What I’ve Been Loving at the Moment…

11 Jan


Hope your 2014s have been amazing so far?


So a little while ago I met Eden (E_GLITTER) on Instagram and instantly loved her pictures, then I saw she has a blog on BlogSpot and of course I had to have a look, and it’s a goodn’. Her blog posts and photos are charming and cute, so into the bookmarks her little blog went. Not only is her blog charming and cute, so is Eden herself, Eden and I bonding over a love of Harry Potter and blogging. She’s only 14, so I predict her blog is going to get bigger and better! Before Christmas I dropped her a message to ask about a collab post, and this post was born! (Completely Eden’s idea!)

edens blog

So after you’ve read this post, go and have a sneaky look at Eden’s wonderful blog to read her half of the collaboration by clicking right here.

So here’s what I’ve been loving right now… 


*Yoshi Satchel Bag 

One of my Christmas presents, that is currently a bit too small to fit all my essential (rubbish) I need in for school because it is real leather. So at the moment it’s sitting there all puffed out with a big towel inside of it to hopefully stretch the leather a bit.The colour is just gorgeous, you may be able to tell by now what sort of colours I tend to go for, but my dad actually picked this for me. I am extremely impressed of course!

*One Direction Our Moment Perfume 

I don’t feel I need to explain why this is a favourite. But it smelly pretty fantastic besides the fact it is by 5 sex gods.

*TopShop Socks

I have had these frilly socks a little while but recently invested in some more darker coloured ones that aren’t so ‘in your face’. Of course I brought 3 pairs (3 for £8 as I’m sure you are all aware. 😉 ) The grey ones I wear the most because they go with most and I’m boring, but today I have sky blue ones on because I’m feeling in a cheerful kind of mood.

*Elle Magazine 

One of my favourite fashion publications out there, I’m a glossy kind of magazine girl oppose to gossip. My dream is to have my names in one of the side bars in Elle, writing about how I’m drooling over  a certain handbag and shoe combo or solving make-up dilemmas. A girl can dream right?

*Bourjois Cream Blush 

I love their normal blush but they are usually a bit pricey for me, so when the sales came round I picked up both Bourjois products in this post. I love the creaminess of the blush and how you can just dab a little bit on the apples of your cheeks with your finger and it instantly brightens up your appearance without looking clown like.

*Soap & Glory Mother Pucker Gloss Sticks 

A present a got from my birthday from my best ones Ellie and Sarah, and the first Soap & Glory make-up I actually own and they are very impressive. First of all, may we all take a moment to admire the name of the product, a little bit naughty Soap & Glory, but also the 3 sticks inside themselves; nudist, fuchsia-ristic, and plum jam. I would like to give whoever thought of the names of this an imaginary crown, because they are pure genius.

*Bourjois Color Boost Lipstick 

The other product that I picked up in Boots sale land, and it’s as good as everyone says they are. Promise. The colour I got (Red Sunrise) is quite a pinky, summer colour, maybe a bit bright for now so I tend to dab it down a bit but I predict I will still be loving it in the summer.

*The Fault in Our Stars by John Green on Kindle 

I actually started reading this before Christmas but stopped due to exam revision, but when I saw it on the kindle for 99p I had to download it. (I actually thought they must have priced it wrong or it wasn’t the real book at first!) Just before I finished this post I finished the book that I only started 2 days ago and I still have a lump in my throat. I always feel a bit of a fraud starting a book that is already so well know and raved about, but I decided to jump on the band (book) wagon, and I’m extremely glad I did. John Green you literally genius, not only did you make me cry at a book since Marley and Me, but you also made me realize how special life is. I am all hyped for the film now! Woo. Just downloaded Looking For Alaska so I’ll fill you in on how that one compares.

*Harry Potter, Blott & Paperchase notebooks

You guys probably know I have a fetish for notebooks, and these beauties are my newest purchases (and present from Lauren.) The beach one is my GCSE dance choreography notes, that I started to make at ballet yesterday. Oh’ notebooks, why do you have this hold over me?

Hope you all liked this collab post and Eden’s blog/ post as much as I do!

Remember to go read her post here

(I linked it twice, just to be super sure you went and read it. You better. Go on. Do it.)

See you all soon

Maisie x


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