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The Dancer Project…

21 Feb


So I asked a few of you if you wanted to see some more dance related posts and you said yes so hope you like this post.

So the other day my friend Lauren (her blog is brill & very dance if you are into that) took me and another Lauren (another brill blog and it’s new, so go follow her) around out town to take pictures for her art project. The project is based on pictures by ‘The Dancers Among us’ and ‘The Ballerina Project’ which are really cool picture projects that put dancers in normal situations. If you are a dancer, give them a Google. 😉 We live in a small town and not New York so the pictures don’t look as impressive as the city shots but I still think they came out pretty great. One thing I learnt from this shot was that doing pointe on wet grass/ on a bench/ on a swing/ on a tree/ tree stump is very hard, in a lot of the grass pictures I am sinking with horrible feet and legs. Please ignore them.

We went up to the park and then to the library because, why not? A pair of caked in mud pointe shoes and ballet shoes, and mud splattered tights later these were the results after we spent a day freezing our buns off. (Do you get it? Buns. Butts.)

















^A little edit there ^

These are just a selection of the photos, but if you want to see more click here to go to Lauren’s blog and read more about the project.

If you like more dance related posts, let me know and I’ll be on my toes (yep another ballet joke) to find more dance posts for you lovely lot. Oh’ and let me know what you think of these photos!

Maisie x


A Few Holiday Jewellery Purchases…

31 Aug

Hello Everybody!

I’m back from my holiday and I hope you’ve all missed me and my blog? (Hopefully) I thought just to get me back into writing again after a week off I’ll do a short little post of the things I’ve brought on holiday. I went to Cornwall which is one of my favourite places in the world, just because it’s so beautiful and I love finding little shops where you can buy little bits and bobs that no one else is going to have where I live. Normally I buy quite a bit, but this time I only brought a few things and only spending about £15 which is quite good considering Cornwall is generally an expensive place. Here’s a nosey at the things I’ve brought and guess what? It’s not make-up of any kind!

'Live' ring for my friend Lucy

‘Live’ ring for my friend Lucy

My ring to remind me to never stop dancing

My ring to remind me to never stop dancing

If you like it. Put a ring on it.

If you like it. Put a ring on it.

I brought these really cute Live, Sing, Dance rings (I only brought dance for me, you can probably guess why! And live for my best friend Lucy as a present.) They aren’t real silver or anything snazzy because they weren’t that expensive but I just thought they were really cute and had a sort of vintage look to them. I love rings because they make my short fingers a little bit longer and my fingers feel a little naked without any rings on them.  They were from a tiny jewellery shop called Gwyneth’s, I wish I’d brought more but I thought I’d find more stuff and didn’t want to spend all my money, but I didn’t. If you’re in Cornwall, this shop is worth a visit.

Looks like I've made them myself ;)

Looks like I’ve made them myself 😉

None of these friendship bracelets are actually mine but they were so cute, I like the multi-coloured beaded bracelets if I was going to pick some for myself but these are for my some of my friends that buy me little presents from their holiday. I didn’t want to spend lots of money as I had to buy 5, and I came across these cute bracelets in a clothing boutique for just under £2 each. They would look really nice stacked and have the sort of home made beach effect to them so they sort of link to Cornwall. Again I was being stingy when spending money on stuff for myself but I hope my friends like these as much as me, as I’d happily have them!

Not a lot, but I thought you’d like a nosey. I’m going to write a big diary/ lifestyle/ picture post about Cornwall and also a blogger challenge coming up soon for you all to join in with which should be a blast (yes. Very exciting.) I’m also so super close to 100 followers, just under 30 followers to go, and then I’ll be doing my give away, so follow my blog if you’re not already doing so.

Thanks for reading.

Maisie xxx

Happy Post #1

23 Aug

Happy Friday everybody!

After writing down my story and sharing my story to you lovely people of the internet I do feel a lot better, and for everyone who liked and commented on that post with your lovely words of support, once again I’d love to thank you very much. Also since publishing that post, I have gone way past my 50 followers targets and almost at 60, even thought gaining lots of followers by publishing that was definatly intentional I promise, I was not attention seeking in the slightest and more for my followers I already had, it was a really pleasant surprise when I woke up this morning, so thank you again. For the first time in over 2 years writing on WordPress I feel like I really have a blogging community where we can all be there for each other and I’m not alone and you all mean so much for me, every single one of you who follows me. Okay, that’s the thank yous done and dusted!

In that post I told you dance has become my happy place, so I thought why not give you regular updates of my quest for confidence and happiness, no more negativity, because what’s the point, life’s too short for all that. I’m going to call it Happy Posts, where I just share with you what is making you smile and for fellow bloggers who also told me about their struggles with anxiety will be inspired in a way to confront your anxiety head on. I don’t want this happy post just to be something I do, so if you feel you need to cleanse your life from negativity and fear, like me, why not do a happy post too, tell me and I promise to read it too.

So here I am writing a blog about dancing again, because dance is my life and has never failed to make me happy and block out whatever problems I’m having. A reader commented on my blog and told me to keep dancing and don’t let anxiety take over ‘living’, which made me decide to write this as my first ‘Happy Post’. Also, this is where I’d like to say thank you to my teacher Miss Benjamin for believing in me and making me feel I can actually dance, and also one of my best friends Lauren, who’s caused me to have my addiction to the dance studio!

I’ve done a bit of editing and posted my favourite dance quotes that apply to me on top of images of me dancing ballet. I’ve been dancing since the age of 3 and  I don’t plan on stopping soon, dance has helped me realise I’m not as rubbish as I thought.

I feel happy! Yeah, yeah, yeah!

I feel happy! Yeah, yeah, yeah!

dance 2

This applies to me so much <3

This applies to me so much ❤

dance 4I’d really love it if you could join me in my happy post and we could have a completely fresh (and happy) start together.

Love you all,

Maisie xxx


My Name is Maisie, and I Have No Confidence…

22 Aug

So, this is a bit of a feel sorry for myself post, but I thought, I share everything with you, why not this? I’m a bit nervous to post this, as it’s getting quite deep and personal, but then, I might help someone else who feels exactly the same to me, and we can help each other, because I sort of want to lift a weight off my shoulder. So here goes.

I come across a pretty confident person, I’m chatty and love people generally, but deep down I have no confidence. I guess it’s come from being knocked down a lot, how I’m such a perfectionist and I over think everything. I used to always like being the centre of attention, I used to talk to everyone, I liked to be liked by everyone, I would dance and compete and know that I was good, head held high, smile on my face. My smile hasn’t gone most of the time, just my confidence seemed to drop, because I began to realise that I wasn’t the best, not even half.

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 18_06_19

A year ago my confidence took a blow, big time, because I began to have panic attacks, which started in a French lesson, a lot of people didn’t know what was happening and neither did I! I hate confrontation and failing at something, and both of those things happened. I couldn’t breath, my throat felt like it was closing up, my heart was beating fast, I felt like everyone was looking at me and judging me, I got sweaty and wanted to break down in tears. I knew it wasn’t nerves, because I don’t just cry when I’m nervous, but I had experienced this before. I thought I was weak because I cried in front of everyone, everyone saw me break down because I got something wrong and that was weird but I knew I couldn’t help it. Of course my French teacher isn’t completely heartless, and gave me a tissue and luckily I had one of my best friends there to take me out and help me compose myself. I was so low for a while because of what happened and my biggest fear became French, which sounds stupid if you you’ve never experienced this. Some people used to mention me crying and make fun and I’d just want to cry and be invisible, I knew they wouldn’t understand because I didn’t even understand myself. Since then I have had other panic attacks, one recently actually but now I understand because of Zoella’s YouTube video and for her I am forever grateful, and my closest friends do and also my teacher, so I guess things have improved in that way.


Even though I understand my panic attacks, they still are there, and my confidence is no where near it used to be, before French. I have highs and lows in my confidence, at the moment it’s pretty low, due to things that are going on in my life, and I wanted to write this for people who might feel alone, like I used to, because I know, you feel like you’re the weird one. Dance has helped me a lot, I used to dance with no confidence, and my eyes down but my teacher has helped me so much, and I do well and that has helped build my confidence a crazy amount. Dance is my life, because dance makes me happy, I know I’ll never be good enough to be a dancer, but I never try to be better than anyone, just to be better than myself.


I’ve never been a typical teenager which in a way effected my confidence, I’ve not had a real boyfriend or goes to parties or enjoys sleep overs, because I haven’t had the confidence. I would love that stuff, so much, because I sort of feel I’m still the weirdo because I haven’t had a boyfriend or anything near.


This blog has build my confidence so much, words can not describe how happy I feel when you like one of my blog posts or you follow my blog, I feel so special because people like my writing. Even though I will probably never meet you in real life, I just want to let you all know how much you have helped me, be the person I want to be. You have no idea what you all mean to me and this blog too.


But yesterday, I told myself I am having a fresh start, a new me. My confidence isn’t going to come back in real life, maybe as I confident as I feel on here but it will. The only way I can become confident, is to be confident. Forget having a boyfriend, or getting 1000000 followers on my blog. Shoulders back, head high because you never know what might happen.


If you are reading this. Thank you. Thank you for letting me share my story with you and lifting this dark shadow I’ve had for a long time. If you ever need anyone to talk to, please e-mail me. I know how important it is to be heard and if this post helps 1 of you, I will be happy.

Thank you x


What’s in my dance bag?

2 Aug

Hello my lovely lot,

So as you might know if you’ve read my previous posts and follow my blog, I am very into my dance and especially at the moment I’ve become pretty dance obsessed, so I thought of instead of doing just a normal ‘what’s in my bag’ post, I thought I’d do a ‘what’s in my dance bag’ post instead. I hope you enjoy snooping around inside some of the stuff in my sweaty dance bag. (Lovely!)

The bag

My RAD tote bag

My RAD tote bag

So this is one of the many dance bags I got free from Move It 2013, a dance convention which is a must for everyone who loves dance in Olympia London. I got lots of bags and other bits and pieces completely free but out of all of them, this is one of the best quality and my favourite bag, so this is the one I use most of the time for dance and sports.

Leather ballet slippers

Leather ballet slippers from Dance Direct

Leather ballet slippers from Dance Direct

These are some leather ballet slippers I picked up recently from Dance Direct, which is bargain heaven for all dancers from leotards to pointe shoes, they have it but at a discount price. (These cost me £4.14… I know right, so cheap!) I brought these so I didn’t have to keep borrowing Laurens holey and stinky shoes (sorry Lauren 😉 ) But hopefully I’ll be carrying on with ballet after the summer, so these leather shoes will last me a long time.

Foot thongs

So yes... they do go on your feet

So yes… they do go on your feet

I also get these recently from Dance Direct for £7.16, and these are actually called Capezio Foot Undeez. They go over your toes for contemporary dance so your feet don’t get stuck on the floor and support your feet, I’ve found my feet getting stuck on the floor in dance a bit of a problem so I wanted to invest in these for a little while now. Tiny pants for your feet. What’s not to love?


'Therma-band aka torture band for dancers'

‘Therma-band aka torture band for dancers’

I’ve been using this band quite a lot recently in order to improve my turn out and flexibility, and is also really good and improving the arches in your feet too, so this is an essential dance bag item for me. This band is actually really long but I got this band for free from the physiotherapist a few years ago which is good because it turns out this length of band can be quite expensive but a shorter band can be picked up for a few pounds.


Go from everyday to dancewear with leggings.

Go from everyday to dancewear with leggings.

These are my crop ruche hem leggings that I keep in my bag because these are cooler to wear in the summer than a full length legging. These ones are from Next so they’re a really good quality so I get no VPL (visible panty line, if you don’t know the code) or completely see through , but leggings can be picked up cheap from basically any clothes shop.

So that’s basically everything in my dance bag, I hope you’ve enjoyed my post today, but keep calm and keep dancing, they’ll be another blog post coming your way very soon!

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Maisie xxx

My new summer love…

28 Jul

This summer holidays me and my friend Lauren decided to keep up our fitness by carrying on dancing, we’re both dancers and dance students so we wanted to keep it up and improve. As well as doing yoga and step class (both way harder than you’d first expect and are more like torture classes than fitness classes) I wanted to learn ballet. So that is what I’m doing.

Me on pointe on day one. Be impressed…

Lauren is really great at ballet and has been studying it for years now, so she agreed to teach me ballet so I may be able to join in with her class in September which I really hope to do. When it comes to my dance background I did actually do ballet like most other 3 year olds do, inspired by Angelina Ballerina and carried that on for a few years then decided I’d had enough of the bitchy girls in my class and moved on to ballroom, Latin and Rock n’ Roll classes, which was the dance love of my life. To be honest ballroom is not really a style of dance you think of a 7+ year old doing but even though it wasn’t cool like street dance was I still loved it (and the shoes!) I carried on with that for years, doing exams and competitions mainly with the same one dance. Then I did street but I kind of went of dance for a little while but a soon as I started GCSE dance and met Lauren I became dance obsessed.

Look no hands!

Look no hands!

After a few hours of ballet, I do really love it, it is really hard work but I think I’ll get there eventually. To make me more determined I ordered some ballet shoes earlier and I’ll be on pointe in no time right? (I’m hoping anyway.)

What is everyone else up to this summer? Going on 20 mile runs or slobbing it watching daytime TV?

Maisie xxx


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