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Oi Maisie! Where Have You Been? |High Street Spy|

15 Sep

Hello my lovely, lovely readers,

Yes, I am still alive, but I have been absent from this page for a hell of a long time! For a while I’ve been doing 2 posts a week pretty well, even publishing guest posts while I was away on holiday, and then I have just stopped, so I hope you all remember who I am?

So I wasn’t sure whether to do a post like this, even though it’s just a load of shitty excuses and I promise I am not looking for sympathy, it’s just that a lot of you readers are more of friends and I asked you all on twitter, so I feel I should share with you all why I’ve been gone for a while now.

Okay, so it’s not that I haven’t written anything, I’ve written about 4 posts now, but I just didn’t want to post them because they were rubbish, even though I’ve posted things on here which I didn’t think were that amazing, these ones were just not up to standard and to be honest a bit boring. I wasn’t enjoying writing them at all and you could tell in my writing, I felt when I read them you could tell I was not enjoying them and I was writing any old rubbish just to fill a post and get it published. I tried again, starting a new post, and the same again, writing mediocre posts that I was forcing myself to write and you are choosing to use your time to read my posts so I feel if I’m taking some of your time, I want to give you something worth wasting your time over, not just a complete waste of time.

I’m not sure if I’ve lost my love for writing, or I’m just having a bit of a writer’s block (here’s hoping it’s a block.) I don’t hate writing at all, I’m pretty proud of how this blog is growing and growing, and I obviously love all the great friends I have made writing this, and reading other amazing blogs. Even though I haven’t been writing, I’ve still been reading all of your fantastic blogs. I’m still watching duh duh duh ūüėČ I’ve also had a spurt of pretty bad anxiety and what not, blame it on starting sixth form! But each time I do it kind of knocks my confidence in everything and it takes a while to build it back up and get back to doing what I love. So many of you have offered guest posts, but with 2 already up, I would feel like I was taking advantage to take these from you and would make me seem like a rubbish blogger, so I feel my next post needs to be written by me, and so far it’s taken me a long time to write that post.

I guess I need to get my head back to normal, get out of this sticky patch and trust me I will be back. (Hopefully better than ever, but I’m not making any promises ūüėČ ) I may even end up posting the posts I deemed as completely rubbish, obviously with quite a lot of editing to take the boring tone off it and you guys might end up loving them. Thank you for all my followers still being here, and weirdly going up still. As I am writing this I am just under 20 followers from 400 followers. Which mean my blog has grown in stats so quickly over the past few months, 1) This average blog with a funny name written by an average teenager ¬†doesn’t deserve them and 2) That is completely crazy so thank you so much!

I hope you all can understand my absence from my blog for a bit. This is definitely not goodbye, it’s more of a see you later, and I promise I will be back very soon and I bloomn’ hope it is worth the wait! ‚̧

See you soon,

Maisie x 

P.S Thank you to all my blogging and real life friends for all your support and love. You are all very special people who I love very much. xxx


Guest Post: Back To School Make-up…|High Street Spy|

1 Sep

Hi everyone,

I’m Sofia, from Sunflower Style Blog¬†and today I will be guest posting for Maisie! Whether we like it or not, a lot of us are going back to school. But, not everything has to be bad. Back to school also means cute outfits, hair, and makeup! Today, I have a cute back to school makeup look for you all! This look is really cute, and not very time consuming, which is perfect for mornings where we’re rushing out the door! On to the makeup look!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

To start with, I primed my face with the Maybelline instant pore eraser. Then, using a makeup sponge, I applied the Maybelline dream fresh, bb cream. This bb cream, offers light/medium coverage, so it is perfect for days where you don’t want to wear too much makeup (I’m in the shade light). After that, I concealed my under eye circles with the Maybelline dream lumi touch concealer in the shade 02 nude. This concealer is flawless! Not only does it give great coverage, but it also highlights. I set all of that with the Revlon colorstay pressed powder (in the light/medium color). Applying powder will guarantee that your makeup lasts longer. I also recommend keeping one in your purse/ backpack for quick touch ups. To keep my eyebrows in place, I used the Maybelline great lash in clear. For eyeshadow, I used my Urban Decay naked basics palette. On my lids, I used the color Venus, and on my crease I used the color faint. To top it off, I wore the Covergirl clump crusher mascara in very black, and the Maybelline color whisper in petal rebel.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

This look is very natural, and perfect for long school days. This is a look that I would personally wear for school, but unfortunately we can’t wear makeup at my school. I really enjoyed writing this post for you all, and I hope you liked it!

sofia 4

XOXO, SunflowerQueen13

P.S Thank you so much to my wonderful guest posters that took their time to voluntarily write me posts whilst I was in Cornwall, it means a lot to me and makes me realise how awesome (and beautiful) my readers are. If you are a reader of mine, please go and become a reader of their blogs too and make sure you have a read of their posts. Thanks again girls. Maisie x 

Summer Day to Night Face of the Day…

20 Aug

Hello my lovely readers,

Tomorrow I get my GCSE results and to say I’m nervous is an understatement, I think its because I’ve had the longest ever summer to think (over think) about the exams and also the results I want to get, for some of my favourite and most important subjects I’ve set myself what I want to get which is making me more and more nervous about it all.

So to take my mind of it, I caked myself in some make-up, and put together a glowy/ summer look, and pretend that summer is not nearing its end at all, as I’m going on holiday soon so it will be a look I will probably wear on holiday. I’m a pretty lazy person and ‘freshening up’ is not really something I can be bothered to do, so I tend to put on the make-up I want to wear in the evening, in the morning and maybe touch it up a little bit before I go out. So here is my holiday, lazy girl, day to night look.


*Collecting Lasting Perfection Concealer 

I pop this under my eyes into a V shape, and on any redness/ blemishes, blending with a concealer brush from Primark or my Real Techniques foundation brush.

*Maybelline Brow Drama 

This is a pretty good dupe for the Benefit Gimme’ Brow, and you also get a lot more product than the Benefit one too. I have mine in a brown colouring, so it also adds a bit of definition to your brows without it looking too OTT and filled in. So if you don’t like your eyebrows to be filled in but want a product to add some colour and keep them in shape, I would highly recommend this. I normally brush this through my brows after I’ve filled them in, or I just use this if I want more of a natural look.

*The Body Shop All-In-One InstaBlur

I mainly pop this on my T-Zone and on my cheeks, in order to make my make-up go on nicer and also so my make-up lasts all day, so you can wear your make-up into the evening without having to re-do face make-up too much.

*The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream 

I’m not completely sure if I love this but I do think it gives you a really natural look, and just adds a little bit of coverage without it being too heavy. Even though it’s meant to adapt to your skin colour and I do have it in colour 02, I find it is slightly too pale on my skin so I always have to bronze my face when I use it.

*17 Eyes Neutral Trio 

I love the look all the colours in this trio make together, but to create my current favourite look, I just use the pearly pink toned shadow all over my lids and use the white toned shadow in the inner corners of my eyes.

*Rimmel Quad 

These eye shadows also create a lovely look together, but I use the second darkest brown shimmer on the outer corners of my eyes and through the crease, then blend to make more of a natural smokey eye look.

*L’Oreal Super Liner, Black Buster

This is a bit of a re-discovered product for me, as I used it once and decided I hated it, then decided to try it again and now love it! Weird. It’s a felt tip style liner, which some people believe are easier, but I for some reason always found liquid easier to create a cat eye. But after trying this liner again, its super easy to use and creates a really easy flick, and doesn’t rub off easily.

*Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara 

Maybelline mascaras will always be my favourite, and this one gets all your lashes and makes a really natural lashes.

*Sleek Contouring Kit 

I use this to contour my cheek bones, my forehead, and along the bridge of my nose, all the places on your face that your face would tan to make a natural sun kissed look, but also to make my face look less dead and pale after using the BB cream.

*Soap and Glory Mother Pucker Lip Gloss in Fuscia-Ristic 

If you have not yet tried these gloss sticks, then get yourself to Boots and pick some up ASAP! Even though most people just rave about the colour ‘Nudist’, which is a lovely colour, my favourite since Christmas is the colour ‘Fuscia-Ristic’, which is a really pretty pink colour, which can be built up or worn as a really natural colour to brighten up your face.

Oh’ and guess what? I forgot to take a photo of the finished look. Bum. Just imagine I look amazing in it or try this look out for yourself.

See you soon,

Maisie x

P.S If any of you would pretty please guest post for me when I’m on holiday, I would really appreciate it, so please drop me an e-mail or leave me a comment. Thanks xxx

End of Exams Party Outfit… |High Street Spy|

22 Jun

Hello lovelies,

All my exams are done and I’m officially in the summer holidays now which means two things 1) more blogging and 2) parties. Okay, so I’m not the biggest party animal in the world, I’m generally pretty lazy and tired all the time, so when someone says party I’m like ‘meh’, but when I get there I tend to enjoy myself, and that’s exactly what I did last Friday. It ended up being a pretty eventful and also a pretty hazy night, which is odd as I normally remember everything, but it means I get to write you all a post of what I decided to wear.

*The photo quality is not the best due to the fact I took it straight off my Instagram, sorry <3*

after exams outfit

What I’m Wearing:¬†

Dress~ Topshop (Petite)

This dress is now my new favourite. When I picked it up I wasn’t completely sure if the shape would do anything for me but after trying it on, I decided it was actually really flattering so I had to get it, it’s also great as it comes in the petite section which is perfect for 5″3 shorties like myself.

Clutch~ Dorthy Perkins

The clutch I used for the party, was the clutch I used for prom. The colour is a really neutral pink so it goes with pretty much everything, the strap also means you can dance the light away with no risk of it flying out of your hand.

Shoes~ New Look

These are my favourite shoes in the whole wide world, I also wore them to prom. The dress I wore was actually pretty casual, but these heels just dress it up and make it more suitable for parties, the red colour also went perfectly with the grey tone stripes of the dress. Even though these shoes are pretty high, the platform and chunky heel make them a lot more comfortable to wear than a normal heel, I would say you can dance for a good 2 hours before you feet begin to hurt.

Necklace~ Topshop

Even though you can’t see it, I’m sure many of you know what my favourite necklace looks like as I wear it all the time! It also helps to dress up the pretty casual dress.

Mid- April Update… |High Street Spy|

25 Apr

Hello beauties,

Yes, it is that time again where I scroll through my phone and give you a cheeky insight into what I’ve been up to (or not up to) this month.

mid april update

Revision, revision and more revision…

B.O.R.I.N.G. You all know what it is, but that’s all I’ve been doing this half term and I can not wait until my GCSEs are over and I can have the longest summer ever! If you do want to read about how I’ve been revising, I wrote about it here.¬†After I’ve finished writing this post I am off to revise science because it is officially my worst subject, damn my scientific dreams are crushed. ūüėČ

I’ve been getting all Blogilates…

A while back I discovered the fantastical world which is Blogilates when I was looking for some easy exercises I could do at home to slim my legs a bit, and I am in love with it, not only has the way too perky Casey has the amazing website, (www.blogilates.com) she also has an app and a YouTube channel. All of these have super easy you follow YouTube videos for every bit of your body you can think of, but also diet plans and recipes to coincide with every exercise too and also a workout calendar if you really want to stick to it. I have been slacking this week due to the realization of how much revision I had to do, but last week I was following the Perfect legs workout everyday, and surprisingly I do it the whole way through. Promise. For some reason I find her really motivating, and you don’t even have to leave your house and get sweating in front of people, it feels like she’s giving you her own private class which I love. I really recommend giving this a go, as there is literally a workout for everyone!

Happy Birthday Lauren & Lauren…

Last week it was fellow bloggers and friends in the real world Lauren and Lauren’s 16th Birthdays. Firstly it was Lauren W’s birthday, where we ate way too much food and I watched Frozen for the first time which is now a new favourite of mine. I got both Lauren’s giant cards I picked up from Asda that week but I got Lauren W a Jack Wills bag which my mum picked out. (Good choice mum.) Then on the Friday of that week we all popped round to Lauren A’s and for once I was the first one there! The idea for her present came from when I was going through the thousands of pictures on my phone and realised the majority of which were of Lauren or Lauren and I, I would say a good 70% of them, so I decided to make her a scrapbook which I was pretty pleased with. It took me all week and my kitchen table being covered it pink glitter to make it, oh and all my brother’s colour ink from his printer! I also gave her a Ted Baker body set because she smells and a tampon. (Long Story.)

photo 1photo 2photo 3

I tried out my prom hair & make-up…

Prom is coming up extremely soon, and I have to say I am excited, I only have a few bits and bobs to pick up and I am ready to go! I know a few of you have seen my hair on my personal Twitter but if you haven’t, sorry you can’t see it. ūüėČ This is because I am going to post a Get Ready with Me Prom edition very soon, so you will just have to wait until then! I am doing my make-up myself and my super clever hairdresser/ beauty therapist mother is doing my hair, the other day I literally just gave her a picture of how I wanted my hair and she did it literally identically! The hair is copied from a very well known YouTuber so there’s a hint for you.

I went all mermaid…

I’m normally pretty boring but due to a lot of procrastination I ended up painting my nails like this, using a Fearne metallic polish in green and a pushing a gold glitter from the tips upwards. I might do a proper tutorial of these but for now here’s just another teaser for you.


So far this month has been beyond boring, due to the exams once again! I hope you find you have a lovely Easter, tucking into chocolate eggs like me. My prom look will be up very soon, as I know a lot of you have asked me about it all.

See you soon,

Maisie x

My Top 5 Spring Nail Varnishes… |High Street Spy|

23 Apr

Hello again lovelies,

So a while ago I posted my top 5 lipsticks for spring¬†but now it’s time for me to show you all my top 5 spring nail varnishes that I have worn or I am going to be wearing in the future.


(From left to right)

Fearne (Nameless)

It makes me sad that this varnish doesn’t have a name or it was on the box I no longer have, corals are my favourite colours in cosmetics and varnishes, I think it is because they compliment my olive skin tone really nicely and they are a perfect colours to take us into summer. Fearne nail varnishes are always I firm favourite of mine, my collection always growing every Christmas.

Barry M Confetti in Dolly Mixture

I picked this varnish up last summer and I’ve recently rediscovered it in my collection, the pastel colours look really pretty for spring over brights and pastels. Last year I posted a review of this, so to see what it looks like on my nails, just click here to read that.

Seventeen Gel Colour in Mint Bon-Bon

I love this greeny colour, I think this is an colour that is super wearable all year round, the gel effect also gives it that high shine ‘gel’ look which I love.

Maybelline Color Show in Iced Queen

I love these polishes, just because there are so many at a really good price. Even though the name suggests otherwise I this colour just reminds me of the sea and spring flowers.

Berry M Jelly Hi- Shine in Blue Berry

I am currently wearing this colour of my nails, I think this tone of blue looks a lot better with a tan as it is pretty bright so it is one for spring/ summer months. This is also a ‘gel’ effect so it has that high shine finish to it which I love. I reviewed these many moons ago so you can also go and read about these polishes in more detail here.

I know this post is brief once again, but blame the revision!

What nail varnish colours are you loving at the moment? Let me know so I can pick them up for myself.

Maisie x

Daisy Chains & Rolled Up Jeans |High Street Spy|

2 Mar

Hello beauties,
So today I am doing some serious French revision for my final speaking exam tomorrow and I am so so nervous about it. I am writing this post in a break just before lunch from revising, on my phone and I wanted to do a quick post so I though I’d show you what I’m wearing today. I did take better pictures but just as I was about to write this my camera decided to be bad and not work properly by turning off every 2 seconds, so sorry for the pictures as they were taken on my phone and post layout.



Shirt~ Topshop
Necklace~ Accessorize
Jeans~ Next
Socks~ Topshop
Jumper~ Republic

Maisie x

Some Little Blog Changes…

12 Feb

Hello lovely ones,

So after having this blog for 3 years and with some help from the lovely Beth (Beauty in Beta¬†if you don’t know her, where have you been?) it was time to give my blog a bit of a make-over. I know a lot of you don’t actually click onto my page a lot as you read by e-mail, or on the WordPress dashboard, I would share the changes I made with you in a little blog post.

 Header/ Logo


Firstly I made a logo/ header for my blog which was way overdue, I made it using Pic Monkey which is really simple to use if you were thinking about making one too. It’s not the most impressive thing in the world, but it just makes my blog look professional and gives it an identity, it also includes my little strap line which is pretty snazzy. I will probably end up changing it or getting someone to do it for me who will take more than 5 minutes to work on it, but I’m happy with it for now, and also a lot of you said my old bulky header didn’t match the background or my blog, so I hope you all like this one a lot more.


blog background

I found this background and instantly loved it because the pink of the flowers fit in with the background and the pink of my blog theme. My blog has become really vintage, and it is reflecting me more and more. After having my pink, sparkly background for goodness knows how long, it’s nice to have a fresh new summery background.



I connected my blog to my twitter a while, not a lot to say about this really apart from follow me if you wish. @HighStreetSpy_



I get the odd e-mails from brands, which I love to get, but sometimes they are totally random so I thought I’d add a disclaimer page so it let’s people know what sort of posts I like to do, and the ones I probably won’t do.



I used to be a completely unorganized blogger, my blog posts just went into cyberspace, un-categorized, like loose bits of cyber space paper, but now I have taken control and placed mostly all my posts into categories. So if you want to blog stalk a certain category, it will be so much easier for you now. You’re welcome.

Thank you for everyone who took my survey and gave me feedback on my blog, it was really helpful in order to improve my blog. I hope you all like the ‘new look’ High Street Spy, and I will be taking all your other thoughts into consideration, because I like to make my readers happy, otherwise there is no blog!

See you soon,

Maisie x

What I Brought Myself for Valentines…

8 Feb

Hello lovelies,

So yes, I decided to do a valentines post. After um-ing and ahh-ing over whether I actually wanted to to anything for Valentines, I decided I would but only because I have some bits and bobs to share with you all. Personally valentines day is great when your all disgustingly loved up, but when you’re not, you sort of it on the sidelines of the ‘love bubble’ feeling slightly bitter about the whole thing, secretly wishing you were part of it. (Or is that just me?) Personally I’m not completely for valentines day, I mean, if you love someone, you should show them you love them all year round and celebrate that love all year not just once a year, but then again this might just be me being bitter over the whole thing again.

Anyway, if you are in a relationship or not, you can still read my blog. ūüėČ So because I am a single pringle (other crisps are available), I decided to buy some presents for myself, not intentionally but I thought it fitted the post nicely, so let’s pretend they were especially for valentines.

5 out of 6 of the things I brought online. I know, not a big deal especially for an internet obsessed like myself, but I’ve always been scared of buying clothes online especially. Unless you’ve tried them on in the store firstly, it’s like playing clothes roulette. Am I a 8 or a 10? What if it’s too short? Then you have to wait for it to come, before realising you have been way too optimistic with your sizing! But luckily, all the times I’ve ordered anything online, nothing has had to be sent back. Oh’ and is it just me that gets slightly nervous when you get to entering the card details bit?

Boohoo.com Laura Checked Collar Print Dress~ £18


When I stumbled across this on the Boohoo.com website, I really loved it, the collar and the monochrome tartan print. I was actually just going to buy one of the Boohoo dresses, which was probably going to be the daisy print one, but I’m glad I got this one because monochrome never goes out of fashion. I am going to wear this next week, with tights and black heeled boots when I go out for a meal and then to the theatre with my Nannie. But hopefully this dress will see me through until the summer, as I can wear it without tights when it warms up.

Boohoo.com Delia Daisy Print Shift Dress~ £18


Shift dresses are in at the moment, so I thought I’d invest in it for spring/summer, the fabric itself is sheer and lightweight, so it will be perfect with sandals in the summer. The print is really individual and it just hangs really nicely, that can be dressed up too. I am really impressed the quality and considering I only ordered it yesterday night, the service is equally as fabulous.

Topshop Midi Ring~ £3


I’ve wanted a midi ring for a while now, so when I saw this in the sale I had to pick it up, but after wearing it as a midi I’ve realised I find them half way up my finger pretty annoying. So I wear it as a pinky ring instead, but I still love the vintage style design of this ring.

Stephanie Ever After Bow~ £5


Okay, this is isn’t a recent purchase but it’s sort of valentines theme right? When I stumbled across this hair accessory brand on Etsy, I fell in love with it. Over the Christmas period I wore it basically everyday, and just made any hair do 100% better. She has brought out an equally gorgeous and sparkly valentines range, and she also sells the best flower crowns you can just tell are made with love. I totally recommend you go and check this boutique on Etsy.

Plume Leotard~ £9.95

Plume Ballet Tights (in pink)~ £3.95


Both these items are from dancedirect.com, a go to website for all dancer looking for a bargain. This items are essentials for me because I’ve been borrowing my friend Lauren’s leotard and tights for weeks now, so now she gets a new pair of tights too. ūüėČ (Correction, she doesn’t. I only ordered one pair. Opps. Sorry Lauren.)

Hope you all liked the presents I brought for myself to make up for receiving nothing this year. Oh’ and if you aren’t in the sickening bubble known as love, you can be my valentine? ūüėČ




(Pssst. It’s Maisie.)¬†

Review: Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser…

28 Jan

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all well?

So recently I popped into the mother ship (you may know it as Boots) to get my friend a birthday present and to pick up some essentials I needed, toner and pore strips. Whilst I was there I remembered I really wanted to pick up the Maybelline Baby Skin Primer just because I’ve never used one before and I am always curious to try products that are highly advertised. I expect pretty great things from those products. I own two baby lips, the pink and clear one, and if I’m honest I’m not completely convinced with them, I don’t think they really hydrate for long and the pink looks a bit cheap, and the smell/ taste is slightly weird, but I wanted to give the primer a go.


First of all the pastels are a winner with me, because as you might be able to see I am a lover of pastels. The tube itself is not actually very big, with a pointy small tip so not a lot comes out of it, and you don’t need to use a lot of it for your face. A pea sized amount covers about half of my face but I apply it pretty generously (I also have a pretty big face.)


The product is clear, and has a sort of greasy feel to it but even though it does feel like it, it doesn’t look like it on the face. Before putting it on I cleanse, tone and moisturize (all Simple) and then once it’s all sunk it I apply the primer. You can spread it out easily onto the face, it creates an even look and also calms down redness I have around my nose. It says you can wear it without make-up on top, which is pretty snazzy because you can go for the natural look but still feel confident you have some product on your face as it does smooth out the face, making it pore-less. (I haven’t tried this yet because I have two whoopn’ red spots that are a match for foundation and concealer. But when I do, I’ll let you know.)

The only thing I’m not so keen on is that it doesn’t sink in very fast into the skin, even though it does feel lightweight, so you can either wait for it to do so, or put make-up over it straight away, but the skin (even though it doesn’t look it) feels slightly greasey. My skin is combination skin with dry patches here and there but it does make my skin feel really soft and doesn’t dry it out, keeping it feel hydrated all day. I’m not a big fan of fragrance products as they feel they are burning my skin and 99% of the time I do not like the scents, and this one is fragrance free the lovers of all things boring and smell-less.

Overall I do really enjoy using this product, as I am really getting less lazy with my skincare and I am feeling the benefit of it.

I know a lot of people asked me about this product and if the ¬£7.99 was worth it, but I think if you are looking for a budget primer it will last you a long time, and I’d say is as good as Benefit Pore-fessional primer which I am a big fan of.

See you all soon,

Maisie x

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