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Being a Teenage Feminist… |High Street Spy|

8 Nov

Hello readers,

So I have been gone for a hell of a long time, and come back to see that I’ve been the proud owner of this blog for 3 years. Whatttttt. It’s so weird to think that what 13 year old Maisie started many moons ago, is still be continued (give or take) by 16 year old Maisie. So much has changed in that time, and I hope that Maisie will be proud of what this Maisie has achieved.

So, my favourite types of posts are ones that have some substance. Of course I love a tag or a haul, and I will always do them and read them, but posts with substance and voice are what I love more than anything and looking at the stats it appears that they are also popular with my readers. I also love a discussion, which is always my aim when I write posts like this.

Oh’ look. I started my post with a ramble again.

The other day I picked up my favourite magazine in the world, Elle, to see that this was the feminism issue with the beautiful, inspiring Emma Watson on the cover, which excited me a lot. (There was also a free Benefit product, so in my eyes this issue was perfection before I’d even opened it up!) Then I had the idea, for my first post back from my very long departure from the internet, I would share my own views and experiences because I would consider myself a feminist.

Okay, so I’m only 16, with very little experience of the world really. I’ve never had a proper job, I’m still in full time study, and am yet to venture into the ‘real world’, but despite all of that I would very much consider myself a feminist. Maybe as little as 2 years ago I would dispute the fact I was a feminist, if asked I would probably reply no; that would be because I thought feminism was a specific person, which I believed I didn’t fit me. I was into fashion, and wore make-up everyday, I also was very quiet and not at all confident in myself. Of course now I know that feminists are not a specific person with a specific look or personality, but in fact they are people united under the same idea that men and women are in fact equal, even though it common to think that feminism is women claiming they are better than men, which is totally not true.

*Source Google*

I think my love for feminism came from many different places. One of which is Tumblr, which is one of the many loves of my life. I found myself following the blogs of feminist people, and taking time to read text posts, and watch videos that explained feminism, and thinking to myself, ‘that is not right.’ ‘I agree with that.’Another is the news, and Youtube, and just hearing my friends discuss it, and after a while I came to the conclusion that I to, am very much a feminist.

*Source Google*

Being a teenager means that I have come under very little discrimination as a woman, the only one I can really say as an example is how much of a ‘girly girl’ people consider me to be like I have nothing more going on than my winged eyeliner and my love for fashion, I also love to sew which of course is considered a very girly thing to do. I think school is still pressured for pupils, girls take these classes, boys do these subjects, so when I see a boy take walk into textiles class, I applaud their bravery to do what they want to do instead of not taking it because of  the view that ‘sewing is for girls’ and hope they do amazing.

*Source Elle*

I believe that teenagers should really consider feminism, because although we may not believe that we are subject to gender inequality right now, sharing the message of feminism means that when we do get into the ‘real world’, it will be a better place, where we won’t ever have to face the inequality that is very real all over the world that women are facing. We will receive the same pay as our male colleagues for the same work, we can go into the work world, with high aspirations and not be seen as weaker because we are a woman,  we can wear less clothes in summer because we are hot, not because we are trying to sexual ourselves, our sons and daughters can take whatever classes they want, and wear what they want without the fear of ridicule because they don’t fit into a specific group, we will not hear horrific stories about rape, arranged marriage or women putting themselves in danger, just because they want an education or rights. I am a feminist now, because I want other people my age to not view feminism as a person, but as the idea, which is not only a bloomn’ fantastic one, but one that is ultimately the correct one. And if you don’t agree with the the idea that woman should have an equal chance in life, but also that men should not be stereotyped. If you don’t agree with equality, what is wrong with you?

I think over the years feminism is confused with the view that feminists are women that are man hating, I can safely say I am not a man hater! 😉 But also men can be feminists too, and these men, in my opinion are super cool. I was so inspired by the women that were featured within Elle, and one day I hope to inspire other 16 year old teenagers like myself, freaking out about life needing a bit of encouragement. Good job Elle, I’m yet to read all the magazine but it is already my favourite issue ever.

Please let me know your experiences of feminism, and if you are a teenager like me, what your opinions of it all is?

See you soon,

Maisie x


My GCSE Experience… |High Street Spy|

25 Jun

Hello everyone,

Now I’ve finished my GCSE exams, I’ve been um-ing and ahh-ing about writing a post about it, probably because I like to share with you all my life but also to help a few of you out who may be doing your GCSEs in the next few years and exams in general. I’ve felt for quite a while that there is never really advice out there that doesn’t come from teachers, who put more pressure on you than give you advice, so I wanted to write a post from a students point of view and maybe some things I’ve learnt from sitting exams.

my gcse experience

Okay, so I haven’t got my results back yet, but I am I firm believer in you get out what you put in, and I put in a heck loads of work, so I’m hoping for the best so I can go on into Sixth Form, to carry on studying to get into Uni in a few years. I suffer with anxiety big time, I’m generally a pretty chilled out kind of girl but when pressure is put on me I freak out, and I completely break down. The idea of GCSE exams was the scariest part for me, way more scarier than actually taking them, so let that be the first piece of advice, don’t freak out, you will be fineI think most people, even if they don’t show it, find the idea of sitting exams that will effect where you go next in your education scary, I guess in a way it is, but you are going to have to do it and I promise you they aren’t that scary when you get there. I’d say the best thing to do is to focus on the end, and tell yourself it is all going to be worth it, it may be a holiday or a party. Just set a target, and eventually you will get there.

Revise as soon as possible. Don’t leave it because it will sneak up on you and you’ll be like ‘crap, I haven’t even revised for the exam I have tomorrow.’ I did that a lot, but even if you only do an hour or so a few days before, at least you will still have a basic understanding, and will also save the panic you have when you find out there is still another chapter you have let to revise, at 10pm the night before. But if you do get to that point, don’t panic, it will just waste time and nothing will go in after that.

Learn how you learn and take advantage of it. I’m a bit of a weird one when it comes to this, I revise differently with different subjects, but one of my favourite ways is to teach someone else the subject, this works the best for history as that is my favourite subject and I enjoy talking about it. But don’t leave it a week before you exams to work out how you revise, I think the best way to do this is during your mock weeks, as you can try techniques and then see how you did and improve. If you didn’t know what learner you are, give it a quick Google and there are loads of tests you can take (not hard ones don’t worry) that will tell you what you are but also ways you can use this to learn.

Actually listen in lessons. I know a  lot of you reading this will probably still be in normal lessons, and this sounds pretty obvious, but whilst you are still learning information actually take it in. I’m guilty of not really caring in lessons, especially in subjects that I would find boring so I took no interest in. But however rubbish it is, you are going to have to know it, and having to teach a whole subject to yourself just before the exam is the worst and equals stress.

Set yourself revision targets and don’t become lazy on study leave. I hate to say, but revision is the most boring thing you will probably have to do, making even the worst day time TV seem 10000% more appealing than it would normally do. But you need to revise, even if you do want to watch the whole of  This Morning. Sorry 😉 . During the mocks I used a revision timetable, but I found it way too hard to stick to, as it was so specific, if you had dinner half an hour later than predicted or went out when you were meant to be revising maths, your whole timetable would be ruined, so it wasn’t really for me. So instead, I brought myself a white board, wrote out the days of the week and next to each day decided on 2 or 3 subjects that I wanted revise that day, then it meant it was less specific and my day wasn’t so strict. But it’s best to find out what works for everyone, so a timetable might actually float your boat.

I could go on and on about exams, but I thought I would wrap this all up here. If like me you have just sat your exams, what have you found out that you want to share, or if you have any advice? Also if anyone is nervous or unsure about exams or GCSEs, I am very much happy to help with more advice, someone to talk to your or revision on specific subjects, just drop me an e-mail you will find in the contact me section or leave a comment.

See you soon,

Maisie x

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