heart It

So let’s finish with one of my favourite things, a¬†mood board, to bring all my ideas together and to hopefully help inspire you too.

sweet 16 mood board

Hope you all liked the ideas I came up with, if you have any ideas or has had a sweet 16, please share so I can steal them from you! ūüėČ Also, if it’s your birthday coming up, please with me too! I’m also looking for some people to collab post with, so if you want to collab, please drop me an e-mail you’ll find in the contact me section, and I’ll be happy to work with you!

See you all soon

Maisie xxx

The Liebster Award Tag #2

12 Oct

Hello everyone,

Now a while ago I was nominated for The Liebster Award Tag for the first time and recently two beautiful bloggers, The Thoughts of Ann- Marie and Something and Everything¬†nominated me. If you aren’t aware of these two bloggers¬†please¬†go and take a look and follow their blogs (after you’ve read this of course) because I love both of their blogs.¬†I never like ignoring people so I thought I’d answer both of their questions in one post.


1) Thank the person who nominated you! Link their blog to your post.

2) Copy and Paste the Liebster Award in your post.

3) Nominate 10 other bloggers with 200 or less followers.

4) Answer the questions given to you and create a new set of questions for those you nominate.

5) Notify your nominee’s via a comment on one of their posts.

Ann- Marie’s Questions:

Favourite makeup item you own?

Probably my Collection Pen Eyeliner or Miss Sporty Liquid eyeliner, without eyeliner I think my eyes look really small and it just completes my make-up.

Favourite band/singer?


Where do you buy a lot of your clothes from?

Probably Topshop or New Look, it depends always how much money I have to be honest. I love finding little online shops that aren’t very well know then I will know that no one will have the same clothes as me.

What do you do in your spare time?

Dance, and then blogging on the side. I’m a pretty boring teenager because I spend my Friday nights at ballet!

Why did you start blogging?

I think I saw an article in Shout magazine about a girl who started a blog, I was about 13 at the time, then I did a little bit of research online and found that Word Press was the easiest to set up. It’s helped me improve my writing a crazy amount which you can tell if you look back at my first few posts.

What’s your dream job?

A fashion/ beauty blogger or YouTuber, maybe both.

If you could have any super power, what would it be?

To fast forward and backwards in time. Is that a super power? I’m not sure.

Favourite piece of clothing you own?

I wear my leggings a lot because I like to be comfy and most of the time I’m dancing.

Heels or flats?

Flats because they’re comfy once again even though I’m super short!

Who’s your celebrity crush

I’d happily get with any member of One Direction, Leonardo DeCaprio (or Leonardo DeSexy as I call him) Joe Sugg, Alfie Deyes, Zac Efron…. I think I spend too much time crushing on hot guys I’ll never have. Opps.

Poppy’s Questions:

An item/goal on your bucketlist?

To take a gap year in Australia. It’s been my goal for a little while now, and for my blog to be really successful in the process.

 Favourite designer, or if you aren’t that interested about fashion, favourite make-up brand?

Ted Baker. Everything they come out with I wish I could afford.

 What is your preferred season?

Summer, I’m a bit of a sun worshipper!

Newest purchase?

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation which was rubbish!

 Autumn/Winter essentials? 

Jumpers and fluffy socks because it’s getting a little bit artic in the UK.

My Question for my Nominated Bloggers:

What 3 beauty products would you take to a desert island?

What’s your favourite thing about autumn/ winter?

If you could do anything right now, what would it be?

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

If I gave you £100, how would you spend it?

I am nominating some more of my favourite blogs¬†(sorry if I’ve nominated you before but I wanted to continue the tag):

1. Fifty Shades of Fabulous

2. Kavichick2000

3. The Beauty of Decisions

4. What Wear Want

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6. Notorious Beauty Blog

7. The Struggles of an MUA

8. Blushing Beauty

9. This Brown Queen

10. Bobby Pins, Ballet Shoes and Beautiful Things

Thank you to the two girls who nominated me and I hope all that I’ve nominated take part.

A normal post will be coming your way soon!

Maisie xxx

My Photo Shoot Make-up Look…

6 Oct

 Happy Sunday!

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend?

A week ago I did a photo shoot, not because I’m now a model, because it was my friends 16th birthday party. 4 of us did the shoot and even though it started off a little awkward, I did really get into it and get some really lovely group photos of us but also some single photos of me too. Even though these are watermarked because they knew cheeky people like me would come along and screen shot them, they did come out better than I expected! This post is just so you can have a nosey at what make-up I was wearing because it was a little bit different to my everyday look and also my outfits.

I wear hats now you know ;)

I wear hats now you know ūüėČ

What was I wearing?

*Denim Shirt ~ New Look

*Spikey necklace ~ Topshop

*Hat ~ Unknown ūüėČ

*Rings ~ Republic and Gwyneth’s, Cornwall

Still rocking the dog tooth hat

Still rocking the dog tooth hat



What was I wearing?

*Dress ~ TK Maxx

* Spike Necklace ~ Top Shop

*Nude heels you can’t see ~ Lauren’s Wardrobe!

Strike a pose

Strike a pose


What make-up was I wearing?

*Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation ~ It’s a really pants foundation! Look at that shininess, that is not matte at all!

* Rimmel Eye shadow Quad

* Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Electric Orange

* Maybelline Volum’ Express Falsies¬†Mascara in Waterproof

* Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Eyeliner

* Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

* L’Oreal Super Liner Eyebrow Pencil

* Bourjois Blusher

* L’Oreal ¬†True Match Powder

* Rimmel Natural Bronzer

A giggle with the girls <3

A giggle with the girls ‚̧

I would really recommend a photo shoot as a birthday party, it’s a great laugh with your friends and you get some really lovely pictures out of it too.

Have a lovely week beautifuls

Maisie xxx

Future Give-Away Ideas…

5 Oct

Hello my lovely lot,

Hope you are all doing well? Now if you were thinking where was this give-away I promised? I haven’t forgotten about it at all but instead I’m saving up in order to get one of you something worth your while for entering otherwise it’s a bit rubbishy. I am way over 100 follows now and for everyone who follows me thank you very much, you all mean very much to me, each and every one of you. My next aim is to get 200 followers by Christmas which I think is possible also, so if you are reading this and not following, please give me and follow and you can enter the give away too!

Basically I wanted to do a give away that you all wanted, such as what you wanted in the giveaway etc. These are the ideas I’ve come up with so far:

* A 2 year and 100 follower give away- This means it will be in November so it can be an extra special one!

*A super massive give away. This means only one person will win.

*Small give aways, every so often. This means more than one of you will win something.

*A British style giveaway. I know a lot of you aren’t from the UK, so I thought I’d put in some things that you can only get in the UK beauty wise and some Primark socks ūüėČ

*My favourite product give away.

Basically I want to know what you’d prefer me to do. I need to save up, because I am a teenager without a job so it does take me a little while so I can get something lovely for you. I would love it if you could comment which things you’d prefer, where you’re from (so I can see about shipping) or what products you would like?

See you all soon.

Maisie xxx

Products That I Regret Buying…

1 Oct

Hello my lovely readers,

Now I’ve been toying with the idea of writing this post just because if I’d known about what these products were like before I’d brought them I would have never spent my money on them, which is a positive of course. But also in a way I feel a bit bitchy slagging off these products because I think about the people who have worked hard on the products, but anyway I’m going to post this anyway and call this constructive criticism instead. ūüôā

Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundation

So disappointing...

So disappointing…

If you saw in my previous blog post, you would have seen that this product was on my wish list and I was really excited about getting it because I do get a shiny t-zone and needed a foundation in the right colour. I really liked the mouse feeling of it and the colour was really great but after wearing it twice has made my skin go seriously down hill. Even though my skin is oily it really dried out my skin round my nose and in between my eyebrows and dry patched under foundation is never a good look; I even moisturised first and it would be completely fine but would dry out during the day. You’d also expect this foundation to do exactly what it says in the name, stay matte, but it didn’t. I wore it to a photo shoot and I started to get shiny from the lights and heat within a few minutes which was really horrible. I also wore it at school and had dance that day, not only did I get shiny but it sweats of in patches. Generally really disappointed in this because I was really excited for it.

Maybelline The Falsies Volum’ Express Black Drama

Love/ hate this...

Love/ hate this…

Okay, so I actually did love this product and just the normal black version of this product, it’s the ‘black drama’ part I really didn’t like when it came to taking it off. I use the Simple cleansing lotion and sometimes the Simple wipes to take off my eye make-up which is normally fine, but this one just would never come off. You’re face would be covered in black and you’d be trying to get it off forever! Then just when you thought you’d get it all off you’d wake up with really dark panda eyes after trying to get it off for over half and hour. The product itself was so dramatic and really made your eyelashes look great but the taking off, not so much.

Rimmel London 1000 Kisses Lip Tint

Why could this not last forever?

Why could this not last forever?

At first, once again I loved this product, I loved the colour and the balm that went with it, it also lasted all day. It lasted for a little while but then the colour began drying up and there was only a tiny amount of balm on the end and it hardly lasted a few weeks, and I had to start using different balm which didn’t work that well. The only thing I’d change is make the balm last so much longer then the product would be perfect. Mwah.

Maybelline Master Shape Brow Pencil

Eww too waxy

Eww too waxy

I must own every eyebrow product under the sun, just experimenting with different products, I liked this one because it was meant to be a little waxy for holding the eyebrows and also a brush to brush those bad boys too. But the wax was too waxy for my liking! You couldn’t sharpen it because it would just fall apart and also when you were applying it. It would also give your eyebrows a really unnatural look and also a shiny finish to it due to the wax which is never a good look.

Primark Vest Top

Someone please take it?

Someone please take it?

I know, not a beauty product but this top is just hanging around my room at the moment because I’ve missed my change to take it back. Why? Because I committed a Primark sin. I didn’t try it on before I brought it. Also I don’t live really close to a Primark so I haven’t been since I brought it to take it back so I’m stuck with it. The¬†fit is really weird and it’s hard to explain, it came quite low on me, so I gave it to¬†Lauren and guess what? It looked weird on her too and on my mum and hers. So right now I’m on the search¬†for someone to give it to¬†but I think that will be a miracle!

Hope you all liked this bitchy post from me! ūüėČ Remember to follow if you don’t already and let my know if anyone wants this top as you can have it!

P.S I’m working on ideas for a giveaway so if anyone has any idea on what you want from the UK drugstore ranges let me know.

Maisie xxx

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