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Preppy and proud!

8 Nov

Get out that pleated school skirt and the knitted jumper as preppy is so in right now and here are some of pieces that should be heading into your wardrobe! (From left top) Hollister Belleflower Blazer, pricey at £96 but we can save! Jack Wills do the preppy look so well and I love this jumper, another saver at £69! Another Jack Wills cutie with this little preppy bag and perfect for Christmas too, £49 ! A cheap one now, a cute skirt to complete the look from Matalan at only £5.00 in the sale!

Belleflower BlazerThelby Cable SweaterHenliston Shopper BagCotton Check Skater Skirt in Blue



6 Nov

I know it’s ages away but the T.V seems to think its tomorrow so I thought I’d make a start on my list and show you the top three Christmas must haves!   1. Henry Holland jumper- so cute and so in season! 2.  Faux Fur -I choose this cute stole, adds glamour to any coat! It’s from New Look   3. Vera Wang Princess Gift set- I have it myself and its the best gift to get or to give someone! A really Fruity sent! My list doesn’t end there but what’s on yours? M x

               Petrol blue (Blue) Faux Fur Stole | 226121247 | New Look  

The X-Factor fashion war!

6 Nov

Tulisa and Kelly have been having differences off camera but I think each week there’s a fashion war too! Both ladies surprise us with their amazing outfits but I have to say for me Tulisa has the edge! Her outfits are fresh, young and they match her personality to a T! But that’s not to say Kelly doesn’t look fab too but I feel Tulisa has the more original look, but I have to say I wish I had Kelly’s hair! So What do you think? Team Kelly or Tulisa? Post your comments and see who wins?! M x


5 Nov

I love shopping and I have a thing for big labels so I can’t seem to get enough of Bicester Shopping Village! What do you think? Ever been there or found one even better? As I want to know! But Bicester is really good, its got outlet shopping in Cath Kidson, Jack Wills, Hugo Boss, Links of London and more, and you may even see a celeb or two! M x

Hello Spys!

5 Nov

Hi everyone M here and I’d like to welcome you to my blog, ‘High Street Spy’. My blog is really all about you posting and commenting about anything fashion and beauty you can find on the hightsreet! From things that are hot and stuff that’s really not, I want to hear about it! So get searching the shops High street spys and share your style with us! M xxx

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