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The Reading Habits Tag… |High Street Spy|

10 Aug

Hello beauties,

So the other day my lovely friend Erin from Serenity Books tagged me to do The Reading Habits Tag, and being a big book nut I was so excited to do a tag that wasn’t about make-up or fashion, as much as I love it, it’s nice for a change.


1. Do you have a certain place for reading at home?

I only tend to read in my bedroom, tucked up in bed at night.

2. Bookmark or random piece of paper?

I am a random piece of paper girl, or as bad as some people might think this is, I’m also a corner turner. I tend to stuff a post it note into my books, or whatever pieces of paper I have hanging around on my dressing table such as adverts from magazines.

3. Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a chapter or a certain number of pages?

I like to stop reading at a certain point or after an event has happened or end of chapter, I can’t just stop reading in the middle of a bit, or I might leave it too long and forget what has or is happening making it slightly confusing for me!

4. Do you eat or drink when reading?

I tend to read before bed so no eating after brushing your teeth. 😉

5. Do you watch TV or listen to music whilst reading?

I don’t understand how people are able to multi-task at all let alone read or listen to music whilst reading. I’m big at imagining the story in my head whilst I’m reading and really getting into the book, so I’d find having other things going on way too distracting.

6. One book at a time or several at once?

I currently have 3 books on the go, that I have started but I’m only a few chapters into all of them and yet to decide which one I want to focus on. I also have another one that is in my pile of books I need to read this summer.

7. Reading at home or everywhere?

I can only really read at home, I get distracted way too easily and I can’t read on journeys due to the really bad travel sickness I get. Yucky.

8. Reading out loud or silently in your head?

I suck at reading out loud, so I am only ever reading in my head.

9. Do you ever read ahead or skip pages?

I am guilty at skipping chunks of books that I find boring or unimportant such as like stories characters are writing within the novel, as I like to stick to the main story line.

10. Breaking the spine or keeping it new?

I don’t understand how people can read a book without breaking the spine of them, all of my books have broken spines as well as scruffy corners, it shows love right? 😉 My friend Sarah has given me 2 books, and has told me that I am not to break the spines on pain of death. Wish me luck?

11. Do you write in your books?

No. It just doesn’t feel right to write in books, writing in them in English class was weird enough, I couldn’t imagine writing in books I actually liked.

12. What are you currently reading?

I am currently reading 3 books, but the most recent one I am reading is United We Spy by Ally Carter. This is the last novel in the Gallagher Girl series, which I actually started reading when I was 11 years old and was completely obsessed with it and the characters. I’m not so obsessed with it now, but feel like I need to finish off the series and also to find out what happens to the characters. I really recommend these novels if you like a light, and slightly girly read.

I tag Kavi and Lauren to have a go at this.

See you soon,

Maisie x


50 Things I Want to Do This Summer…|High Street Spy|

1 Jun


Yes, you are seeing correctly, this is me blogging when really I’m not supposed to be, and I should be revising. But I felt the need to blog because I was missing it so much. I wanted to post something that wouldn’t take me too long to do, but was personal so you could all remember who I was again, but also wouldn’t take me too long to write. (It literally takes me a day to finish a long post!) I know it’s been months since I last wrote anything on here, so I was expecting to lose followers, but actually I’ve gained them which is pretty crazy and still got some lovely comments I am yet to reply to, so bare with.

This post is one that I thought up a little while ago and took me not too long to put together as there is a hell of a lot of things I want to get through this summer, which you can tell from the post. In two weeks my exams will be done, before the longest summer ever! So if like me you have a lot of hours to fill, here are 50 of the things that I hope to do that might inspire you to make a list, or maybe act as a reference when you are bored and fed up of day time TV. Oh’ and I also like making lists.

*I also added a few Maisie side comments*

50 things

1. Get healthier

Last summer Lauren and myself had a serious health kick, so hopefully we’ll be able to recreate that this summer.

2. Drink more water

I am so bad at drinking enough water, I hardly ever have a drink.

3. Improve my skin

I have a sneaky feeling exams stress brought out my skin in redness and spots, so that needs to go ASAP. You got that skin?

4. Get rid of my phobia of shorts

Yeah… I hate my legs.

5. Do something completely different

I want to step out of my comfort zone, and do something exciting.

6. Dye my hair

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve most likely seen me chatting away about hair colour with various bloggers. At the moment my hair (apparently) is dark blonde with ombre on my horrible split ends. I’m dying it a richer brown, and this is is also the first time I’ve ever dyed my whole hair.

7. Buy a product from MAC

I feel it is time. Yes, it is time to actually buy from the MAC counter. I am ready.

8. Get a job

I’ve applied for one, so fingers crossed!

9. Volunteer

I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time, so hopefully a good opportunity comes up this summer.

10. Hold a blog meet-up

This is currently in the organisation stage, which a few of my fellow bloggers are already aware of. It’s super exciting, and hopefully I’ll be sending out invites very soon.

11. Meet some new people

I love meeting new people, I’d say it’s one of my favourite things to do.

12. Improve something

I’m being very vague as I am yet to decide on what.

13. Go to the library (and get a new card)

I haven’t been to the library in god knows how long, a few summers ago I used to be there once a week picking up whatever new books had come in or ones I hadn’t read. At one stage of my life I’d read all the books in the teenage section.

14. Read at least 5  new books

I’m one of those people who reads books about 3 times, it might be weird but I leave it quite a while before I read it again. I feel each time I read it I take something new from it and I understand the story better. But that’s boring, so I need some new books to read! Please comment any suggestions you have, so I can give them a read.

15. Shop for clothes that I wouldn’t normally buy

I’ve recently got into a dangerous cycle of leggings and t-shirts, due to the comfort, which I really need to get out of and get back to the time I believed leggings were not trousers and were only acceptable for exercise.

16. Go camping

Weather permitting, I’m off with one of my best friends to spend the weekend camping at the seaside.

17. Have a BBQ

I don’t really like BBQs that much due to being a vegetarian. But this summer I want to have a BBQ and enjoy it for the first time.

18. Have a pamper day

Face masks, foot spas, yes please.

19. Spend a day watching shitty TV

Glee, Ugly Betty, Catfish, America’s Next Top Model…

20. Spend a day watching equally shitty chick flicks

I fancy a bit of 27 Dresses, followed by any Zac Efron movie. (Preferably with shirt off… Zac Efron, not me. That would be weird. Unless watching movies topless is your thing.)

21. Eat healthier

Ha. Let’s see if I stick to this.

22. Blog at least twice a week

I think it’s quite achievable, I need to make it up to you all after my extremely long absence.

23. Write a diary

I used to write a diary, well, I’d say it was more of a burn book with illustrations. I used to be pretty dedicated to it, so I’d love to be like that again, but with less mean stuff in. I was thinking maybe I could do diary entry posts as blog posts?

24. Buy a hat

I feel people who wear hats have a sense of confidence, so I want a hat too.

25. Take more photos

My camera has been in it’s case far too long for my liking.

26. Read lots of magazines

My favourite, Elle. Followed by a bit of ‘celebrity’ gossip and more affordable clothes in Closer.

27. Explore somewhere new

Any suggestions on where to go and what to see?

28. Join a club

Sleepover club anyone?

29. Visit Brighton

I’ve been waiting to explore the lanes for years.

30. Sleepovers

Snog, marry, avoid and an squeaky z-bed is a must.

31. Go for a picnic

As long as there’s no bugs. Eww.

32. Visit a spa

Does anyone know if you go naked under the robes or not? That’s always puzzled me about spas.

33. Tube hop my way round London

Camden Town, Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Kensington and Chelsea…

34. Be brave and show more skin

Not in a, walk around in my birthday suit kind of way, I mean a peal off the leggings for some shorts kind of way.

35. Use fake eyelashes successfully

I still have the pair kicking around that were from prom that I ended up ditching because they were impossibly hard to put on.

36. Try a new flavour of  drinks/ sweets etc.

I need to step out my ice-cream comfort zone big time.

37. Write more letters

I adore letters, but I’m not sure who to write to.

38. Wear heels more

Being a 5″3 1/2 midget with short legs, I love wearing heels to make me average height and make my legs look 100x longer.

39. Try new foods

e.g Worcester sauce crisps.

40. Go to the beach 

LET’S GO TO THE BEACH, BEACH! Cornwall here I come baby.

41. Listen to live music

Ideally outdoors.

42. Bake some stuff

Oh’ how healthy of me.

43. Order a pizza

Again, healthy.

44. Go to a museum 

I’m feeling the Natural History Museum.

45. Do something my parents wouldn’t approve of

I’m not going to make my bed. I know. Rebel right here.

46. Spend less time on my phone 

I love it way too much.

47. Get a tan 

Which I will achieve if I take off the leggings and dog blanket jumper.

48. Spend a day in my PJs

Lazy days are the best.

49. Talk to more people 

If that’s in real life or through social media.

50. Appreciate little things more

Life’s pretty damn awesome, and this is going to be the longest break I have in a long time!

Maisie x

How To: The Bronzer Eye Shadow look…|High Street Spy|

30 Mar

Hello lovely ones,

Now this is sort of a quick Sunday post because with my GCSEs coming up (which I hate to think about) and also working on another ‘project’, it leaves me very little time to post, and it also leave me very limited ideas for posts. But then I thought, why not blog about my make-up look I am wearing a lot at the moment because it was looking decent for a change. Yes, this isn’t those extremely detailed tutorials I normally do, but I will try and explain it as simply/ quickly as I can and hopefully you’ll all follow.

So this make-up look is quick-ish, (I say ish because it includes winged eyeliner, but you can always skip that part) and I think it looks really pretty, but also natural at the same time. Prom is also coming up for a lot of people and this is a really natural look if you prefer to go more natural and could also act as a base to add glitters/ more definition etc.


The products I used…

*Rimmel Quad

(I only used the one shadow on the left of the quad which is a pearly light brown)

*Sleek Contouring Kit

(I only used the bronzer)

*Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation

*Collection Match Perfection Concealer

*Maybelline Falsies Mascara

*Miss Sporty Liquid liner

*Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Puck Lip Crayon in Fuscia-Ristic

(Light pink/ coral in colour)

*Beauties Factories Palette

(I only used a light matte brown from there from my eyebrows, so not really needed)

What I did…

I applied my base, and filled in my eyebrows slightly using an angled brush with a brown shadow 2 shades lighter than my natural  colour. Then I took the pearly brown from the quad and took it all across the lid using a brush, then with the same brush I took the bronzer and took that across the outer corners, really concentrating on working it into the crease for definition. I got a soft blending brush just to smoke up the eye slightly, before lining my eyes (I like the flick, but if you don’t feel practiced enough in that area, just leave it as a line) and popping on my favourite mascara. I added the lip crayon to my lips and hey presto, we are done and ready to take on the day!


I hope you all liked the finish look, and let me know if you like this sort of post, and I shall do some more for you all!

See you all soon,

Maisie x

So, Today is My 16th Birthday…

28 Dec

Hello there beauties,

Now you are probably thinking why I’m writing on my birthday, but here’s a secret, I’m actually writing this days before my birthday and I have scheduled it to be up on the 28th. (Savvy, I know 😉 )

At this point I haven’t got a clue what I am doing today, my mum has been saying for ages that there’s going to e a surprise, but I have no idea. (Hoping it will be my wedding to Harry Styles seeing that it’s legal? But I have a tiny suspicion it won’t be that.)

So for a while I wanted to do a post on my birthday, but wasn’t sure what I really wanted to do? Then I had an idea from the film 16 Wishes, which is a really cheesy Disney film where throughout her life she writes down 16 wishes that she wants to come true on her 16th birthday, and basically to sum it up she gets all her wishes granted including the one where she wants to be an adult, but when she gets this, she just wants to be 16 again. (You don’t have to even watch it now 😉 ) So basically I thought I would write down 16 highlights of my life so far, and then 16 wishes for my future, sound good to you? (I hope you answered yes, otherwise this is slightly awkward…)

sweet 16

16 Highlights…

1. Getting a main part as basically a twerking robin solo in my playschool Christmas play and also getting given another part as a Christmas pudding because the child was crying

2. Meeting the Blue Peter presenters at the time when I was about 8

4. Going to Disney Land Paris


5. Winning my town’s festival Princess title and later on winning Queen

6. Getting my artwork design chosen as the album cover of the school CD

7. Winning a local art competition

8. When it snowed on my birthday

9. Restarting ballet at a high level

dance 2

10. Starting this blog

first blog post

11. Standing up on a surf board for the first time

12. Getting into Dance Company

13. Getting my first B grade in one of my french controlled assessment

14. Volunteering to choreograph two group dances with Lauren, that weren’t all that bad.

(See our most recent one below. I bet that it’s a link and it hasn’t embedded. But if it’s a link, I promise it’s not dodgy!)

15. Being told my blog wasn’t that bad after all

16. Going to a One Direction concert

My husbands can fly

My husbands can fly

16 Wishes… (The hard bit) 

1. To feel like I’ve achieved something great

2. Ace my GCSE exams

3. Learn to drive

4. Go to America


5. To be at an equal level to everyone in my ballet class and no longer be the ‘newbie’

6. Win a blog award and get to 1,000 follows (Very unlikely)

7. Finish my stupid textiles project


8. Go to Paris


9. Own one high end beauty product eg MAC

10. Raise some money for charity

11. Win the lottery

12. See One Direction live again

13. See the world and take pictures

14. Put one of my ‘plans’ into action

15. Carry on studying dance for as long as possible

16. Become a ‘blogger’

Fun Fact: It is also Sienna Miller’s & Maggie Smith’s birthday too! 

See you all soon

Maisie x

Primark Autumn Haul…

1 Nov

Hello beauties,

On Tuesday I went on a last minute shopping trip to Primark, and some other shops with my friends Lauren (fellow blogger bezza also) and Olivia (my tall bezza/ second family) because my other friends from up northern way cancelled on me. (Boo.) Me and Lauren needed to go desperately because we needed some costumes for a show coming up for Dance Company and being the poor teenagers that we are Primark is the only option. Lauren is already hauled all the things she purchased, so if you want to see what she brought and follow her of course, click here. Only after you’ve read this of, remember I’m watching you. (I’m not really I promise)  😉 I got all of these bits and pieces for £35, most I’ve ever spent but I got quite a bit.

Primark haul edit

Lovable Luxuries Nail Polish and Eye Shadow

These are very posh for Primark
These are very posh for Primark
Primark, you have nailed it.
That's one impressive smoky eye
That’s one impressive smoky eye
Pretty shades
Pretty shades

These nail varnishes and eye shadows are better than I expected for Primark, they look like Boots presents quality don’t they and I really liked the colours that were in the box and the eye shadows had some shimmery and matte shades. I picked this gift set up as a gift, so for that reason I can’t tell you how much it cost, if you really want to know, you’ll have to use your maths skills.

Long Sleeved Basic Black Top

Perfect wardrobe basic
Perfect wardrobe basic

 This was for my dance company costume for a Matrix themed dance, so we need to wear all black and covered up. Even though this is for a dance, plain tops are really good for layering and for extra warmth in winter. This top was just £3.50 so it was a bargain.

Super Cosy Tights

Couldn't live without these in my life
Couldn’t live without these in my life

I can not actually survive without these, and they make normal (boring) tights seem really rubbish and cold. These are perfect for the cold mornings at school when I decide and still get away with wearing my skirt, and when it’s snow days I like to wear tights under my trousers for extra warmth. They’re also a lot, lot easier to put on than normal tights, I’ve always thought tights are the most unsexy and un-lady like things in the whole world to put on. Just me? They only come in a pack of one, which is poo and they cost £3.50.

High Waist Disco Pant Leggings


Can you iron these?
Can you iron these?

Ignore the wrinkles but these are also for the dance company Matrix dance. I know disco pants have been around for a while but I’ve never been to keen on them, some people they work, some people maybe not. I think I’m in more of the maybe not side, but I’m not leg happy I guess. They might grow on me, but maybe they’ll be just for dance company. These were £7.

Little Black Dress

Seeing me through 'till Christmas. *Front View*
Seeing me through ’till Christmas. *Front View*
Love a bit of lace *Back View*
Love a bit of lace *Back View*
Cheeky see through back
Cheeky see through back
Collar detailing
Collar detailing

The little black dress is an essential and I brought this because I needed a dress to wear to my friend’s birthday meal, which was the following day, they say when in doubt wear black right? But I did leave it last minute as usual. Collars are my thing, I actually love them and even though this is simple it did have a sequined detailed collar but also a see through lace back. Sensible in the front, party in the back I feel. This was more expensive at £17 but I do think it is worth it because for Primark it is lovely, it also reminded me of Audrey Hepburn so you know, had to get it didn’t I?

Hope you’ve all enjoyed another nosey at another haul post. Remember to like/ follow as I have a target of getting 200 follows by my 16th birthday, (28th December) and also a 16th birthday/ Christmas/ hopefully 200 follows give away coming soon.

Maisie x

Sparkly Vampire Nails…

28 Oct

What’s this? Another post? On a Monday?

Well hello there, I thought I haven’t done a nail look for a while because they’ve been naked due to school, but because it’s half term I got the nail varnish out and painted them myself successfully! *Happy dance*

At the moment my room is being redone, I call it my wardrobe extension, because essentially that is what is going on, to my sparkly new bedroom furniture. (The handles really are sparkly.) I’ve also sorted out my room and nail varnish collection, so I’ve discovered some really lovely polishes that I’ve seemed to abandoned and just like my new bedroom, this nail varnish is also sparkly.

I changed my font to have a green glow, as Halloween as I'm getting ;)

I changed my font to have a green glow, as Halloween as I’m getting 😉

Personally, Halloween has never appealed to me because I’m not into being scared in the slightest, it’s not fun and it’s not nice, Dr Who is as scary as things get in my life. But this does have a bit of vampire-ness to it due to the purple/ darkness, but not just any vampire. No, a sparkly vampire. Fabulous. 😉

Have a little girl crush on Fearne

Have a little girl crush on Fearne

One of the things I would love to do is have my own nail varnish range, and for a budget nail varnish, Miss Fearne Cotton will always win. Every year Fearne Cotton has brought out a range of gift sets for Christmas at Boots. I’m hoping they’re still doing them as they are always really great colours, have a Christmas feel, great quality and at an affordable price. People always buy me the nail varnishes as a present, and they’re always in really on trend colours and in a beautiful box you can reuse too, I even had a little compact mirror that is always with me (event though my friend Olivia broke the case grrrr!) Get yourself to Boots because they’ve brought out the gift sets now for the Christmas, and buy yourself a present, but also I might be giving one away on this blog very soon.

Cranberry Sparks by Fearne

Cranberry Sparks by Fearne

The colour I used was called Cranberry Sparks, which is very Christmas, and not Halloween at all sorry. 😉 It’s not actually a glitter polish, and it’s kind of hard to describe as it’s not 3D or gritty feeling as it’s nice and shiny like a nice painted nail should. This one is from a set of glitter polishes and I love them all, but this one was more Autumn/ Halloween. Is it too early to be wearing glitter? I think not, but maybe not red glitter just yet.

This is surprisingly good for me

This is surprisingly good for me

My mum is a beautitheripist, so she normally paints my nails for me, but I did this all myself so please all admire the finished look 😉

Hope you all liked this not really Halloween nail look. Hope you have a lovely Halloween, if you can call Halloween lovely, maybe if you are into scariness unlike myself it is lovely?


Maisie xxx

Give Away Prizes…

25 Oct

Happy Friday Lovelies,

It feels sort of weird being able to write on a Friday just because it’s normally a busy day with ballet but today it was cancelled because my teacher is on holiday. It feels sort of odd but it does mean I get to write, chill out and watch TV. (Currently I’m watching George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, 4OD it if you haven’t watched it, it’s brilliant) 😉

Even though this week has dragged, there has been some little perks, such as the arrival of the prizes I won in a blog give away a little while ago from the beautiful Becki from The Struggles of an MUA. If you aren’t following her already, please go and take a look at this super talented make-up artist’s blog, I love it so I’m sure you will love it too. I’m normally completely unlucky when it comes to competitions and give aways but recently I’ve been super lucky, and after a little issues, it finally arrived from not that very far away to be honest!

Becki sent me some really lovely stuff, and turns out, it was stuff I was thinking about buying and wanted, which is a bonus, so I wanted to share them with you and thank Becky also.

Yay. Love me some free stuff and a cute little note from Becki

Yay. Love me some free stuff and a cute little note from Becki

Monu Illuminating Primer

Monu Primer

Monu Primer

This travel sized primer is completely new to me as I’ve never heard of Monu. I’ve been wanting a primer so I was happy that I saw this inside my package, to see if primers really make a difference. I had dance today, which means sweat, so I’m not sure yet if it has an effect all day, but this morning someone said to me my skin looked really good and flawless, so yes it works. It also SPF 15 which is always a bonus.

Me Me Me Cherub Blush Cheek and Lip Tint…

I'm blushing...

I’m blushing…

Lip and cheek tint has always been something that has been something I wanted to try and add to my collection. I did dab a little bit on my cheeks, it did give a natural looking tint, but I only put a tiny bit on because of school and also a bit on my lips and it did tint them really nicely.

Oceane Make-Up Remover Pen

My dream product

My dream product

I have to say I did get a little bit excited when I saw this. At the moment I’m a bit unpractised with eyeliner flicks and I always find it so annoying when I make a tiny mistake and I have to take all my make-up off and try again, it drives me nuts! So I know I will be using this a lot in the future (probably tomorrow!)

Eyelash Curlers

Happy Dance for eyelash curlers

Happy Dance for eyelash curlers

Finally, I own eyelash curlers! As you might know these were on my Autumn wish list so thank you very much for these beauties. Mwah.

Thanks again to Becki for all these beautiful presents and hope you all like this very unusual Friday posts as much as I do.

Have a lovely evening and I’ll see you all soon.

Maisie xxx

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