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Cheap Chic!

28 Jan

I’ve been asked too do a post on cheap but fashionable fashion for this season! So here goes, (top left to bottom right.) White spots are really big this season, so check this really cute dress with the on trend peter pan collars, this is a star buy. It’s from Matalan for £22.00.  I LOVE this top! Forget Audrey Hepburn I think it was so written about me! We can’t have enough t-shirts, and I’m loving the hint of girly pink. Also from Matalan for £8 and at the moment selective t-shirts are 2 for £12.  Lace is going to be a really cute look, whether you dress it up or down this spring/summer, this is one thing to buy. Also the candy pop trend is going to be a big trend and this top is in a lemon yellow and sky blue, from New Look for £16.99. Want more of the candy pop trend, why not get ready for the hot weather with some cute pink shorts? From New Look, £14.99. Now to Aztec prints, with this top from M&Co for £7.00! Get on trend with very little! So my top spring buy, is these brogue style pumps, they are really wearable this spring summer with the spring fresh colour. These are from TKMaxx, at £16.99 from £59.99! I know right! M xxx

Audrey Hepburn Slogan TeeYellow (Yellow) Crochet Lace Racer Back Top | 245448085 | New LookPink (Pink) Pink Denim Shorts | 243499770 | New LookTribal print topYellow Lace Up Ballet Pump


Shout out!

28 Jan

I’d just like to do a quick shout out to ‘Fashion Trends’, which is a page on facebook! It’s a great page with even a bit of homemade jewelry involved so I recommend if you don’t already like it you should! Thanks fashion trends for the shout out! M xxx

NTA, Best dressed!

26 Jan

I’m sure many of you watched the National Television Award’s last night and I have to say I really enjoyed it, especially the Celebrity Juice speech which was so funny! But let’s talk fashion, I think Tulisa is wearing a love or hate dress, what do you think? Tulisa pretty in pink though with her flawless skin and I loved her hair, but personally I loved her dress, it’s different and a girl can’t go wrong in a bit of pink right?! The TOWIE lot always make an effort but Lydia has won it for me, elegantly beautiful black silk number, simple hair and knock out red lips. Love it. You’ve got to love a bit of Lorraine Kelly in tartan for the Scotts, and that clutch is defiantly statement, but I’m not sure whether this is the most flattering shape for her, but she still looks beautiful and what’s not too like about her? So my favourite look? It’s got to be Fearne Cotton, she is one of my style icon and pulls off Vinatge chic so well, she is on trend with the ‘flapper dress’, cute bag, and the cherry on top of the vintage cake is the red shoes and lips! I wish I could look so chic with my hair up in such a simple pony tail, ans simple make-up! Gorgeous! So who was you best dressed and who was the worst, you decide? M xxx


25 Jan

I’m sure it’s not just me but I can’t walk out of Hollister without buying something, for some reason I feel I have to, even if I have no money and I have to burrow into my purse and collect all the money I have! It most be an effect that only happens if you are under a certain age as most older people seem to hate the loud music, darkness, and the AMAZING smell, (which by the way is a Dude’s body spray!) It must be a type of hypnotism I think for young people that makes you need to buy and makes you think it’s okay to spend loads of money on  a thing that would normally cost you about £10?! But to be honest even though I know this, it goes out the Californian window when I’m in there and I love it so much! My shopping trip wouldn’t be complete without it to be honest, so what do you think? Love or hate it? M xxx

Bag it!

23 Jan

Can’t have shoes without bags right, and I think we need to stock up on our spring look and I think Cath Kidston has it and I love it! With it’s vintage floral and original prints, a Cath Kidston item is a most and here are my favourte bags from the new spring range, (from top left to bottom right.) This little saddle bag is perfect for a spring everyday bag and a saddle bag is so practical and easy to carry. £45.00. Out of all the spring prints this is my favourate! With the pastel vintage colours and prints, it’s a spring must and even make a really fashionable school or work bag! I’m loving the striped handle too, £68.00.  Haven’t got that much money to complete your spring look? Then check out Circle Citsy cotton book bag, we all have book bags so why get a super stylish one instead? This one is only £16.00. I’m not that into sport but I’ll defiantly be going a lot more if I had this bag! I’m loving the blue colour and it has a  vintage London Olympic style print, I have to say this is the classiest way to remember the Olympics , so instead of buying your keyrings and your huge teddy, buy this instead! £35.00. Okay, so you can only buy a keyring, check out this Royal Stan Enamel Keyring, and Be a Good Sport Oval Enamel Keyring, great ways to remember the big event of 2012 in style! These will really brighten up your bag with a little bit of vintage chic at only £6.00. M xxx

Pinny Flowers Mini Saddle BagSpring Bouquet Saddle BagCircle Ditsy Cotton Book BagBe a Good Sport Sports BagRoyal Stan Enamel KeyringBe a Good Sport Oval Enamel Keyring

Le Bunny Bleu…

22 Jan

I’m loving shoes at the moment that you can probably tell, and I’m going to show you my favourite Brand of all of them, Le Bunny Bleu! This vintage flats brand from New York, has made it’s way over to London at last! The shoes are cute, inventive and comfortable flat women shoes, so what’s not to love? You have to check them out but the ones that caught my eye are these, how cute?! The ultimate Le Bunny Bleu shoes! The leopard print is so on trend right now and you can’t go wrong with the pink, £39! If you are really loving this brand I recommend you snap up some shoes now, as I predict big things for this brand, with bigger prices too! M xxx

Gray Bunnimal Ballet FlatsPink Bunnimal Ballet Flats

Guido Palau…

18 Jan

I’ve just got this book, ‘Teen Vogue- the handbook’, which I really recommend anyone getting if they are looking for a fashion career as it’s really useful, when I came across this quote by Guido Palau, a hair stylist, which is now going to be my quote which I always have in my head, I love it! “Beauty shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Life is stressful enough!” For me it just made you sort of calm down a bit inside and go you are totally right!!!! M xxx

The Ultimate Heels Continued…

18 Jan

Sorry spies that I never got to finish off this post yesterday, you know the type of day when you just can’t be bothered and then your internet doesn’t want to help improve that mood?! Yep? Well, that was yesterday! Anyway, I wanted to find some killers and some that are in a different price range to the others, so I thought I’d first take a look at Cheryl Cole’s collection for I’d never looked at this website before, but you have to become a member first, which is quite quick and simple even though I probably will not be buying; it starts off with this style quiz of 20 questions, so it can pick out shoes that suit you, which I think is a really clever idea, it also then asks you for your age bracket (so it can find shoes that it thinks are suitable for your age) and your size so you don’t have to select it when you buy! It’s a great website if you have deeper pockets and willing to buy shoes online, (Which personally I’m not as lets just say my feet are… well… unpredictable! Also I like to try shoes before I buy, as you don’t want to walking around in killer heels that are literally killing you! But if your feet are some how more perfect and every shoe seems to fit, which is like my dream, then this is THE website to buy!  Now back to shoes. P.S- All of Cheryl’s shoes have names! How cut is that?! , (Top left to bottom right) YOUR ROYAL HOTNESS BLUSH, Suede studded pump, £79.90- You can’t go wrong with a nude heel, they are in right now and go with every outfit! A must for a girl’s shoe collection! This one also has studded detail, this gives this cute girly shoe a rocky feel and is really on trend right now. Comfort Rating- 4/10, girls we just have to face the painful (Literally) truth that the higher we go the more they will hurt. FACT. Sorry girls! FREAK LE CHIC BORD O, Leather two tone strap boot, £119.85- Not too pricey Chezza?! No, I guess not if you have that sort of money! But if you do I love the these boots! They sort of include a whole load of trends in one shoe and have a sort of rock vibe! I’m loving the jewel tone straps and the patent leather. Dress up or down, you’ll be making a statement! Comfort Rating- 6/10, as these are boots they will give you much more support and the raised platform is always good news but they are still high! FUNKY MUNKY TARZAN,Fringe trim zip boot, £119.85- I guess, as the name suggests, if Cheryl was ever to go to the jungle it would be in these boots even at that price! Heeled hiker style boots seem to come each year and I’m sure they’ll be sticking around, so you’ll defiantly be getting your money’s worth! Comfort Rating- 7/10, to be honest, out of all the heels in the collection this is as comfy as it’ll get, with the heels slightly lowered and more support in the foot. M xxx

Your Royal Hotness - BlushFreak Le Chic - Bord OFunky Munky - Tarzan


17 Jan

One of my spies has asked me to do a post on Vans, now to be quite honest, I didn’t have a clue about them apart from my brother and his friends wear them but girls can wear them too, as they even have a girl range! The trainer shoes are fab for wearing as a casual shoe this summer and there is such a wide range of colours. I can’t believe I haven’t really looked into this brand before! Check out there website! They are a little pricey but we can save right?!

The Ultimate heels!

17 Jan

Every girl needs a pair of heels that they love, even though they might need a bit of practice to be walked in! So I thought I’d have a spy round the shops to find the ultimate heels for whatever budget and style. (Top left to bottom right) Patent Bar Platform Mary Janes, New Look £19.99- Nude shoes are on trend now and in the future, the pink puts this shoes up there with the pastel trend. Comfort rating- 8/10, the platform makes these shoes a lot more comfortable, and the strap means your foot will not slip out.  Peep Toe Mini Platform in Red, Matalan, £14.00- I LOVE jewel tones, and they look amazing with other jewel colours. Comfort rating- 6/10, this shoe does have a platform so that always makes it more comfortable, but the sides go in lower and there is no straps, so you’re not going to get as much support, so not for a first time heel wearer! Chunky Heeled Double Buckle Shoe In Black, Matalan, now £10.00 was £20.00! Want a cheap pair of heels that go with almost everything? This is a perfect cheap pair to buy, wear casual, or dress up, you will defiantly get your wear from these heels. Comfort Rating- 9/10, these shoes are one of the comfiest shoes around, with double staps to defiantly secure your feet in, a chunky heel means less wobble and the wedge means more comfort = first time heel wearer! (Practice still recommended!) More to come, when my internet wants to be nice! M xxx

Winter White (Cream) Patent Bar Platform Mary Janes | 242796512 | New LookPeep Toe Mini Platform in RedChunky Heeled Double Buckle Shoe In Black

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