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How To: The Bronzer Eye Shadow look…|High Street Spy|

30 Mar

Hello lovely ones,

Now this is sort of a quick Sunday post because with my GCSEs coming up (which I hate to think about) and also working on another ‘project’, it leaves me very little time to post, and it also leave me very limited ideas for posts. But then I thought, why not blog about my make-up look I am wearing a lot at the moment because it was looking decent for a change. Yes, this isn’t those extremely detailed tutorials I normally do, but I will try and explain it as simply/ quickly as I can and hopefully you’ll all follow.

So this make-up look is quick-ish, (I say ish because it includes winged eyeliner, but you can always skip that part) and I think it looks really pretty, but also natural at the same time. Prom is also coming up for a lot of people and this is a really natural look if you prefer to go more natural and could also act as a base to add glitters/ more definition etc.


The products I used…

*Rimmel Quad

(I only used the one shadow on the left of the quad which is a pearly light brown)

*Sleek Contouring Kit

(I only used the bronzer)

*Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation

*Collection Match Perfection Concealer

*Maybelline Falsies Mascara

*Miss Sporty Liquid liner

*Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Puck Lip Crayon in Fuscia-Ristic

(Light pink/ coral in colour)

*Beauties Factories Palette

(I only used a light matte brown from there from my eyebrows, so not really needed)

What I did…

I applied my base, and filled in my eyebrows slightly using an angled brush with a brown shadow 2 shades lighter than my natural  colour. Then I took the pearly brown from the quad and took it all across the lid using a brush, then with the same brush I took the bronzer and took that across the outer corners, really concentrating on working it into the crease for definition. I got a soft blending brush just to smoke up the eye slightly, before lining my eyes (I like the flick, but if you don’t feel practiced enough in that area, just leave it as a line) and popping on my favourite mascara. I added the lip crayon to my lips and hey presto, we are done and ready to take on the day!


I hope you all liked the finish look, and let me know if you like this sort of post, and I shall do some more for you all!

See you all soon,

Maisie x


My Fabulous Blog Picks: March Edition… |High Street Spy|

23 Mar

Hello beauties,

Once again I am going to do a once a month post, but this time I want to share with you my top 3 favourite and fabulous blog/ bloggers of that month. Of course I have more than 3 favourites but I wanted to write about them as well and I didn’t want to write about 50 people in one big post because that would be super boring! Please don’t get upset or angry at me because I am lucky enough to have a lot of bloggers as my friends, so each month I will select just 3, so at some point or another I shall gush about how much I love you. Promise. So what I am going to do is each month pick 3 of my favourite, write why they are my favourite and you lovely people who are reading this post will go and follow them to see for yourself why they are my favourite. Sound good right? *Yes you all shout at your screens* Let’s get started then!

1. Kavi Chick 2000


Firstly Kavi deserves an award for dealing with me first of all, she is there all the time when I’m having a freak out over the littlest things and always manages to make me laugh! This girls blog is just fabulous for the following reasons: she includes all her own pictures and just the right amount, that means if you aren’t in the mood for loads of wording or feeling lazy you can just scroll away at all the lovely pictures. Her blog is funny and witty which is my favourite type of blog. She doesn’t blog about crazy expensive things us teenagers can no way afford with our own money. She is also my first proper blogging friend and I can’t wait until I get to meet my gal, because she’s beyond awesome.

2. Grow into your Dreams


Now to someone I know in the real world, Lauren! I decided to include this Lauren into the first if these posts is because she’s very new to WordPress, but still her posts are as good, if not better than people that have been blogging for 3 years (eg me!) She deserves way more likes and comments, because I predict her blog is going to be growing and growing! (see what I did there? 😉 ) So jump onto Lauren’s bandwagon early so you can say, ‘I followed her blog when she first started.) You won’t regret it because her posts are really lovely, just like Lauren herself.

3. Blushing Beauty


Another one of my blogging friends, and the last one for this month! This young ladies blog is really sweet and lovely, but also really helpful; at the moment she has been writing a series Guide to Blogging, which is super useful if you are just starting out or want to read another young bloggers take on things. Her blog also doesn’t include products that our out of my price range which is one thing I always look for when following blogs. This is a must have blog for your dash, because like all the blog I can see it getting bigger and better in the future!

I hope you all go and check out my top 3 blogs for March because they are all amazing! But the question is who will it be next month? Will it be you? (Ohhhhhh’ the suspense, it’s killing me!)

Link me up to your blogs/ favourite blogs by commenting below or writing me a tweet. (You’ll find my twitter in the bar on the right, why not give me a follow?)

That’s all for today, so see you soon,

Maisie x

Mid-March Update… |High Street Spy|

19 Mar

Hello lovelies,

I have become a blogger who likes to put myself out there because I feel that people prefer to read things when they can put a face or voice to the words, and then you want to go back and read more of their stuff because you become friends. (Or that’s what I think anyway!) So I was thinking half way through each month I will do a sort of update post of things I’ve done/ things I’m loving that aren’t big or interesting enough I feel to put in their own post! It also means the closer I get to exams there will still be at least one post a month that I can write pretty quickly at once, and then all you guys know I am still very much alive! (Touch wood 😉 )

mid march

So far March has been okay apart from the stinking cold I currently have had all weekend; I survived the whole winter with only the occasional sniffle but just as the sun emerges for the weekend in England, my body is like, ‘Bam! Have a cold, you’re not going out in that sun, stay in bed! Mwahah.’ As I’m writing this I am feeling sorry for myself covered in tissues watching daytime TV, (This Morning to be precise: they’re cooking something but it’s not floating my boat if I’m honest) in My Little Pony PJ bottoms and a One Direction tour t-shirt. I haven’t had make-up on all weekend, and my hair really needs a wash, so no picture of this guys, sorry!

At the end of last month I had a very belated, small gathering for my birthday which was really lovely! My birthday is in December which sucks because everyone is busy and Christmas and new year is way more important, so now I’m like the Queen and I have 2 birthdays! Trés snazzy, I know. I decided to have a PJ party because it means very little effort is needed to look nice, and this weekend I went to another PJ party for my lovely friend Naomi’s 16th, safe to say these are now my favourite parties. I love them because when you get home you just have to whip off the bra, scrub off the make-up, clean your teeth and hop straight into bed! We played a few games, ate loads of rubbish and even choreographed a dance routine, oh and I also met some new fabulous people who I love very much and can’t wait to see again. Last Sunday also was my bestest mate’s birthday, so happy birthday Lucy, I love you lots and lots.


Super man and my little pony collision

Last month (I think) I nipped into London with my friend who I alway go to London with, Olivia, my favourite little girl and her sister Zoe, and her lovely mum. After being squished on the train into London, we couldn’t resist a quick look around St Pancras and Boots of course for a bit of swatching to start off the day before nipping onto the tube to Camden. We looked around for a prom dress but Olivia and I only left there with bandanas from Rokit. (I’m trying to funk up my look okay? 😉 ) Back on the tube and off to Leister Square, for M&M world to take some pictures for some tourists like always and to reenact the same pics we take each time we go, then we walked to Convent Garden. (Disappointingly we saw no naked people on bikes… If you’re intrigued to what I mean, please ask because it’s a very long/ strange story!) We decided to be brave and go into MAC and to our horror people were swatching sample lipsticks… ON THEIR LIPS! So we left. (We also couldn’t afford it but we were pretty disgusted by these women and the germs. Not cool.)

Is this me?

Is this me?

Or is this me? Go on take a guess, first to win gets infinite love from moi ;)

Or is this me? Go on take a guess, first to win gets infinite love from moi 😉

Each summer I go to my favourite place in the whole wide world, Cornwall, and I wanted to tone my legs up a bit more because they have become a bit bulky from dance. I don’t want a massive huge thigh gap or anything but I just want to lengthen them, so I am doing a little Pilates routine I found online. The video is really good if you want to try this out too and this extremely perky woman teaches Pilates for all abilities. Also in order to better myself I have been drinking more water to make my skin less dry and my skin just brighter. I’ve also not been overdoing my skin to make my skin nice and clear for prom and summer *cough* surfer boys *cough* You can watch the tutorial I am following right here.

Next I’m thinking of dying my hair, at the moment it’s ombré but I’m feeling a change to the main colour as it’s a mousy brown, and I want it more of a rich brown. I want to go that colour just to make it look glossier and then I might re-ombré it again, just an idea really. Thoughts?

That’s basically it for this month, if I’m honest there’s not really a lot coming up to fill you in on apart from I really am desperate to go shopping, because some of my favourite beauty products have ran out and I feel I’ve haven’t spend any money in forever. Which is kind of good, depends how you look at it!

What have you lot been up to at the moment?

See you all soon,

Maisie x

Spring Wishlist |High Street Spy|

17 Mar
Spring Wishlist

River Island polka dot dress
$53 –

Cropped jeans
$38 –

Strappy sandals
$46 –

Isabel Purple Strappy Swing Playsuit – Playsuits -…
$17 –

ASOS | ASOS Felt Fedora Hat at ASOS
$33 –

Eat. Sleep. Revision. Repeat. |High Street Spy|

16 Mar

Hello lovely ones,

I feel I haven’t blogged in like forever, and I put that down to 2 reasons, not really knowing what to blog and because in a few months I am taking GCSE exams, so I am revising bits and bobs, which I know is probably not enough and I need to do more. So basically the closer I get to exams, the less and less I will be able to blog, maybe not at all if I’m honest because that is my priority, then I will be right back to all you lovely lot. I hope I don’t lose too many of you wonderful readers during this time, as a lot of work has gone into the small number of followers my blog has so please don’t unfollow me because I will be back.

Anyway, I know a lot of you are around the same age as me, did their exams not that long ago or will be doing them in a few years time so I thought I’d be extremely boring and share with you how I revise, and in return you can comment what has been working for you and we can help each other out in return.

1. Revision cards/ post-it notes

Boringgggggggg but I think they do work because you get to compress all the information down into small notes and sections which is way easier to remember. The only downside with these is that you’ll end up have loads and they aren’t very neat for clean freaks like myself, then can be easily misplaced if you are unorganized. But another way you can use these is a question/ answer sort of thing to test yourself.

2. Write in colour 

Your brain remembers colour better than just plain black because it can link specific information with a colour as a sort of picture. I used this method to revise my french speaking and I got a B, which is pretty good for someone who sucks at french as much as me.


Source: We Heart It

3. Record yourself speaking the information 

Saying knowledge out loud can help you remember the information and you can listen to it back from your phone or i-pod when you’re feeling lazy.

4. Mind Map

These also help you compress your notes down and make your notes more visually appealing so your brain finds it easier to remember.

5. Revision Timetable 

Be realistic (unlike I have done) and timetable your revision, write down when you want to revise the subject and how long for, and remember to schedule in free time and other things you might do eg. TV and dance class. (If anyone wants a template of a revision timetable to print off, let me know and I’ll be happy to e-mail you one.) I am yet to stick to mine but when I get better from this illness I currently have, I will take it a lot more seriously. I hope.

For the foreseeable future my life is going to be eat, sleep, revision, repeat, but hopefully it will be worth it in the end.

How are you all revising? Have you tried out any of these methods and have they worked?

My posts will not be this boring again, I just felt I needed to make a post out of my blogging absence!

See you all soon.

Maisie x  

How To: Triple Chocolate Cookies |High Street Spy|…

8 Mar

Hello everyone,

So this week I had a really weird urge to bake, I have no idea why because normally I hate doing it because I don’t see the point in spending hours baking just to be eaten by my piggy family in about 5 minutes. So I looked around for a recipe that looked pretty easy and chocolaty, then decided to make these yummy triple chocolate cookies that Kavi, Tanya Burr, but I got the recipe itself from

So I decided to do a very one off post and share my first ever baking experience all on my own, if I can do it, you can try it too. So here is the recipe for you all to try and some little comments of my own. This recipe makes 12 very large cookies, but you can probably double that if you make them more normal sized, also I use a big bowl to mix up your ingredients, or it will get pretty messy!

cookies edit

You will need:

cookies 6

*200g of unsalted butter

*300g of caster sugar

*1 large egg

(I used a medium one and it worked just as well)

*275g self-raising flour

*75g cocoa powder

*Three large bars of chocolate~ dark, white & milk

*A splash of milk

Before you start~ Preheat your oven to 220 degrees or 200 degrees for non fan oven.

1. Put your butter into a bowl, and put it into the microwave for about 10 seconds just to soften it, take it out and mix the sugar into it with a spoon like me, or if you are very snazzy an electric wisk, until it goes creamy.

2. Crack the egg and add it into the bowl. (I cracked mine in a separate jug just in case it all went wrong and I got shell in the mixture. But if you are a skilled egg cracker, go ahead and crack it straight into the mixture.) 

3. Break the chocolate all up into the squares. (It is completely acceptable to test all the different types of chocolate just to check they are suitable to eat, a few squares missing from the recipe won’t harm. Promise.)

cookies 5

4. Throw all your dry ingredients into the bowl, self-raising flour, (don’t bother with all the sifting business) cocoa powder, and chocolate pieces then mix them in together. (I would mix all the other ingredients firstly before adding the chocolate as it’s harder to mix when there is loads of chocolate in the way!) It may be a little bit dry so add in tiny splash of milk to bind it together.

cookies 4

5. Line 2 baking trays with baking paper, (this is where it gets messy and I hope you have washed your hands) and scoop the mixture into 12 handful sized balls, spreading them quite far apart on the tray as they expand a lot!

cookies 3

6. Pop in the oven for 10 minutes, then take them out and leave them to rest on the tray for a further half an hour to harden up on the outside and stay gooey on the inside.

And that is it!

cookies 2

Personally I feel I have achieved domestic goddess level today for my first ever time at bake on my own and this is the first baking post on High Street Spy! This day is historical okay? 😉

If you like this sort of post, are trying this out, or have a recipe to share with me, please let me know by liking and commenting , as I might be trying out more of this baking malarkey. The Great British Bake Off here I come!

Maisie x

Daisy Chains & Rolled Up Jeans |High Street Spy|

2 Mar

Hello beauties,
So today I am doing some serious French revision for my final speaking exam tomorrow and I am so so nervous about it. I am writing this post in a break just before lunch from revising, on my phone and I wanted to do a quick post so I though I’d show you what I’m wearing today. I did take better pictures but just as I was about to write this my camera decided to be bad and not work properly by turning off every 2 seconds, so sorry for the pictures as they were taken on my phone and post layout.



Shirt~ Topshop
Necklace~ Accessorize
Jeans~ Next
Socks~ Topshop
Jumper~ Republic

Maisie x

The 5″8, Size 6 Girls…|High Street Spy|

1 Mar

Hello lovely’s

The fashion weeks come and go, and each time raises the issues of the size of the models who walk the catwalks, normally 5″8 minimum height, with the size 6 frame. Before we get too into this, these are just my thoughts that I hope will provoke thought from you lot, so you do not in any way have to agree with me and also if there are comments please respect other people’s views on the matter of size.

So basically as I write this I am tucking into 2 digestives and a cup of tea (one sugar) and feel a bit conflicted as a teenage girl, you need to be happy in your body, but you also can’t be ‘big’ because that is obesity, which is considered bad? I guess that’s what confuses me, because if I was a size 16, I am meant to feel confident and happy, but then also should be considering weight loss. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel the line between obesity and size have been blurred and as a teenager it’s hard to understand what is correct? And that has inspired this post.

Okay, back to body image in fashion. 2 or 3 years ago this subject really interested me, I even made a YouTube video about it being the frizzy haired opinion filled 13 year old I was, but now I’m older and more into high end fashion I feel I can look at high fashion models in a different light. Firstly I think that we need to establish that high fashion and high street fashion are very different, which is very apparent in the photo below. (No offence if you wear hats like that.)


So if the clothes are so different, why should the models not be different. The models used in high end fashion are 5″8, size 6 girls because the clothes are designed for that and look the most effective to be shown in that way, in a way they are hangers. Hangers display the clothes and hang in the best way, and they all look the same because that design works the best. The models just display the clothes, you are not looking at the model themselves, unless they are the famous sort, you are looking at the clothes, so if they were different it would take from the clothes. Of course, I do not in any way agree with models who starve themselves, high fashion has always had this template of model, therefore it will be so hard to change. But these women who walk the catwalks are still ‘real women’; I hate when people say ‘real women should walk the catwalk’, ‘they aren’t real women’, ‘real women aren’t in fashion’. Well however big or small, short or tall a women is, they are very much alive and have boobs upon their chests (even if they are tiny) they are real women.

People are forever mocking high fashion, laughing at the crazy designs, and how they don’t look like ‘normal’ clothes most of us wear, so if we don’t expect high fashion to look like how we dress everyday, we shouldn’t expect the women to look like us, because most of us would never wear those clothes out to Tescos would we? In a way high fashion is like an art gallery, we go to art galleries to admire the art, sometimes it’s crazy or just a chair in the middle of the room, we admire it for what it is and the thought and effort that has gone into it, but we would never have it in our house, but instead buy more commercial art. Just like what we wear. High fashion and high street need to be seen and appreciated in completely different ways, just like art. Along with the models.

Then it comes onto high street models, this is where I believe the whole ‘be happy in your size message’ should be seen more, because these are the ‘normal clothes’. Where girls with of all sizes, curves or not, should be celebrated because these are the clothes we all wear. Instead of trying to change something that doesn’t even apply to many of us, high end fashion, we should change what really does. But this does not mean get rid of the size 6 high street models, because size 6 girls still exist, as much as a size 16. Clothes should be modeled on a mix of girls in fashion campaigns, so it becomes the ‘norm’ not just replace all the smaller models. Like a pick n’ mix of mix of women. Oh’ but it doesn’t end there, throw in some different ages along with the different sizes and boom perfect pick n’ mix. (I like pick n’ mix) In a way I think that will help my confusion with body image.

A pick n’ mix style M&S advertising campaign

 I was a bit nervous about posting this because I know people have lots of different opinions on this topic, but I hope you can appreciate my thoughts and if you have your own, please feel free to comment them below because I love a debate. 😉 I could have gone on longer but I didn’t want to bore you, but if you liked this rant style post, let me know and I’ll give you some more of my thoughts on some more fashion/ beauty topics.

Does this count as a rant? Because I got quite a few of you wanting more Maisie rants.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

Maisie x

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