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Summer Day to Night Face of the Day…

20 Aug

Hello my lovely readers,

Tomorrow I get my GCSE results and to say I’m nervous is an understatement, I think its because I’ve had the longest ever summer to think (over think) about the exams and also the results I want to get, for some of my favourite and most important subjects I’ve set myself what I want to get which is making me more and more nervous about it all.

So to take my mind of it, I caked myself in some make-up, and put together a glowy/ summer look, and pretend that summer is not nearing its end at all, as I’m going on holiday soon so it will be a look I will probably wear on holiday. I’m a pretty lazy person and ‘freshening up’ is not really something I can be bothered to do, so I tend to put on the make-up I want to wear in the evening, in the morning and maybe touch it up a little bit before I go out. So here is my holiday, lazy girl, day to night look.


*Collecting Lasting Perfection Concealer 

I pop this under my eyes into a V shape, and on any redness/ blemishes, blending with a concealer brush from Primark or my Real Techniques foundation brush.

*Maybelline Brow Drama 

This is a pretty good dupe for the Benefit Gimme’ Brow, and you also get a lot more product than the Benefit one too. I have mine in a brown colouring, so it also adds a bit of definition to your brows without it looking too OTT and filled in. So if you don’t like your eyebrows to be filled in but want a product to add some colour and keep them in shape, I would highly recommend this. I normally brush this through my brows after I’ve filled them in, or I just use this if I want more of a natural look.

*The Body Shop All-In-One InstaBlur

I mainly pop this on my T-Zone and on my cheeks, in order to make my make-up go on nicer and also so my make-up lasts all day, so you can wear your make-up into the evening without having to re-do face make-up too much.

*The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream 

I’m not completely sure if I love this but I do think it gives you a really natural look, and just adds a little bit of coverage without it being too heavy. Even though it’s meant to adapt to your skin colour and I do have it in colour 02, I find it is slightly too pale on my skin so I always have to bronze my face when I use it.

*17 Eyes Neutral Trio 

I love the look all the colours in this trio make together, but to create my current favourite look, I just use the pearly pink toned shadow all over my lids and use the white toned shadow in the inner corners of my eyes.

*Rimmel Quad 

These eye shadows also create a lovely look together, but I use the second darkest brown shimmer on the outer corners of my eyes and through the crease, then blend to make more of a natural smokey eye look.

*L’Oreal Super Liner, Black Buster

This is a bit of a re-discovered product for me, as I used it once and decided I hated it, then decided to try it again and now love it! Weird. It’s a felt tip style liner, which some people believe are easier, but I for some reason always found liquid easier to create a cat eye. But after trying this liner again, its super easy to use and creates a really easy flick, and doesn’t rub off easily.

*Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara 

Maybelline mascaras will always be my favourite, and this one gets all your lashes and makes a really natural lashes.

*Sleek Contouring Kit 

I use this to contour my cheek bones, my forehead, and along the bridge of my nose, all the places on your face that your face would tan to make a natural sun kissed look, but also to make my face look less dead and pale after using the BB cream.

*Soap and Glory Mother Pucker Lip Gloss in Fuscia-Ristic 

If you have not yet tried these gloss sticks, then get yourself to Boots and pick some up ASAP! Even though most people just rave about the colour ‘Nudist’, which is a lovely colour, my favourite since Christmas is the colour ‘Fuscia-Ristic’, which is a really pretty pink colour, which can be built up or worn as a really natural colour to brighten up your face.

Oh’ and guess what? I forgot to take a photo of the finished look. Bum. Just imagine I look amazing in it or try this look out for yourself.

See you soon,

Maisie x

P.S If any of you would pretty please guest post for me when I’m on holiday, I would really appreciate it, so please drop me an e-mail or leave me a comment. Thanks xxx


Maisie’s Moments~London Bound… |High Street Spy|

2 Jul

Hello lovelies,

Last week I popped into London with my two close friends Megan and Olivia and their mums, to do a bit of sight seeing and shopping as well. Olivia and myself are regulars to London, and usually go to Camden, then Leicester Square and Covent Garden, but this time Liv’s mum suggested we go and look around Spitalfields Market. It was such a lovely place to wonder around, with some high street names, (including a pretty big Benefit Cosmetics shop, which we all found pretty exciting) along with some lovely individual shops, and some cute little market stalls.

london 3

london 2

We passed the prettiest florist at the entrance to the market, and I fell in love with this bunch of flowers. I think it’s because they are pink and very bright, so if anyone is ever going to buy me flowers, I want these ones. 😉

london 8

Even though when we left the house it was chucking it down, the sun eventually came out in London, so we whipped the sunglasses out, took our jumpers off and caught some rays and had a gossip along side the massive high rises of central London. Oh and we took some selfies, so here’s one for you.

london 1

There were a few of these little cupcakes scattered around the market, and I never actually got to try one as I was so full up from the burger I had for lunch, but it was too cute not to take a photo of it.

london 4

So this is a photo of the dresses from the shop Jones & Jones, where Liv and I brought our prom dresses from. We all weren’t aware that they even had a shop, as we brought online so that was all pretty exciting for us, so we had to pop in and have a browse of what they had in the small shop. They had some really lovely dresses, and also some more casual pieces too, my prom dress is actually in this photo, why not have a guess at which one it is? (I will eventually get round to writing a prom post before any of you ask 😉 )

london 5

I think Olivia rocks a turban, don’t you? 😉 A picture in one of the lovely clothes shops in the market.

london 6

To say we were starving is probably an understatement, so we decided to grab some lunch at a pretty snazzy place called The Diner. I ordered a cherry Coke, a yummy halloumi burger and 3 different types of fries (plain, cheesey and kajun spice. Not all for me I promise!) I really wanted some of their American style waffles or a shake but I was completely stuffed from the burger, so I had no space for that, which means I need to go back and just go has pudding.

london 7

When we’d finished looking around the market, we got back on the tube and headed to Leicester Square where we had a quick stop at M&M world, before walking into Covent Garden. I’ve been to this part of London a few times now and I’ve never managed to find Pineapple Dance Studios before, but as we were walking to the main square I finally noticed it so I had to take a quick photo. Then we did a bit of shopping, including Liv purchasing a 4 eye shadow palette from MAC and I am extremely jealous of her. 😉 After receiving pretty crappy customer service from the staff at MAC in Spitalfields Market, it was really lovely to be served by the wonderful and helpful staff at the store in Covent Garden.

Had such a lovely day in the city with some of my favourite people who I love very much. Please let you know your favourite places to visit in London, as I’m sure we’ll be going back again a few times this summer. Also if you do like this sort of post, give this a like or let me know if the comments.

See you soon,

Maisie x 

End of Exams Party Outfit… |High Street Spy|

22 Jun

Hello lovelies,

All my exams are done and I’m officially in the summer holidays now which means two things 1) more blogging and 2) parties. Okay, so I’m not the biggest party animal in the world, I’m generally pretty lazy and tired all the time, so when someone says party I’m like ‘meh’, but when I get there I tend to enjoy myself, and that’s exactly what I did last Friday. It ended up being a pretty eventful and also a pretty hazy night, which is odd as I normally remember everything, but it means I get to write you all a post of what I decided to wear.

*The photo quality is not the best due to the fact I took it straight off my Instagram, sorry <3*

after exams outfit

What I’m Wearing: 

Dress~ Topshop (Petite)

This dress is now my new favourite. When I picked it up I wasn’t completely sure if the shape would do anything for me but after trying it on, I decided it was actually really flattering so I had to get it, it’s also great as it comes in the petite section which is perfect for 5″3 shorties like myself.

Clutch~ Dorthy Perkins

The clutch I used for the party, was the clutch I used for prom. The colour is a really neutral pink so it goes with pretty much everything, the strap also means you can dance the light away with no risk of it flying out of your hand.

Shoes~ New Look

These are my favourite shoes in the whole wide world, I also wore them to prom. The dress I wore was actually pretty casual, but these heels just dress it up and make it more suitable for parties, the red colour also went perfectly with the grey tone stripes of the dress. Even though these shoes are pretty high, the platform and chunky heel make them a lot more comfortable to wear than a normal heel, I would say you can dance for a good 2 hours before you feet begin to hurt.

Necklace~ Topshop

Even though you can’t see it, I’m sure many of you know what my favourite necklace looks like as I wear it all the time! It also helps to dress up the pretty casual dress.

Jemima’s 3 Top Tips For Awesome Nails! *Guest Post* |High Street Spy|

6 Jun
Hello Maisie’s readers 😉
My name is Jemima and I like doing nail art (I am no pro or anything but I do it quite a lot), so Maisie suggested I write about it for her blog! I came up with some tips on how to do nail art aswell as some pictures of my own:
1. The right tools
This one is a little silly coming from me because I don’t actually currently own and nail art pens, however it makes starting out muuchh easier if you have them. A good example is of my aztec nails, which took a long time to do with coctail sticks but could have been much easier with the pens:
jemima 1
2. Get a good design
The best way to do this when starting out is to find a picture that is already on nails, so you can see how they have done it and work out the width of the lines etc. I use instagram to look through designs of nail art accounts! (If you want to check out my nail art instagram it’s jemsnailss #ShamelessSelfPromo)
3. Always do an extra coat!
The worst thing when you have done a design you’re really proud of is when it chips the next day, which happens nearly all the time with me! So make sure you always put an extra coat of clear polish on top, just to be safe 😉
Thank you for reading! (And thanks Maisie for putting me on your blog :D) I will leave you with a couple of my favourite designs..
jemima 2
jemima 3
A quick note from Maisie: I hope you all liked this post by one of my favourite people, it’s nice to see something different on my blog because my nail art skills are pretty shocking. It’s only one more stressful until I have finished my exams all together, so thank you Jemima for helping to fill up my huge absence! If anyone else would like to collab next week while I’m still busy, it would mean a lot to me and I would really appreciate it, please comment below, drop me an e-mail or tweet me (you can find that in the side bar.) See you all soon. Remember to give this a like to show your appreciation for Jemima’s awesome nails, and I can’t wait for her to do mine this summer 😉 Maisie x

50 Things I Want to Do This Summer…|High Street Spy|

1 Jun


Yes, you are seeing correctly, this is me blogging when really I’m not supposed to be, and I should be revising. But I felt the need to blog because I was missing it so much. I wanted to post something that wouldn’t take me too long to do, but was personal so you could all remember who I was again, but also wouldn’t take me too long to write. (It literally takes me a day to finish a long post!) I know it’s been months since I last wrote anything on here, so I was expecting to lose followers, but actually I’ve gained them which is pretty crazy and still got some lovely comments I am yet to reply to, so bare with.

This post is one that I thought up a little while ago and took me not too long to put together as there is a hell of a lot of things I want to get through this summer, which you can tell from the post. In two weeks my exams will be done, before the longest summer ever! So if like me you have a lot of hours to fill, here are 50 of the things that I hope to do that might inspire you to make a list, or maybe act as a reference when you are bored and fed up of day time TV. Oh’ and I also like making lists.

*I also added a few Maisie side comments*

50 things

1. Get healthier

Last summer Lauren and myself had a serious health kick, so hopefully we’ll be able to recreate that this summer.

2. Drink more water

I am so bad at drinking enough water, I hardly ever have a drink.

3. Improve my skin

I have a sneaky feeling exams stress brought out my skin in redness and spots, so that needs to go ASAP. You got that skin?

4. Get rid of my phobia of shorts

Yeah… I hate my legs.

5. Do something completely different

I want to step out of my comfort zone, and do something exciting.

6. Dye my hair

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve most likely seen me chatting away about hair colour with various bloggers. At the moment my hair (apparently) is dark blonde with ombre on my horrible split ends. I’m dying it a richer brown, and this is is also the first time I’ve ever dyed my whole hair.

7. Buy a product from MAC

I feel it is time. Yes, it is time to actually buy from the MAC counter. I am ready.

8. Get a job

I’ve applied for one, so fingers crossed!

9. Volunteer

I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time, so hopefully a good opportunity comes up this summer.

10. Hold a blog meet-up

This is currently in the organisation stage, which a few of my fellow bloggers are already aware of. It’s super exciting, and hopefully I’ll be sending out invites very soon.

11. Meet some new people

I love meeting new people, I’d say it’s one of my favourite things to do.

12. Improve something

I’m being very vague as I am yet to decide on what.

13. Go to the library (and get a new card)

I haven’t been to the library in god knows how long, a few summers ago I used to be there once a week picking up whatever new books had come in or ones I hadn’t read. At one stage of my life I’d read all the books in the teenage section.

14. Read at least 5  new books

I’m one of those people who reads books about 3 times, it might be weird but I leave it quite a while before I read it again. I feel each time I read it I take something new from it and I understand the story better. But that’s boring, so I need some new books to read! Please comment any suggestions you have, so I can give them a read.

15. Shop for clothes that I wouldn’t normally buy

I’ve recently got into a dangerous cycle of leggings and t-shirts, due to the comfort, which I really need to get out of and get back to the time I believed leggings were not trousers and were only acceptable for exercise.

16. Go camping

Weather permitting, I’m off with one of my best friends to spend the weekend camping at the seaside.

17. Have a BBQ

I don’t really like BBQs that much due to being a vegetarian. But this summer I want to have a BBQ and enjoy it for the first time.

18. Have a pamper day

Face masks, foot spas, yes please.

19. Spend a day watching shitty TV

Glee, Ugly Betty, Catfish, America’s Next Top Model…

20. Spend a day watching equally shitty chick flicks

I fancy a bit of 27 Dresses, followed by any Zac Efron movie. (Preferably with shirt off… Zac Efron, not me. That would be weird. Unless watching movies topless is your thing.)

21. Eat healthier

Ha. Let’s see if I stick to this.

22. Blog at least twice a week

I think it’s quite achievable, I need to make it up to you all after my extremely long absence.

23. Write a diary

I used to write a diary, well, I’d say it was more of a burn book with illustrations. I used to be pretty dedicated to it, so I’d love to be like that again, but with less mean stuff in. I was thinking maybe I could do diary entry posts as blog posts?

24. Buy a hat

I feel people who wear hats have a sense of confidence, so I want a hat too.

25. Take more photos

My camera has been in it’s case far too long for my liking.

26. Read lots of magazines

My favourite, Elle. Followed by a bit of ‘celebrity’ gossip and more affordable clothes in Closer.

27. Explore somewhere new

Any suggestions on where to go and what to see?

28. Join a club

Sleepover club anyone?

29. Visit Brighton

I’ve been waiting to explore the lanes for years.

30. Sleepovers

Snog, marry, avoid and an squeaky z-bed is a must.

31. Go for a picnic

As long as there’s no bugs. Eww.

32. Visit a spa

Does anyone know if you go naked under the robes or not? That’s always puzzled me about spas.

33. Tube hop my way round London

Camden Town, Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Kensington and Chelsea…

34. Be brave and show more skin

Not in a, walk around in my birthday suit kind of way, I mean a peal off the leggings for some shorts kind of way.

35. Use fake eyelashes successfully

I still have the pair kicking around that were from prom that I ended up ditching because they were impossibly hard to put on.

36. Try a new flavour of  drinks/ sweets etc.

I need to step out my ice-cream comfort zone big time.

37. Write more letters

I adore letters, but I’m not sure who to write to.

38. Wear heels more

Being a 5″3 1/2 midget with short legs, I love wearing heels to make me average height and make my legs look 100x longer.

39. Try new foods

e.g Worcester sauce crisps.

40. Go to the beach 

LET’S GO TO THE BEACH, BEACH! Cornwall here I come baby.

41. Listen to live music

Ideally outdoors.

42. Bake some stuff

Oh’ how healthy of me.

43. Order a pizza

Again, healthy.

44. Go to a museum 

I’m feeling the Natural History Museum.

45. Do something my parents wouldn’t approve of

I’m not going to make my bed. I know. Rebel right here.

46. Spend less time on my phone 

I love it way too much.

47. Get a tan 

Which I will achieve if I take off the leggings and dog blanket jumper.

48. Spend a day in my PJs

Lazy days are the best.

49. Talk to more people 

If that’s in real life or through social media.

50. Appreciate little things more

Life’s pretty damn awesome, and this is going to be the longest break I have in a long time!

Maisie x

My Top 5 Spring Nail Varnishes… |High Street Spy|

23 Apr

Hello again lovelies,

So a while ago I posted my top 5 lipsticks for spring but now it’s time for me to show you all my top 5 spring nail varnishes that I have worn or I am going to be wearing in the future.


(From left to right)

Fearne (Nameless)

It makes me sad that this varnish doesn’t have a name or it was on the box I no longer have, corals are my favourite colours in cosmetics and varnishes, I think it is because they compliment my olive skin tone really nicely and they are a perfect colours to take us into summer. Fearne nail varnishes are always I firm favourite of mine, my collection always growing every Christmas.

Barry M Confetti in Dolly Mixture

I picked this varnish up last summer and I’ve recently rediscovered it in my collection, the pastel colours look really pretty for spring over brights and pastels. Last year I posted a review of this, so to see what it looks like on my nails, just click here to read that.

Seventeen Gel Colour in Mint Bon-Bon

I love this greeny colour, I think this is an colour that is super wearable all year round, the gel effect also gives it that high shine ‘gel’ look which I love.

Maybelline Color Show in Iced Queen

I love these polishes, just because there are so many at a really good price. Even though the name suggests otherwise I this colour just reminds me of the sea and spring flowers.

Berry M Jelly Hi- Shine in Blue Berry

I am currently wearing this colour of my nails, I think this tone of blue looks a lot better with a tan as it is pretty bright so it is one for spring/ summer months. This is also a ‘gel’ effect so it has that high shine finish to it which I love. I reviewed these many moons ago so you can also go and read about these polishes in more detail here.

I know this post is brief once again, but blame the revision!

What nail varnish colours are you loving at the moment? Let me know so I can pick them up for myself.

Maisie x

Spring Fever Tag… |High Street Spy|

21 Apr

Hello lovelies,

I am back, I have done 90% of my revision which gives me time to finish off this post which has been in my drafts for almost a month now!

spring fever tag

It’s starting to feel slightly spring like outside, which means it was perfect timing to get tagged to do the Spring Fever Tag by the lovely Blushing Beauty. Why not go and follow her? (After you’ve read this of course.)

1) What eye pallete will you use most this spring?

To be honest I don’t really have a lot of palletes, but a while back I won a Beauties Factory pallete which has some really nice browns and neutral matte colours within but also some really pretty pinks I’d love to try out this spring, then step out of my comfort zone.


2)What blusher in your collection is a Spring must? And what about lipstick too?

The blusher I will be using a lot more is the Bourjois cream blush in a light coral colour which I haven’t used in a while. I have a olive skin tone so I think corals really compliment my skin but don’t look really obvious and make more of a subtle blush. My lipstick pick is the Revlon lip butter in Candy Apple, which is a coral/ red colour which I think will look really fresh and bright for spring, what I love about the lip butters and you can build up the colour or leave it as a subtle glossy look.

3)What nail polish do you love to wear in Spring?

As soon as it gets a bit more summery I whip out the brighter colour, and pastels as well but I really want to try out these blue tone polishes: Seventeen Gel Colour, Maybelline Color Show, and Barry M Gelly polish.

4)What is on your Spring break agenda?

Going on holiday, sunbathing, long walks, photography, meeting friends  

Revising for my exams in the summer. Yay.

5)What trends are you looking forward too, fashion nail polish make up etc?

Corals are my favourite when it comes to make-up. I really want matte lips to go out of trend, because I really dislike that look! To read my top spring lipsticks click here.

6)What is your signature Spring scent?

At the moment I’m avoiding sprays because it sets off my hay fever sniffling. Great.

7)Do you have a Spring skincare regime?

I’m trying to moisturise as much as I can, every morning I do a full body moisturisation to get my skin nice and soft for prom.

8)What is Spring like where you live?

At the moment the sun is shining, but the weather report has shown me that it will be back to English weather in not too long.

9)Florals, got to have them or make them stop?

Got to have them, but they aren’t very original are they?

10)Favourite activity to do in the Spring?

Going for a stroll up to the park with my camera, sitting on my favourite bench, watching the world go by and watching the pretty view.

Hope you all had a great Easter, I tag you all to do this but I would really like the Lauren’s to do this if you haven’t already!

Maisie x

My Top 5 Spring Lipsticks… |High Street Spy|

5 Apr

Hello beauties,

As spring is in full swing so I thought I would do little installments of my top 5 make-up picks for Spring, so let’s start off with my favourite make-up, LIPSTICKS!


*Maybelline Color Sensational~ Electric Orange

One of my favourite lipsticks I literally wore all last summer too, as you can see by the stumpy end! I love orange lipsticks, they’re really pretty and so pretty for spring/ summer. I love these lipsticks a lot, especially the smell of them, which is kind of weird.

*Maybelline Color Sensational~ Shocking Coral 

Once again I love this one too, this one is a lot brighter though so it’s not as wearable as it looks best with nothing else going on make-up wise. Both these Maybelline lipsticks look really nice with olive skin tones like myself. You can read a full review of the Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks here.

*Bourjois Color Boost~ Red Sunrise 

As you can I really love these coral pink colours, I feel they suit my skin tone the best. This is the most pigmented of all the crayons I have and has a really nice shine to it also.

*Revlon Lip Butter~ Candy Apple 

I picked this one recently in London and I have worn it as an ‘everyday’ lipstick a lot. It’s really good if you want the long wear and colour of a lipstick but want more of a gloss, subtle finish.

*Soap & Glory, Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick~ Fuscia-Ristic

These lip crayons are my favourite, a lot of the time I find these crayons stick to dry patches on your lips but these keep your lips hydrated and give that glossy look with a subtle bit of coral colour. The names of these are also wonderful.

Now for some cheeky swatches for you all:


What are your favourite lipsticks/ glosses, as I’d really like to try some more out and maybe step out my coral comfort zone.

See you all soon,

Maisie x


Daisy Chains & Rolled Up Jeans |High Street Spy|

2 Mar

Hello beauties,
So today I am doing some serious French revision for my final speaking exam tomorrow and I am so so nervous about it. I am writing this post in a break just before lunch from revising, on my phone and I wanted to do a quick post so I though I’d show you what I’m wearing today. I did take better pictures but just as I was about to write this my camera decided to be bad and not work properly by turning off every 2 seconds, so sorry for the pictures as they were taken on my phone and post layout.



Shirt~ Topshop
Necklace~ Accessorize
Jeans~ Next
Socks~ Topshop
Jumper~ Republic

Maisie x

My Super Big Summer Haul…

6 Sep

Happy Friday everyone!

I hope you’ve had a good week and if you’re back to school, it’s not going completely terrible and you can have a nice lie in tomorrow just like I will be!

Okay, so now summer if sort of officially over that makes me very sad but also kind of excited for crisp cold mornings, hot chocolate, Christmas and of course my 16th birthday, I probably won’t be doing anything like you see on my Super Sweet 16 but oh’ well, it’s a milestone right? But anyway I thought seeing that I’ve done way more shopping than I really should have and haven’t done a haul in a while, now is the perfect opportunity to throw everything together and let you all have a nosey.

New Look Shorts

Aztec influenced not so hot, hot pants.

Aztec influenced not so hot, hot pants.

Okay, so even though these shorts say that they are ‘hotpant’ style on the label, they really aren’t that hot, and by hot I mean butt skimmers or completely letting the butt be free, which I feel is never a great look. These have a lose fit to them, and they have a sort of distressed look, which I really liked in them. I brought these right at the start of the summer holiday because they zip of my favourite shorts had broken but I think I prefer these to them as they were pretty tight. I didn’t wear these a lot when I was out with other people because I felt a bit self conscious, especially when I sit down. (Hope I’m not the only one!) But I think these will see my through Autumn and Winter as they’ll look cute with tights and a big snuggly jumper.

New Look Dress

One of my favourite summer pieces

One of my favourite summer pieces

If you’re a regular blog reader of mine, you will probably recognise this dress because I wore it in a recent OOTD, which you can read here. This has been one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe this summer since I brought it and I’ve worn it to death with different accessories because it’s such a versatile dress, you can make it look super casual or a bit more dressy which I love. It was only £9.99, so I have definatly got my moneys worth, I hope I can wear this when it gets a bit colder but I’m not sure if this will go with tights, I’ll have to try that one out.

Waterstone Notebook

I'm currently drowning in notebooks

I’m currently drowning in notebooks

Did I need this notebook? No. Did I buy it anyway because it was really cute and 99p? Yes. If you know me you would know I have two stationary obsessions which are notebooks and Post-It Notes. Both of these things I can’t live without, because you never know when you need to write a list or make a memo or note. Every time I see a cute note book or a funky post it note design I end up buying it even though I really don’t need them, I should really only buy new ones when I’ve run out of room in my last one. Currently I probably have about 3 or 4 notebooks on the go, but I decided to make this my blogging notebook, where I can write down future post ideas and lists of things that I’ve brought so I won’t forget them and it’s right next to me whilst I’m writing this, so this notebook actually has a purpose to it.

Maybelline Mascara

My everyday mascara

My everyday mascara

I originally purchased Maybelline’s Volume Express, Falsies Look mascara but in mega black, even though I liked the look it gave, it was impossible to get off, I used to have to scrub it with a wipe to get it off and wake up with panda eyes, so it ended up at the back of my make-up draw. But I really wanted a waterproof mascara, so I thought why not get the exact same one in waterproof and also just in the normal black that will hopefully not be completely impossible to get off at night and I haven’t been disappointed by it. It does give a false look and it is still really black, but does come off easily. I really like the scooped wand as it makes sure all your lashes are covered and makes them really long, it also doesn’t clump too much. Me and my eyes are very happy and smudge less, so I really recommend getting this if your looking for a waterproof mascara.

Boots Bobby Pins

Where are you little guys?

Where are you little guys?

One day I think I’ll find a massive pile of bobby pins I’ve lost someone and I will solve the mystery of the disappearing bobby pins that I think we all suffer with. I brought these a few weeks back and I think about half have already joined that secret supply of them somewhere in my room. There’s not really much to say about these but they are really good bobby pins, but they’re just brown bobby pins.

Primark Bag

Vintage is my favourite thing

Vintage is my favourite thing

This is officially the best Primark Purchase I have ever brought in the whole wide world. Please take a minute to admire this bag, well done Primark, you have made a thing of beauty. I never really look at Primark bags because I don’t really think they’re that nice most of the time but then I saw this and knew I just had to have it because I feel in love. I needed a brown bag to match my sandals and vintage is my favourite look so this was just perfect with the rose gold bow detail, and the rose gold rim around the bottom. It’s actually quite a roomy bag, even thought it doesn’t have a phone pocket which is a downside, it does have a large pocket at the back that I normally put make-up in. I love the envelope style and for a tiny amount of money, it is a real steal.

Topshop Necklace


I’ve been loving statement necklaces for a while now and really wanted a versatile one that would dress up an outfit that would go with most outfits. I was originally going to buy one from New Look, but decided to look around in TopShop first because I love their jewellery and I came across this distressed gold necklace. I really wanted it to dress up my New Look dress (seen above) I’ve worn it so much and goes so well with that dress, and it was also in the sale too. (Bonus)

Collection Eyeliner


A close up shot

A close up shot

I was really looking forward to buying a felt tip style eyeliner because I thought it would mean I could get the liquid/ gel effect but quicker and less effort involved, but this really disappointed me and I learnt, never to trust my cousin’s recommendation of eyeliners again because this was really bad. It was so much harder to apply than I had imagined and after a day wearing it I had black smudges under my eyes which I really hate. I can’t live without my lasting perfection concealer but unfortunately this was not such a brilliant product from Collection.

Models Own Travel Brush Collection

Neon. oooooh' how on trend.

Neon. oooooh’ how on trend.

These are my first proper brushes, so I’m slowly making my way into having a serious make-up collection. The brush I’ve used the most is the powder brush just because it’s what I use everyday, but I’m so excited to start doing smokey eye shadow again so I can use the eyeshadow brush and blending brush, but there’s also a lip liner brush and angled brush in there too. I love the neon colour to them and the bristles are so soft and don’t come off on your face, which I’ve experienced with old make-up brushes I have causing me to have a hairy face. If your a teen like me, who wants to get into make-up brushes, I really recommend buying this set, as it has everything you need for a bargain price of £10.

Ted Baker Wash Bag

I can't believe I own one of these. Am I a blogger now?

I can’t believe I own one of these. Am I a blogger now?

Shut the front door! Maisie owns a TED BAKER WASH BAG!!!! I believe I actually brought this, and for £17. It is very real. I found it  at the Ted Baker outlet shop which is one of my favourite brands at the moment because everything is just so beautiful. As soon as I saw this on the shelf I just knew I couldn’t leave without it, I just needed it and I brought it. I got it in black with a white bow so it matches the large Ted Baker bag I have which is my favourite bag in the whole wide world and I can’t wait to start using this to put my make-up in.

Jack Wills Boyfriend Fit Shirt

I'm off to cut down some trees

I’m off to cut down some trees

A pheasant. How posh.

A pheasant. How posh.

I love the ‘Jack Wills’ look, and recently I got rid of my only shirt recently because it never really fit me and really wanted one for winter, so I got this really soft boyfriend shirt. (Even though I don’t have a boyfriend to give me there shirt) This will have to do, and I can pretend I do! It’s a bit pinky, which of course is my signature colour and I can’t wait until it’s cold enough I can start wearing this snuggly shirt.

Marie Claire in French



You might be a bit confused because I’m British, not French, but I read Marie Claire in French because according to my French teacher it will help improve my French because I will understand sentence structure better. I don’t think that is really happened but I do enjoy reading a fashion magazine in French because it’s interesting to compare the French culture to British and American ones, such as advertising and also how fashion differs in France and the rest of Europe. The majority of the stuff is pretty similar but I did find it weird seeing a picture of someone smoking in a fashion magazine that wasn’t about the negative affects of them like it would be here. Even if you know literally no French at all it is not hard to pick up what they’re talking about and also the glossy pictures always help.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely summer and enjoyed snooping at my recent purchases. Please follow me if you haven’t already and I will follow you back (and do a happy dance in celebration!)

Every wondered what ‘Because you’re worth it’ is in French? Wonder no longer! People are very impressed when you know this term, promise. You learn something everyday.

Wonder no longer.

Wonder no longer.

Have a lovely weekend lovely lot

Maisie xxx


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