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Being a Teenage Feminist… |High Street Spy|

8 Nov

Hello readers,

So I have been gone for a hell of a long time, and come back to see that I’ve been the proud owner of this blog for 3 years. Whatttttt. It’s so weird to think that what 13 year old Maisie started many moons ago, is still be continued (give or take) by 16 year old Maisie. So much has changed in that time, and I hope that Maisie will be proud of what this Maisie has achieved.

So, my favourite types of posts are ones that have some substance. Of course I love a tag or a haul, and I will always do them and read them, but posts with substance and voice are what I love more than anything and looking at the stats it appears that they are also popular with my readers. I also love a discussion, which is always my aim when I write posts like this.

Oh’ look. I started my post with a ramble again.

The other day I picked up my favourite magazine in the world, Elle, to see that this was the feminism issue with the beautiful, inspiring Emma Watson on the cover, which excited me a lot. (There was also a free Benefit product, so in my eyes this issue was perfection before I’d even opened it up!) Then I had the idea, for my first post back from my very long departure from the internet, I would share my own views and experiences because I would consider myself a feminist.

Okay, so I’m only 16, with very little experience of the world really. I’ve never had a proper job, I’m still in full time study, and am yet to venture into the ‘real world’, but despite all of that I would very much consider myself a feminist. Maybe as little as 2 years ago I would dispute the fact I was a feminist, if asked I would probably reply no; that would be because I thought feminism was a specific person, which I believed I didn’t fit me. I was into fashion, and wore make-up everyday, I also was very quiet and not at all confident in myself. Of course now I know that feminists are not a specific person with a specific look or personality, but in fact they are people united under the same idea that men and women are in fact equal, even though it common to think that feminism is women claiming they are better than men, which is totally not true.

*Source Google*

I think my love for feminism came from many different places. One of which is Tumblr, which is one of the many loves of my life. I found myself following the blogs of feminist people, and taking time to read text posts, and watch videos that explained feminism, and thinking to myself, ‘that is not right.’ ‘I agree with that.’Another is the news, and Youtube, and just hearing my friends discuss it, and after a while I came to the conclusion that I to, am very much a feminist.

*Source Google*

Being a teenager means that I have come under very little discrimination as a woman, the only one I can really say as an example is how much of a ‘girly girl’ people consider me to be like I have nothing more going on than my winged eyeliner and my love for fashion, I also love to sew which of course is considered a very girly thing to do. I think school is still pressured for pupils, girls take these classes, boys do these subjects, so when I see a boy take walk into textiles class, I applaud their bravery to do what they want to do instead of not taking it because of  the view that ‘sewing is for girls’ and hope they do amazing.

*Source Elle*

I believe that teenagers should really consider feminism, because although we may not believe that we are subject to gender inequality right now, sharing the message of feminism means that when we do get into the ‘real world’, it will be a better place, where we won’t ever have to face the inequality that is very real all over the world that women are facing. We will receive the same pay as our male colleagues for the same work, we can go into the work world, with high aspirations and not be seen as weaker because we are a woman,  we can wear less clothes in summer because we are hot, not because we are trying to sexual ourselves, our sons and daughters can take whatever classes they want, and wear what they want without the fear of ridicule because they don’t fit into a specific group, we will not hear horrific stories about rape, arranged marriage or women putting themselves in danger, just because they want an education or rights. I am a feminist now, because I want other people my age to not view feminism as a person, but as the idea, which is not only a bloomn’ fantastic one, but one that is ultimately the correct one. And if you don’t agree with the the idea that woman should have an equal chance in life, but also that men should not be stereotyped. If you don’t agree with equality, what is wrong with you?

I think over the years feminism is confused with the view that feminists are women that are man hating, I can safely say I am not a man hater! 😉 But also men can be feminists too, and these men, in my opinion are super cool. I was so inspired by the women that were featured within Elle, and one day I hope to inspire other 16 year old teenagers like myself, freaking out about life needing a bit of encouragement. Good job Elle, I’m yet to read all the magazine but it is already my favourite issue ever.

Please let me know your experiences of feminism, and if you are a teenager like me, what your opinions of it all is?

See you soon,

Maisie x


Jemima’s 3 Top Tips For Awesome Nails! *Guest Post* |High Street Spy|

6 Jun
Hello Maisie’s readers 😉
My name is Jemima and I like doing nail art (I am no pro or anything but I do it quite a lot), so Maisie suggested I write about it for her blog! I came up with some tips on how to do nail art aswell as some pictures of my own:
1. The right tools
This one is a little silly coming from me because I don’t actually currently own and nail art pens, however it makes starting out muuchh easier if you have them. A good example is of my aztec nails, which took a long time to do with coctail sticks but could have been much easier with the pens:
jemima 1
2. Get a good design
The best way to do this when starting out is to find a picture that is already on nails, so you can see how they have done it and work out the width of the lines etc. I use instagram to look through designs of nail art accounts! (If you want to check out my nail art instagram it’s jemsnailss #ShamelessSelfPromo)
3. Always do an extra coat!
The worst thing when you have done a design you’re really proud of is when it chips the next day, which happens nearly all the time with me! So make sure you always put an extra coat of clear polish on top, just to be safe 😉
Thank you for reading! (And thanks Maisie for putting me on your blog :D) I will leave you with a couple of my favourite designs..
jemima 2
jemima 3
A quick note from Maisie: I hope you all liked this post by one of my favourite people, it’s nice to see something different on my blog because my nail art skills are pretty shocking. It’s only one more stressful until I have finished my exams all together, so thank you Jemima for helping to fill up my huge absence! If anyone else would like to collab next week while I’m still busy, it would mean a lot to me and I would really appreciate it, please comment below, drop me an e-mail or tweet me (you can find that in the side bar.) See you all soon. Remember to give this a like to show your appreciation for Jemima’s awesome nails, and I can’t wait for her to do mine this summer 😉 Maisie x

Some Little Blog Changes…

12 Feb

Hello lovely ones,

So after having this blog for 3 years and with some help from the lovely Beth (Beauty in Beta if you don’t know her, where have you been?) it was time to give my blog a bit of a make-over. I know a lot of you don’t actually click onto my page a lot as you read by e-mail, or on the WordPress dashboard, I would share the changes I made with you in a little blog post.

 Header/ Logo


Firstly I made a logo/ header for my blog which was way overdue, I made it using Pic Monkey which is really simple to use if you were thinking about making one too. It’s not the most impressive thing in the world, but it just makes my blog look professional and gives it an identity, it also includes my little strap line which is pretty snazzy. I will probably end up changing it or getting someone to do it for me who will take more than 5 minutes to work on it, but I’m happy with it for now, and also a lot of you said my old bulky header didn’t match the background or my blog, so I hope you all like this one a lot more.


blog background

I found this background and instantly loved it because the pink of the flowers fit in with the background and the pink of my blog theme. My blog has become really vintage, and it is reflecting me more and more. After having my pink, sparkly background for goodness knows how long, it’s nice to have a fresh new summery background.



I connected my blog to my twitter a while, not a lot to say about this really apart from follow me if you wish. @HighStreetSpy_



I get the odd e-mails from brands, which I love to get, but sometimes they are totally random so I thought I’d add a disclaimer page so it let’s people know what sort of posts I like to do, and the ones I probably won’t do.



I used to be a completely unorganized blogger, my blog posts just went into cyberspace, un-categorized, like loose bits of cyber space paper, but now I have taken control and placed mostly all my posts into categories. So if you want to blog stalk a certain category, it will be so much easier for you now. You’re welcome.

Thank you for everyone who took my survey and gave me feedback on my blog, it was really helpful in order to improve my blog. I hope you all like the ‘new look’ High Street Spy, and I will be taking all your other thoughts into consideration, because I like to make my readers happy, otherwise there is no blog!

See you soon,

Maisie x

Fashion & Beauty Inspirations of 2013…

23 Dec

Hello my wonderfuls,

So now it’s almost the end of 2013 I thought I’d round up all the people who have inspired my fashion and beauty in 2013 for all my lovely lot. Even though I take inspiration from a lot of different people, I narrowed it down to my top 10.

Audrey Hepburn 


I watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s for the first time this year and become completely bambozled by all things Audrey Hepburn. You know all how I love her, her style, her make-up and general grace. Within the film, she has large eyeliner flicks, which I have adopted as my ‘look’ and a lot of people ask me about my eyeliner because Miss Hepburn.

Laura Whitmore 


Everything this woman wears is perfect, she never can do anything wrong in the fashion stakes, she even looks great in the jungle when she was presenting, ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here Now!’ When flicking through the gossip magazines, you are guaranteed to see this lovely lady under the best dressed.


I originally ombred my hair after seeing how lovely this lady is, in my eyes she is perfect, I love her style, her hair and make-up. I take a lot of inspiration from Zoe.

Sprinkle of Glitter

I love Louise to the moon and back, she is my favourite of all the Youtubers, with the most wonderful family too. She’s so confident in herself and is a lover of pink, just like me. She also has a weird fetish for stationary, I thought it was only me who finds joy in a new notebook. (Thank god.)

Tanya Burr 

I’m not really a regular watcher of Tanya’s videos but she does teach me a lot about make-up, even if it’s not the high end brands she tends to use. I’ve mainly learnt about using eye shadows and blending them together from Tanya and also I trust her opinion on drugstore products because she is a make-up artist.

Beauty in Beta (My lovely Beth)


Now to people I know personally, I few weeks ago I stumbled across Beth’s amazing blog, and I’m so glad I did because I love it! She’s helped me so much, from buying new products, to giving me advice on how to make my blog bigger and better. She has become one of my blog envies and one of my friends, and that shirt your wearing in this picture, I want it.

Joanna Loves (Equally as lovely Joanna) 


Another of my blogging favourites, her blog is also amazing and I’ve taken so many ideas from Joanna’s make-up because she is pretty pro at it. She also has given me so much advice on my blog, and I remember when you couldn’t believe I am still a teenager! Thank you very much for all your help and make-up inspiration.

Miranda Kerr

Okay, I’m not saying I look like her personally but a lot of people recently have told me I do sort of look like her, but to be honest I think it is the eyes, the dimples and skin colouring. I’ve been looking at how she does her eye make-up especially as of having similar eye shapes, so I get a bit of beauty inspiration from Miranda.

Lucy Watson 

A lot of people have mixed opinions on Lucy from Made in Chelsea, but personally I really love her. I love what she wears and also her hair, if only I had the money maybe I could look like this too. 😉

Chloe Grace Moretz

I met Chloe earlier this year, and she’s a really lovely person who also dresses perfectly. It’s nice to have someone the same age as you for fashion and beauty inspiration, as you know if you can pull of a similar look to hers instead of just getting inspiration from adults. I love her achievable, simple and understated make-up and outfits that are easy to reproduce on yourself.

I hope you all liked my inspiration round up of the year.

Who would be your top 10?

See you all soon

Maisie x

50 Things I Want To Do With My Life…

25 Nov

Hello beauties,

I know it’s been a while, I’m sorry but I’ve had so much revision I think I am slightly drowning in it and I’m the worst at creating a work/ life/ blog balance, but I’m working on it. So basically this post inspired by something someone (we won’t name names) said to me, he  I mean ‘they’ said, ‘you want to do too much in a short space of time… So wait for when you’re older and I promise you everything will be amazing.’ Firstly that was very deep but to be honest it is true, I want to do so much stuff now because the future is just too far away for my liking. Anyone else?

So I thought I’d do a sort of deeper post as people seem to like these (along with ranting ones, you strange lot!) I have a lot of stuff I want to do with my life because I just find the world a super exciting place, so I thought I would write them down (50 to be precise) and share them with you lot. These are  not in the order of importance to me, these are in the order in which I remembered things and added them, even though some are a super must for my life. I want to do them all, maybe plus a few more.

1. Dye my hair blonde

2. Design my own t-shirts/ nail varnishes

3. Write (and finish) a book

4. Inspire someone

5. Create a ‘highlight’ in my year

6. Do something wonderful

7. Spend Christmas and New Year in New York

8. Climb a big tree

9. Meet 1D and kiss at least one of them

(With tongues? Hmm I don’t know. Might get arrested.)

10. Meet Anna Wintour and sit front row with her at Burberry LFW show

11. Reenact Titanic on a cruise ship

(Ideally with Leonardo Dicaprio but anyone who is willing to do it with me will do.)

12. Surf a really big wave

13. Write for a glossy magazine

(Vogue, Elle, Cosmo… *Sighs*)

14. Be on the cover of a magazine

15. Create a flash mob with hundreds of dancers

16. Dance en pointe properly

17. Go to the Post- It Note Factory

(Question: Do they have a factory? If anyone knows where it is, please comment below. I’m a bit of a weirdo fan 😉 )

18. Go to Summer Bay, Australia (Home & Away)

19. Have Breakfast at Tiffany’s

20. Ride a horse on a beach

21. Become a ‘blogger’

22. Start a (well known) YouTube Channel

23. Do the Empire State Building (stair) Run.

(Found out today there are 1,576 steps. Imagine the toned bump and legs I’ll have after running up all those)

24. Go up the Eiffel Tower

25. See the Northern Lights

26. Find the bridge in Paris I read about in a book.

(Firstly I need to find the book. If anyone can tell me the title of a book about a girl who goes on holiday with some bitchy girl friends but runs off to Paris to find her dad. Meets some Americans and falls in love with one of the boys where he tells her in 2 years to meet her at this bridge, I will be very very grateful. I read so much I can’t remember the title.)

27. Jump into the sea

28. Do the splits

29. Sunbath in Bora Bora

30. Play a game of cricket without getting hit in the face/ falling over.

31. Press the button on the Lottery.

(The same person who inspired this, crushed this dream also by telling me the big button doesn’t control the machine. No one ever told me this! Dreams= crushed.) 

32. Turn on Christmas lights

33. Eat a crème brûlée

34. Have high tea in Bath

(The place Bath, not a bath.)

35. Be in a film

36. Carve a pumpkin and go trick or treating

37. Speak french to a french person convincingly and have them understand me

38. Win a game of bingo

39. Put a padlock on the padlock bridge

(Note to self: get a boyfriend. Putting a padlock on by yourself just doesn’t have the desired affect.)

40. Go to the West End, London

41. Go in the Tardis

42. Cut (a brave) person’s hair

43. Own a MAC product

44. Have a blogger meet up

(Yes. This must be done. Get that everyone?)

45. Sky dive

46. Be on radio/ TV

47. Buy a Mr Whippy Ice-cream machine

48. Drive a car 

(Did this the other day. I am pretty pro at it already.) 

49. Prove you wrong.

50. Reach 1,000 blog follows.

(Yeah I know. Just a dream.)

Now for some inspiring (maybe a little cheesy) pictures. I have these sort of pictures as my background image, just to always remind me to work hard whatever people say about them, especially the dreams that mean a lot to me.


Source: We Heart It

Dreams - Walt Disney

Source: We Heart It

What are on your list of things to do?

Hope you liked this different post. See you all very soon.

Maisie x

16th Birthday Party Ideas…

19 Oct

Hello beauties,

So my 16th birthday is slowly approaching in December and because I thought this is sort of a big birthday so I better do something as I never really do anything. So I was doing a bit of research online to see what sort of ideas I could come up with and I thought I’d share them with you, because I know a lot of you are about the same age as me but also you could use the ideas for other birthdays too.

1. A Photo shoot

The other week one of my best friends had a group photo and oh’ my gosh, it was so much fun! We’re no models and you don’t have to be, all you need to do is dress up nice, have a giggle with your friends and get some really cute photos from it. It’s not actually as expensive as you might think and the deal we got meant we all get a copy of a photo of our choice, I will also probably order some more just because it’ll be hard to pick just one! It isn’t as expensive as you may believe, the more people, the more value for money it is.

A giggle with the girls <3

A giggle with the girls ❤

2. PJ Party

This is the party I think I’ll end up going with. I love the idea of not having to make a huge effort, inviting everyone round to chill in their PJs (not onesies because that is cheating!) Then pick a good chick flick, and stuff ourselves silly on pizza whilst sipping hot chocolates which cream and marshmallows. Yummy. You can also add some facemasks to that, some dancing, some crappy games and some hugs with your best friends aww.

We all love a den. However old we are.  Source: We Heart It

We all love a den. However old we are.
Source: We Heart It

3. A Posh Ball Gown Wearing Do

If you are the classy type, why not have a dressed up party. Get everyone to dress like they’re going to a wedding or prom and have a proper posh knees up, with a sit down meal and hoping you don’t drop anything down your front! Maybe even make it a masked do and add a air of mystery to your birthday.

Thumble the Tumble

Why not make it a masked too? ooooh’ how snazzy!
Source: We Heart It

4. Act Like a Little Kid in a Indoor Play Area Party

I also like the idea of this very much, maybe I’ll have a play area PJ party? You know those really plastic places that smell of pee with drop down slides and ball pits? Nothing says party like a ball pit, so hire out one of those places and run around like your not a day older than 10. The more people you invite to ‘play’ with, the more worth it’s money it’ll be by hour. The only thing that isn’t appealing to me is that it sort of involves exercise, which means sweat and I don’t want to be little miss shiny t-zone on my birthday!

5. Vintage Tea Party

I also am thinking of going this route for my own party as it combines two of my favourite things, vintage and tea (plus cake) Vintage is so in right now, so you can make it look really pretty and girly, which also makes some great blog photos to write about. 😉

Brightly coloured garden tea party.
Source: tweedleddesigns.blogspot.co.uk

6. Pink Party

Pink is my colour, so I will be adding this element to my party but why not go all out with pink, or your favourite colour? Dress your room in your colour, make everyone dress in that colour and eat food that is that colour. Pink, pink and more pink. Perfect.

Pink, pink and more pink.
Source: We Heart It

7. Photography Party

I know I already said about a photo shoot but I thought instead of the more expensive photo shoot, you can pick up everyone some disposable cameras (which could be party favours too) and let everyone take photos. You could also set up your own photo booth with a bed sheet, a camera and some funny props.

One of my favourite things in the whole wide world
Source: We Heart It

8. Night at the movies/ theatre

Favourite film or show? Give everyone a character from it, then end the night by watching it. Or just get everyone to come as your favourite actor or actress. Maybe set up a red carpet too?

My favourite actress as you all know.

My favourite actress as you all know.

9. Inflatable Party

By inflatable I mean sumo suits and inflatable jousting. If my birthday wasn’t in the middle of winter and with a bigger garden, I would love this, even if I got a little bit shiny! Even a bouncy castle if you’re going all out.

10. Pool Party

A pool party to me just seems so American, so why not make it an America style pool party. Red cups and all! Obviously this is a currently a great outdoor options, but if you have a leisure centre near by and want to spend a little more, you can always hire them out. Only problem is that not everyone is swimsuit confident, which is never good but you want everyone to be comfortable and have a fantastic time.

Looking at this makes me want summer.
Source: We Heart It

So let’s finish with one of my favourite things, a mood board, to bring all my ideas together and to hopefully help inspire you too.

sweet 16 mood board

Hope you all liked the ideas I came up with, if you have any ideas or has had a sweet 16, please share so I can steal them from you! 😉 Also, if it’s your birthday coming up, please with me too! I’m also looking for some people to collab post with, so if you want to collab, please drop me an e-mail you’ll find in the contact me section, and I’ll be happy to work with you!

See you all soon

Maisie xxx

I Believe in Pink…

23 Sep

Hello my lovely lot,

Hope you are all okay? Firstly I’d like to say yes, I am still alive, well and blogging, it’s just that I’m currently under a massive mountain of revision and school work, but when I get this week done and dusted I will be on here a lot more I promise. Also I am one away from 100 followers and a give away, so if you aren’t following me right now, please do! When I reach 100 followers I’ll do a post about different give away ideas to see which one you’d all prefer to have and enter, which is very exciting so keep checking the blog for more information on that. Also I got into my school dance company, but I don’t want to mumble on too long like always!

So pink has always been my colour, ever since I was 3 I used to dress myself in head to toe pink and Barbie was my fashion inspiration. I guess I’ve always been a girly girl so that’s why I’ve always loved pink, so when I heard pink was actually on trend at the moment I was beyond excited because now I could wear it and look on trend without going for the Barbie Doll look on a 15 year old girl. Of course Miss Audrey Hepburn also believed in the powers of pink, along with other pink patrons such as Elle Woods, Angelina Ballerina and Regina George to name a few. 😉

After hearing this very exciting news I did a bit of online shopping to find my favourite pink items on the high street (I’m called High Street Spy for a reason) and edited a little collage of them for you to have a snoop at. I also looking for some celebrities for a bit of fashion inspiration, as well as some snaps from London fashion Week. Enjoy.

My favourite pink pieces out there…

Oh so pretty...

Oh so pretty…

* V neckline dress~ Topshop

* Barbie Sweater~ Sheinside.com

*Pumps~ H&M

*Scarf~ H&M

*Simple glittery dress~ Ted Baker

*Skinny jeans~ H&M


*Applique Dress~ I think this is Miss Selfridge or Topshop but I didn’t write it down (sorry guys!)

*Satchel~ Topshop

*Collared Top~ Miss Selfridge

*Beanie~ ASOS

*Lace hemmed top~ Topshop

*Floral applique skirt~ Sheinside.com

Antonio Berandi- LFW

Antonio Berandi- LFW



Collars and pink? My two favourite things in the world! Miss Whitmore is my fashion crush at the moment!

Laura Whitmore looking beautiful in pastel pink

Laura Whitmore looking beautiful in pastel pink

Chloe Moretz in head to toe pink

Chloe Moretz in head to toe pink

Why not add a little bit of pink to your wardrobe this season? Also remember to follow my blog if you don’t already do so because then a give away will be coming your way very soon, and I know you’ll all want to enter.

Remember, on Wednesdays we wear pink.

See you all very soon,

Maisie xxx


My inspiration…

8 Sep

Hello beauties,

The other day I was watching Breakfast at Tiffanys for the first proper time in my life (I know but I’m only 15) and even though it was a pretty long film, I completely feel in love with the film and Audrey Hepburn.

My new favourite film, Breakfast at Tiffanys

I’d admired Audrey Hepburn for a while now, more for the way she looked because you always see her picture around but I’d never seen a whole film with here in before but she was more of a face to me than an actress. I thought Breakfast at Tiffany was going to be a really old film that I wouldn’t understand but I was so surprised how modern the film seemed and also how Audrey acted too. She isn’t just a very pretty face.

I just can't get over how beautiful she is.

I just can’t get over how beautiful she is.

I guess I feel I can connect to her in a way, not only do we both have really dark big eyebrows, but she’s just independent and is clever and has gone out there and got exactly what she wanted. In my opinion she’s an inspiration for women. Audrey Hepburn will always be remembered, she wasn’t an actress who had 5 minutes of fame, and ended up disappearing or on Big Brother (yes, I know that wasn’t around in those days but it happens now days) she made a name for herself, and worked hard to earn that name and made herself an icon and an amazingly pretty one at that.


Touching up her lipstick in a completely classic and gorgeous outfit

I’m not saying I want to be an icon like her and be remembered by everyone in the whole world, but I do want to be something, not just disappear into the background, I want to be remembered for something, and when I find out what it is, I’ll let you all know! 😉 My dad said to me recently, ‘Whatever you do with your life, make sure it makes a difference to the world in some way.’

tabbycakey:Audrey Hepburn en pointe

Miss Hepburn messing around en pointe! Reminds me of myself a bit 😉

So from now on I’m going to Audrey Hepburn my way through life, wide eyed, big eyebrowed and making myself known. Touching up my make-up as I go, just like Audrey does, oh’ and occasionally muck about on pointe and pretend I can really do ballet en pointe. (Bet you’re glad to hear that Lauren! So if that is a bit cryptic if you don’t know about Lauren, but she’ll know what I’m talking about.)

Before the summer holidays, I went to the careers adviser, and I ended up being there for 2 hours when the appointment was only 40 minutes or so, and that was because she was the first person who actually didn’t question me or what I wanted to do, and I put that down to her knowing. I told her I really wanted to be a blogger, and she didn’t go ‘that’s not a job’ or ‘can you really earn money from that?’ She agreed and told me to ignore what everyone says because it’s my life and I don’t want to stay living in my small town anyway, and the people who judge me now for writing a blog, won’t be laughing anymore when I’m successful.

‘Nothing is fun about being in the wings when you have the chance to be in the spotlight.’

“Happy GIRLS are the PRETTIEST!” – Audrey Hepburn

So that is why Audrey Hepburn is my inspiration because even though she is one of the prettiest women the world has ever know, that never mattered, she believed in smiles and all women having beauty and she did very much make a difference to the world.

Oh and also, you see that picture above? That iconic look from Breakfast at Tiffanys? Well I’m working on a make-up tutorial for that look, so watch this space because I’m really looking forward to recreating it!

Who inspires you?

See you all soon,

Maisie xxx

Happy Post #1

23 Aug

Happy Friday everybody!

After writing down my story and sharing my story to you lovely people of the internet I do feel a lot better, and for everyone who liked and commented on that post with your lovely words of support, once again I’d love to thank you very much. Also since publishing that post, I have gone way past my 50 followers targets and almost at 60, even thought gaining lots of followers by publishing that was definatly intentional I promise, I was not attention seeking in the slightest and more for my followers I already had, it was a really pleasant surprise when I woke up this morning, so thank you again. For the first time in over 2 years writing on WordPress I feel like I really have a blogging community where we can all be there for each other and I’m not alone and you all mean so much for me, every single one of you who follows me. Okay, that’s the thank yous done and dusted!

In that post I told you dance has become my happy place, so I thought why not give you regular updates of my quest for confidence and happiness, no more negativity, because what’s the point, life’s too short for all that. I’m going to call it Happy Posts, where I just share with you what is making you smile and for fellow bloggers who also told me about their struggles with anxiety will be inspired in a way to confront your anxiety head on. I don’t want this happy post just to be something I do, so if you feel you need to cleanse your life from negativity and fear, like me, why not do a happy post too, tell me and I promise to read it too.

So here I am writing a blog about dancing again, because dance is my life and has never failed to make me happy and block out whatever problems I’m having. A reader commented on my blog and told me to keep dancing and don’t let anxiety take over ‘living’, which made me decide to write this as my first ‘Happy Post’. Also, this is where I’d like to say thank you to my teacher Miss Benjamin for believing in me and making me feel I can actually dance, and also one of my best friends Lauren, who’s caused me to have my addiction to the dance studio!

I’ve done a bit of editing and posted my favourite dance quotes that apply to me on top of images of me dancing ballet. I’ve been dancing since the age of 3 and  I don’t plan on stopping soon, dance has helped me realise I’m not as rubbish as I thought.

I feel happy! Yeah, yeah, yeah!

I feel happy! Yeah, yeah, yeah!

dance 2

This applies to me so much <3

This applies to me so much ❤

dance 4I’d really love it if you could join me in my happy post and we could have a completely fresh (and happy) start together.

Love you all,

Maisie xxx


My new summer love…

28 Jul

This summer holidays me and my friend Lauren decided to keep up our fitness by carrying on dancing, we’re both dancers and dance students so we wanted to keep it up and improve. As well as doing yoga and step class (both way harder than you’d first expect and are more like torture classes than fitness classes) I wanted to learn ballet. So that is what I’m doing.

Me on pointe on day one. Be impressed…

Lauren is really great at ballet and has been studying it for years now, so she agreed to teach me ballet so I may be able to join in with her class in September which I really hope to do. When it comes to my dance background I did actually do ballet like most other 3 year olds do, inspired by Angelina Ballerina and carried that on for a few years then decided I’d had enough of the bitchy girls in my class and moved on to ballroom, Latin and Rock n’ Roll classes, which was the dance love of my life. To be honest ballroom is not really a style of dance you think of a 7+ year old doing but even though it wasn’t cool like street dance was I still loved it (and the shoes!) I carried on with that for years, doing exams and competitions mainly with the same one dance. Then I did street but I kind of went of dance for a little while but a soon as I started GCSE dance and met Lauren I became dance obsessed.

Look no hands!

Look no hands!

After a few hours of ballet, I do really love it, it is really hard work but I think I’ll get there eventually. To make me more determined I ordered some ballet shoes earlier and I’ll be on pointe in no time right? (I’m hoping anyway.)

What is everyone else up to this summer? Going on 20 mile runs or slobbing it watching daytime TV?

Maisie xxx


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