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Make-Up Bag Spy…

23 Jun

So I haven’t blogged for a little while, so it’s only fair that I give you a little snoop inside my make-up bag and share with you my secret to keeping your eyebrows in place (keep reading to find out!) Anyway, so as you can see by the pictures below this is my make-up bag, the bag it’s self is Cath Kidson and my friend brought it for me for Christmas, so I can’t tell you how much it is but anything Cath Kidson is good with me, I adore everything it has to offer. Before I got this bag I just put it in a tray in my draw, and some of it has to stay in there because I have a lot of bits and pieces (including way too much lip gloss!)

So time for the grand tour of my, can’t live without, products; let’s start with my Simple moisturizer and Simple cleansing wipes, they are great for your skin as I’m sure you all know that Simple products are just simple. I use the moisturizer at night, which means you wake up with perfectly soft skin in the morning (Top Tip: moisturize after having a shower or bath to help hold in moisture and always take your make-up off, if your lazy like me, just use wipes and rinse!) I don’t use foundations so I always wear No7 BB cream, it’s £12.95 but it’s one of the best BB creams out there so it’s worth investing in it, and I mainly use my Rimmel hide the blemish concealer around my eyes, as luckily at the moment spots are history for me! *happy dance* That big orange stick you can see, well that’s my Rimmel London Scandal eyes mascara, it’s £4.99 at the moment on offer in boots, so, if like me, you’d like to add some orange to your make-up bag get it now! (I’ve just realized how many Rimmel products I have now!) So I’ll give you another one, which is my bronzing powder, I don’t use it much but it’s great to have when you need a bit of a tan boost. I have a lot of lip glosses so I picked my favourite, which is Bourjois smile enhancing lip gloss, it’s not just any lip gloss because it comes with a minty tooth whitening lip gloss stick too! But I love Vaseline more, (see picture below!)

Okay, it’s now time for what you’ve been waiting for, my eyebrow tips! *crowd cheers* So what I do sometimes is I tweezers the hairs which come up, brush them into shape before spraying a little hairspray on my finger or eyebrow brush, and brush your eyebrows into place.  Bingo! Say goodbye to crazy eyebrow days! Bye for now spies, M xxx


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