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See You Later Blogging…

21 Jan

My wonderful readers,

I guess I’m not really sure how to start this off, or if there is anyone left to read this but here goes.

This post may be one I regret tomorrow, because I’m feeling over emotional and stressed, as well as the fact Zac Efron is serenading me with an emotional HSM ballad, but right now I feel I need to write this. Ever since I started sixth form I neglected this site, which I have worked bloomn’ on this, from improving my writing, so working on the general appearance on this page and I still come back to have a little look, just to check it’s still there. Of course it is, but I’m not which upsets me quite a bit.

I feel I’ve used my work load as a bit of excuse for me not actually doing what I love, because I used to love writing what I wanted to write about, despite what people used to say and joke about which still gets to me months and years later, spending time to take and edit my photos, and then reading comments, feedback, advice. It used to make me so happy, preparing posts, posting and waiting at my computer for my first like or comment. Then I kind of lost it all. I lost my love and motivation and every time I tried to express something within a post, I couldn’t or in my opinion it was shit, and I was shit. I know I’m not the best writer in the world, I know I’m not, but I tried so hard and then it was all gone.

I didn’t want to publish anything anymore because it wasn’t worth your time to read, it wasn’t funny, or witty or informative, it seemed false and was extracted from nothing. I must have about 30 posts written, but couldn’t finish let alone publish them. I guess I felt I needed a break or time out from writing, but then I started school and work got so much, and I took a class that made me loose all my confidence. I still think, ‘how can I be a writer if I’m failing English?’ So all of a sudden what I liked to do became a chore and a huge weight on my shoulders. My boyfriend even got be a journal for Christmas for me to write, but I’m even struggling to write about my personal thoughts.

My blog is not a huge pitty party, and I know some of you will probably be thinking, for god sake get over yourself, and if I’m honest that’s exactly what I’m thinking too. It upsets me that my camera sits in its case, and my blog is silent, and really good outfits and make-up go unappreciated. 😉

Many of my blogging friends, who I am so grateful for, ask me to write again and to you, thank you and I owe you this explanation.

When I find my love and happiness in my writing, and confidence in my ability, I will be back.

But for now this is kind of a, ‘see you later.’ Just for a little while longer anyway.

Love always,

The always over dramatic,

Maisie x


Oi Maisie! Where Have You Been? |High Street Spy|

15 Sep

Hello my lovely, lovely readers,

Yes, I am still alive, but I have been absent from this page for a hell of a long time! For a while I’ve been doing 2 posts a week pretty well, even publishing guest posts while I was away on holiday, and then I have just stopped, so I hope you all remember who I am?

So I wasn’t sure whether to do a post like this, even though it’s just a load of shitty excuses and I promise I am not looking for sympathy, it’s just that a lot of you readers are more of friends and I asked you all on twitter, so I feel I should share with you all why I’ve been gone for a while now.

Okay, so it’s not that I haven’t written anything, I’ve written about 4 posts now, but I just didn’t want to post them because they were rubbish, even though I’ve posted things on here which I didn’t think were that amazing, these ones were just not up to standard and to be honest a bit boring. I wasn’t enjoying writing them at all and you could tell in my writing, I felt when I read them you could tell I was not enjoying them and I was writing any old rubbish just to fill a post and get it published. I tried again, starting a new post, and the same again, writing mediocre posts that I was forcing myself to write and you are choosing to use your time to read my posts so I feel if I’m taking some of your time, I want to give you something worth wasting your time over, not just a complete waste of time.

I’m not sure if I’ve lost my love for writing, or I’m just having a bit of a writer’s block (here’s hoping it’s a block.) I don’t hate writing at all, I’m pretty proud of how this blog is growing and growing, and I obviously love all the great friends I have made writing this, and reading other amazing blogs. Even though I haven’t been writing, I’ve still been reading all of your fantastic blogs. I’m still watching duh duh duh 😉 I’ve also had a spurt of pretty bad anxiety and what not, blame it on starting sixth form! But each time I do it kind of knocks my confidence in everything and it takes a while to build it back up and get back to doing what I love. So many of you have offered guest posts, but with 2 already up, I would feel like I was taking advantage to take these from you and would make me seem like a rubbish blogger, so I feel my next post needs to be written by me, and so far it’s taken me a long time to write that post.

I guess I need to get my head back to normal, get out of this sticky patch and trust me I will be back. (Hopefully better than ever, but I’m not making any promises 😉 ) I may even end up posting the posts I deemed as completely rubbish, obviously with quite a lot of editing to take the boring tone off it and you guys might end up loving them. Thank you for all my followers still being here, and weirdly going up still. As I am writing this I am just under 20 followers from 400 followers. Which mean my blog has grown in stats so quickly over the past few months, 1) This average blog with a funny name written by an average teenager  doesn’t deserve them and 2) That is completely crazy so thank you so much!

I hope you all can understand my absence from my blog for a bit. This is definitely not goodbye, it’s more of a see you later, and I promise I will be back very soon and I bloomn’ hope it is worth the wait! ❤

See you soon,

Maisie x 

P.S Thank you to all my blogging and real life friends for all your support and love. You are all very special people who I love very much. xxx

Maisie’s Mumbles~ Positive Thinking… |High Street Spy|

13 Aug


So if you are a regular reader of mine you will probably know that I am very much open with my ‘private’ life on this blog, for two main reasons really, 1) because I feel it makes me more of an interesting person, and I’m not just some words on your computer screen and 2) because it helps me to write my feelings and what not down, as I am very much guilty of keeping stuff to myself and it is way easier than saying how I feel out loud. Normally these sort of posts are popular on my blog, just because I know many of you feel they can relate or comment me the loveliest of comments that just make me sharing my feelings worth while. I know these might not be everyone’s cup of tea and you may be thinking ‘oi maisie where’s the OOTD or review’ but this week it’s going to be a personal post, so maybe give this one a miss and come back on Sunday when I’ll be back to ‘normal’ posts?

So as some of you may know if you have been reading this blog for a while is I get really bad anxiety and panic attacks from time to time, and I believe the cause for it is pressure that is put upon me or put on by myself that I can’t seem to cope with. I feel at the moment I’m at a pretty good place in my life and besides the panic attack I had the other week in an Indian restaurant which makes me laugh now due to the randomness of this panic! Also, I know I promised to make You Tube videos this summer, and I’m still considering it, I promise, but I’m still feeling weirdly anxious about the idea, but I’m building up to that so watch this space! Okay, that is far too much negativity, now onto some positives that I need to share with you all. For the first time in a long time, I feel really content with where I am and it’s making me a lot more of a positive person which is great!

positive thoughts

So I thought I would write a post sharing 5 positive things in my life right now with you all. I didn’t want to make this a tag, as I didn’t want to tag specific people, but if you are reading this, it would be really cool, if you also write a post sharing 5 positive things in your life right now, and share a bit of positive attitude with your readers that I feel there isn’t enough of on the internet. However bad your day is, try to think of at least 5 good things in your life, and concentrating on them will make you feel a whole lot better, making you realise everything is going to be okay. So, if you write a post similar, please let me know in the comments so I can go give it a read.

My 5 positive things in my life right now: 

1) I received a letter in the post recently from someone who means a lot to me, it was the sweetest thing and never fails to make me smile whenever I read it, making me feel extremely loved. I am a very lucky girl to have someone who cares so much about me, even though they have seen me at my worst, and knows me well enough to know that I have a weird love for letters even though I haven’t received any in years.

2) Knowing I tried my hardest I could in my GCSE exams is making me feel a lot less nervous about collecting my results next week. Wish me luck 😉

3) My little space on the internet is almost at 400 followers, and a very large amount of them never miss a post, becoming very special people in my life, who never fail to give me the best support. It’s crazy to think that over a year ago my blog didn’t even have 100 followers and the growth overall has been pretty rapid indeed.

4) Even though this summer feels to be going really quick, I have visited a lot of places and seen some awesome people, from the simple things like spending summer evenings in a field watching the sun set, to going on a camping trip with my best friend. The little things are making me happy, happy, happy.

5) I am about to go into sixth form to study Fashion & Clothing, English Lit and History, which are subjects that I take more interest in and hopefully I will enjoy. But it also means I am one step closer to achieving the goal I’ve set myself since I was 13 of becoming a fashion journalist.

I hope some of you lovely lot give this post a try as I’d love to read them!

See you soon,

Maisie x

My Name is Maisie… And I’m a make-up-aholic. |High Street Spy|

27 Jul


So I don’t know if any of you have noticed but I have been trying to stick to a blog schedule where I publish posts every Wednesday and Sunday evening, and it was all going well until my parents turned my wifi off without me knowing because of building works meaning I was unable to get onto my blog and write. Failllll. I ideally need to be writing a lot now I have internet as I am away all next week staying with my cousins and actually having a life away from blogs and laptops, (I know disgusting right?) But on the plus side I have some really fabulous collabs coming up, one I am especially excited about as it is slightly different to usual. So watch this space!

*If you would like to collab or guest post with me this summer, please drop me an e-mail at HighStreetSpyBlog@yahoo.co.uk, along with any ideas you may have. I would love to meet some new blogging friends, as well as some new and different posts on High Street Spy*

Ramble over.

At the beginning of this month, myself and my friend Olivia were in The Body Shop in Bournemouth, just after we’d had a spend up in Boots, Liv turned to me and said, ‘right that’s it, we need to go on a beauty spending ban.’ (Of course that is not word for word accurate, but I believe it was something as decisive and dramatic as that was!) And because I literally was broke at this point of the shopping trip I completely agreed, as I knew it was exactly what us and our bank balances needed. Myself and Liv are very similar when it comes to our love of make-up and in a way we sort of encourage each other with the whole, ‘you really suit that lipstick colour’ or ‘buy it, you’ve been saving for ages’ every time we are in any make-up shop, which means of course we have a lot of make-up, but also a lot of make-up we don’t really like/ use, and a lot less money than we had at the start of each month. So we have changed our encouraging to buy make-up to encouraging us not to buy make-up.

If I’m honest, Liv has it easier than me, because everyday I click on the wordpress app or onto Twitter and see all you bloggers raving about a lipstick or an eyeshadow which 9/10 of the time I would properly pick up the next time I was in Boots. (Liv will probably be disagreeing but it’s true 😉 ) Over the past few years to say my make-up collection has grown is an understatement, I’ve gone from a powder and mascara wearing 13 year old to a contouring, lipstick wearing, eyebrow filling 16 year old with a bank statement that makes me want to cry. But I don’t want to waste my mascara do I? 😉 Make-up has always had this appeal to me, because nothing is the same, each brand there is something different, different textures, different colours, different products that are being launched practically every week that I need to try. For blog purposes of course. 😉 No products are the same, you might have an orange lipstick from Revlon but it doesn’t mean it’s the same from the one from Bourjois, so of course you buy both, and it in 5 different shades, and before you know it you’ve filled you basket with products realistically you don’t really need. But then again you get the points on your Boots card so you aren’t completely guilty and it was probably 3 for 2, right?


*13 year old Maisie’s complete make-up bag vs. a tiny amount of 16 year old Maisie’s make-up collection*

So for months now I’ve been spending more than enough money on make-up, and so has Liv, so with the exception of skincare items such as cleanser, for the month of July we are banned from buying beauty items all together, and it’s almost the end of July now and we are still going strong. There was almost one time I almost caved, I was looking at the beauty section in TK Maxx (which is surprisingly good) and I stumbled across some Real Techniques Brushes. Of course I was beyond excited, so I picked up the face brushes kit with the price of £10! I texted a few people with my excitement, as I walked around holding my find, one friend told me to put them down because of the ban, with me replying, ‘it’s not make-up though!’ and Liv actually replying with a text that was equally as excited. Then to cut a long story short I got to the till and my card was rejected. Boo. But if anyone asks I resisted them okay? 😉

Even though I probably haven’t saved any money from the spending ban, due to the fact I’m spending the money I saved on clothes I needed, which I would normally never do, I have come to conclusion I do not need to buy as much make-up as I buy. Then again I already know what I’ll be buying come August! 😀

Has anyone else been or thinking about going on a spending ban, and if so what for and have you been successful or caved in to the calling of the counters or rails?

See you soon, 

Maisie x

*Reformed make-up addict. Clean for 1 month*

End of Exams Party Outfit… |High Street Spy|

22 Jun

Hello lovelies,

All my exams are done and I’m officially in the summer holidays now which means two things 1) more blogging and 2) parties. Okay, so I’m not the biggest party animal in the world, I’m generally pretty lazy and tired all the time, so when someone says party I’m like ‘meh’, but when I get there I tend to enjoy myself, and that’s exactly what I did last Friday. It ended up being a pretty eventful and also a pretty hazy night, which is odd as I normally remember everything, but it means I get to write you all a post of what I decided to wear.

*The photo quality is not the best due to the fact I took it straight off my Instagram, sorry <3*

after exams outfit

What I’m Wearing: 

Dress~ Topshop (Petite)

This dress is now my new favourite. When I picked it up I wasn’t completely sure if the shape would do anything for me but after trying it on, I decided it was actually really flattering so I had to get it, it’s also great as it comes in the petite section which is perfect for 5″3 shorties like myself.

Clutch~ Dorthy Perkins

The clutch I used for the party, was the clutch I used for prom. The colour is a really neutral pink so it goes with pretty much everything, the strap also means you can dance the light away with no risk of it flying out of your hand.

Shoes~ New Look

These are my favourite shoes in the whole wide world, I also wore them to prom. The dress I wore was actually pretty casual, but these heels just dress it up and make it more suitable for parties, the red colour also went perfectly with the grey tone stripes of the dress. Even though these shoes are pretty high, the platform and chunky heel make them a lot more comfortable to wear than a normal heel, I would say you can dance for a good 2 hours before you feet begin to hurt.

Necklace~ Topshop

Even though you can’t see it, I’m sure many of you know what my favourite necklace looks like as I wear it all the time! It also helps to dress up the pretty casual dress.

Mid-March Update… |High Street Spy|

19 Mar

Hello lovelies,

I have become a blogger who likes to put myself out there because I feel that people prefer to read things when they can put a face or voice to the words, and then you want to go back and read more of their stuff because you become friends. (Or that’s what I think anyway!) So I was thinking half way through each month I will do a sort of update post of things I’ve done/ things I’m loving that aren’t big or interesting enough I feel to put in their own post! It also means the closer I get to exams there will still be at least one post a month that I can write pretty quickly at once, and then all you guys know I am still very much alive! (Touch wood 😉 )

mid march

So far March has been okay apart from the stinking cold I currently have had all weekend; I survived the whole winter with only the occasional sniffle but just as the sun emerges for the weekend in England, my body is like, ‘Bam! Have a cold, you’re not going out in that sun, stay in bed! Mwahah.’ As I’m writing this I am feeling sorry for myself covered in tissues watching daytime TV, (This Morning to be precise: they’re cooking something but it’s not floating my boat if I’m honest) in My Little Pony PJ bottoms and a One Direction tour t-shirt. I haven’t had make-up on all weekend, and my hair really needs a wash, so no picture of this guys, sorry!

At the end of last month I had a very belated, small gathering for my birthday which was really lovely! My birthday is in December which sucks because everyone is busy and Christmas and new year is way more important, so now I’m like the Queen and I have 2 birthdays! Trés snazzy, I know. I decided to have a PJ party because it means very little effort is needed to look nice, and this weekend I went to another PJ party for my lovely friend Naomi’s 16th, safe to say these are now my favourite parties. I love them because when you get home you just have to whip off the bra, scrub off the make-up, clean your teeth and hop straight into bed! We played a few games, ate loads of rubbish and even choreographed a dance routine, oh and I also met some new fabulous people who I love very much and can’t wait to see again. Last Sunday also was my bestest mate’s birthday, so happy birthday Lucy, I love you lots and lots.


Super man and my little pony collision

Last month (I think) I nipped into London with my friend who I alway go to London with, Olivia, my favourite little girl and her sister Zoe, and her lovely mum. After being squished on the train into London, we couldn’t resist a quick look around St Pancras and Boots of course for a bit of swatching to start off the day before nipping onto the tube to Camden. We looked around for a prom dress but Olivia and I only left there with bandanas from Rokit. (I’m trying to funk up my look okay? 😉 ) Back on the tube and off to Leister Square, for M&M world to take some pictures for some tourists like always and to reenact the same pics we take each time we go, then we walked to Convent Garden. (Disappointingly we saw no naked people on bikes… If you’re intrigued to what I mean, please ask because it’s a very long/ strange story!) We decided to be brave and go into MAC and to our horror people were swatching sample lipsticks… ON THEIR LIPS! So we left. (We also couldn’t afford it but we were pretty disgusted by these women and the germs. Not cool.)

Is this me?

Is this me?

Or is this me? Go on take a guess, first to win gets infinite love from moi ;)

Or is this me? Go on take a guess, first to win gets infinite love from moi 😉

Each summer I go to my favourite place in the whole wide world, Cornwall, and I wanted to tone my legs up a bit more because they have become a bit bulky from dance. I don’t want a massive huge thigh gap or anything but I just want to lengthen them, so I am doing a little Pilates routine I found online. The video is really good if you want to try this out too and this extremely perky woman teaches Pilates for all abilities. Also in order to better myself I have been drinking more water to make my skin less dry and my skin just brighter. I’ve also not been overdoing my skin to make my skin nice and clear for prom and summer *cough* surfer boys *cough* You can watch the tutorial I am following right here.

Next I’m thinking of dying my hair, at the moment it’s ombré but I’m feeling a change to the main colour as it’s a mousy brown, and I want it more of a rich brown. I want to go that colour just to make it look glossier and then I might re-ombré it again, just an idea really. Thoughts?

That’s basically it for this month, if I’m honest there’s not really a lot coming up to fill you in on apart from I really am desperate to go shopping, because some of my favourite beauty products have ran out and I feel I’ve haven’t spend any money in forever. Which is kind of good, depends how you look at it!

What have you lot been up to at the moment?

See you all soon,

Maisie x

Eat. Sleep. Revision. Repeat. |High Street Spy|

16 Mar

Hello lovely ones,

I feel I haven’t blogged in like forever, and I put that down to 2 reasons, not really knowing what to blog and because in a few months I am taking GCSE exams, so I am revising bits and bobs, which I know is probably not enough and I need to do more. So basically the closer I get to exams, the less and less I will be able to blog, maybe not at all if I’m honest because that is my priority, then I will be right back to all you lovely lot. I hope I don’t lose too many of you wonderful readers during this time, as a lot of work has gone into the small number of followers my blog has so please don’t unfollow me because I will be back.

Anyway, I know a lot of you are around the same age as me, did their exams not that long ago or will be doing them in a few years time so I thought I’d be extremely boring and share with you how I revise, and in return you can comment what has been working for you and we can help each other out in return.

1. Revision cards/ post-it notes

Boringgggggggg but I think they do work because you get to compress all the information down into small notes and sections which is way easier to remember. The only downside with these is that you’ll end up have loads and they aren’t very neat for clean freaks like myself, then can be easily misplaced if you are unorganized. But another way you can use these is a question/ answer sort of thing to test yourself.

2. Write in colour 

Your brain remembers colour better than just plain black because it can link specific information with a colour as a sort of picture. I used this method to revise my french speaking and I got a B, which is pretty good for someone who sucks at french as much as me.


Source: We Heart It

3. Record yourself speaking the information 

Saying knowledge out loud can help you remember the information and you can listen to it back from your phone or i-pod when you’re feeling lazy.

4. Mind Map

These also help you compress your notes down and make your notes more visually appealing so your brain finds it easier to remember.

5. Revision Timetable 

Be realistic (unlike I have done) and timetable your revision, write down when you want to revise the subject and how long for, and remember to schedule in free time and other things you might do eg. TV and dance class. (If anyone wants a template of a revision timetable to print off, let me know and I’ll be happy to e-mail you one.) I am yet to stick to mine but when I get better from this illness I currently have, I will take it a lot more seriously. I hope.

For the foreseeable future my life is going to be eat, sleep, revision, repeat, but hopefully it will be worth it in the end.

How are you all revising? Have you tried out any of these methods and have they worked?

My posts will not be this boring again, I just felt I needed to make a post out of my blogging absence!

See you all soon.

Maisie x  

Sarah’s Evening Smokey Eye Look Make-Up…

13 Nov

Hello lovelies,

This is the first post I’ve done that isn’t me, because before we went out for a meal my beautiful friend Sarah reluctantly agreed to let me do her make-up for her before hand and personally I think I did pretty well if I do say so myself. 😉

Sarah decided to wear a black outfit after a lot of last minute clothes drama of not knowing what to wear. We were both actually wearing black that night so we sort of looked like we were going to a funeral but black is the colour of doubt right? So I decided to do a black/ silver smokey eye using my new Beauties Factory Eye shadow Palette, which I reviewed in a previous post here if you would like to have a cheeky read of that. But the silver also tied in with the silver shoes and bag that Sarah also decided to wear.

My beautiful Sarah

My beautiful Sarah

What I used?

*Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in Ivory (only a tiny bit because Sarah doesn’t need it)

*Metallic Silver shadow swept over the whole lid  (see below) using a Models Own eye-shadow brush.

Silver metallic marked with a star

Silver metallic marked with a star

*Matte Black shadow in the outer corners of the eye (see below) using a Models Own eye-shadow brush and blending brush to create the smokey effect.

Matte Black marked with a star

Matte Black marked with a star

*Collection Extreme Liner to line the top lash line.

*Maybelline Falsies Volum’ Express mascara in waterproof.

*Rimmel Natural Bronzer to Contour the face slightly.

*Bourjois Little Round Blush Pot in Sienne on the apples of the cheeks.

*Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch

I really enjoyed doing a different kind of smokey eye instead of the neutrals and browns that I normally use for myself and got to try out this palette a little more. Sarah was worried that this look would come out really dark and to OTT but with the correct blending and applied lightly with a brush creates a lighter look that could be worn everyday too.

Hope you liked this new make-up look? Also my give-away comes out this weekend so make sure you follow to be in with a chance of entering.

Maisie x

16th Birthday Party Ideas…

19 Oct

Hello beauties,

So my 16th birthday is slowly approaching in December and because I thought this is sort of a big birthday so I better do something as I never really do anything. So I was doing a bit of research online to see what sort of ideas I could come up with and I thought I’d share them with you, because I know a lot of you are about the same age as me but also you could use the ideas for other birthdays too.

1. A Photo shoot

The other week one of my best friends had a group photo and oh’ my gosh, it was so much fun! We’re no models and you don’t have to be, all you need to do is dress up nice, have a giggle with your friends and get some really cute photos from it. It’s not actually as expensive as you might think and the deal we got meant we all get a copy of a photo of our choice, I will also probably order some more just because it’ll be hard to pick just one! It isn’t as expensive as you may believe, the more people, the more value for money it is.

A giggle with the girls <3

A giggle with the girls ❤

2. PJ Party

This is the party I think I’ll end up going with. I love the idea of not having to make a huge effort, inviting everyone round to chill in their PJs (not onesies because that is cheating!) Then pick a good chick flick, and stuff ourselves silly on pizza whilst sipping hot chocolates which cream and marshmallows. Yummy. You can also add some facemasks to that, some dancing, some crappy games and some hugs with your best friends aww.

We all love a den. However old we are.  Source: We Heart It

We all love a den. However old we are.
Source: We Heart It

3. A Posh Ball Gown Wearing Do

If you are the classy type, why not have a dressed up party. Get everyone to dress like they’re going to a wedding or prom and have a proper posh knees up, with a sit down meal and hoping you don’t drop anything down your front! Maybe even make it a masked do and add a air of mystery to your birthday.

Thumble the Tumble

Why not make it a masked too? ooooh’ how snazzy!
Source: We Heart It

4. Act Like a Little Kid in a Indoor Play Area Party

I also like the idea of this very much, maybe I’ll have a play area PJ party? You know those really plastic places that smell of pee with drop down slides and ball pits? Nothing says party like a ball pit, so hire out one of those places and run around like your not a day older than 10. The more people you invite to ‘play’ with, the more worth it’s money it’ll be by hour. The only thing that isn’t appealing to me is that it sort of involves exercise, which means sweat and I don’t want to be little miss shiny t-zone on my birthday!

5. Vintage Tea Party

I also am thinking of going this route for my own party as it combines two of my favourite things, vintage and tea (plus cake) Vintage is so in right now, so you can make it look really pretty and girly, which also makes some great blog photos to write about. 😉

Brightly coloured garden tea party.
Source: tweedleddesigns.blogspot.co.uk

6. Pink Party

Pink is my colour, so I will be adding this element to my party but why not go all out with pink, or your favourite colour? Dress your room in your colour, make everyone dress in that colour and eat food that is that colour. Pink, pink and more pink. Perfect.

Pink, pink and more pink.
Source: We Heart It

7. Photography Party

I know I already said about a photo shoot but I thought instead of the more expensive photo shoot, you can pick up everyone some disposable cameras (which could be party favours too) and let everyone take photos. You could also set up your own photo booth with a bed sheet, a camera and some funny props.

One of my favourite things in the whole wide world
Source: We Heart It

8. Night at the movies/ theatre

Favourite film or show? Give everyone a character from it, then end the night by watching it. Or just get everyone to come as your favourite actor or actress. Maybe set up a red carpet too?

My favourite actress as you all know.

My favourite actress as you all know.

9. Inflatable Party

By inflatable I mean sumo suits and inflatable jousting. If my birthday wasn’t in the middle of winter and with a bigger garden, I would love this, even if I got a little bit shiny! Even a bouncy castle if you’re going all out.

10. Pool Party

A pool party to me just seems so American, so why not make it an America style pool party. Red cups and all! Obviously this is a currently a great outdoor options, but if you have a leisure centre near by and want to spend a little more, you can always hire them out. Only problem is that not everyone is swimsuit confident, which is never good but you want everyone to be comfortable and have a fantastic time.

Looking at this makes me want summer.
Source: We Heart It

So let’s finish with one of my favourite things, a mood board, to bring all my ideas together and to hopefully help inspire you too.

sweet 16 mood board

Hope you all liked the ideas I came up with, if you have any ideas or has had a sweet 16, please share so I can steal them from you! 😉 Also, if it’s your birthday coming up, please with me too! I’m also looking for some people to collab post with, so if you want to collab, please drop me an e-mail you’ll find in the contact me section, and I’ll be happy to work with you!

See you all soon

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How To: A Braid Within a Braid…

29 Sep

Hello lovelies,

Like always I’ll start off topic and say I think Sundays are my blogging days,  just because it’s a bit of a lazy day and I actually have time to sit down, take some photos, and write. I will blog at other times but I’ve got into a bit of a habit of Sundays, so it’ll probably stay like that. Next, a very huge, monstrous hug and happy jig from me because I am past my 100 followers target, which was a nice surprise for me when I logged on today, slowly and surely I’m getting there and now I have enough of you to fill a Topshop or maybe 2 Boots shops reading my blog. So thank you, I love you guys!

Normally I’m a pretty boring person when it comes to my hair as I actually have no idea what to do with it to make it look nice. I tend to have 3 hairstyles I stick to because my hair is curly, thick and generally not easy to work with which are a side braid, my hair just down, or a messy bun. I wouldn’t say I really like any loads but I’m still on a lookout for a tutorial that isn’t just for people with perfect hair. But when I was on Tumblr I saw someone had done their hair in a simple side braid but put another braid inside of that, so then I decided to give it a go to see how it’s done. Because my hair is thicker than the person in the picture, the inside braid is not as good but here’s my interpretation for you to try out too.

1. Sweep your hair over to one side

Ignore the dark bags under my eyes at the moment.

Ignore the dark bags under my eyes at the moment.

I put my hair over the left side, just because that’s what I do and because I have a side parting, the most of my hair is on the left side of my head anyway. I put some bobby pins at the back just to hold it to the side and to stop the hair falling forward.

2. Split your hair into 3 parts

Oh' look how happy I am splitting my hair in 3 parts.

Oh’ look how happy I am splitting my hair in 3 parts.

Split the hair into 3 parts like you would do to do a simple braid.

3. Take the middle part hair and braid it

Things are getting technical

Things are getting technical

Take the middle part of the hair and braid it, pulling it tight so that it’s neater for later on and it doesn’t fall apart. Also make sure you don’t catch any other bits of hair because then it won’t braid neatly.

4. Secure the small braid in place with a bobby pin or hair band

A bobby pin

A bobby pin

A thin hair band

A thin hair band

5. Braid all the hair

Action shot.

Action shot.

6. Tie it off with a thin hairband

The finished braid

The finished braid

Et voilà!

Hope you all liked my tutorial on a new take on a basic side braid and will be giving it a go. Very soon I’ll be putting up a post about a giveaway I’ll be doing soon to see what you’d prefer, so if you aren’t following all ready, give me a follow!

See you soon beauties

Maisie xxx

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