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See You Later Blogging…

21 Jan

My wonderful readers,

I guess I’m not really sure how to start this off, or if there is anyone left to read this but here goes.

This post may be one I regret tomorrow, because I’m feeling over emotional and stressed, as well as the fact Zac Efron is serenading me with an emotional HSM ballad, but right now I feel I need to write this. Ever since I started sixth form I neglected this site, which I have worked bloomn’ on this, from improving my writing, so working on the general appearance on this page and I still come back to have a little look, just to check it’s still there. Of course it is, but I’m not which upsets me quite a bit.

I feel I’ve used my work load as a bit of excuse for me not actually doing what I love, because I used to love writing what I wanted to write about, despite what people used to say and joke about which still gets to me months and years later, spending time to take and edit my photos, and then reading comments, feedback, advice. It used to make me so happy, preparing posts, posting and waiting at my computer for my first like or comment. Then I kind of lost it all. I lost my love and motivation and every time I tried to express something within a post, I couldn’t or in my opinion it was shit, and I was shit. I know I’m not the best writer in the world, I know I’m not, but I tried so hard and then it was all gone.

I didn’t want to publish anything anymore because it wasn’t worth your time to read, it wasn’t funny, or witty or informative, it seemed false and was extracted from nothing. I must have about 30 posts written, but couldn’t finish let alone publish them. I guess I felt I needed a break or time out from writing, but then I started school and work got so much, and I took a class that made me loose all my confidence. I still think, ‘how can I be a writer if I’m failing English?’ So all of a sudden what I liked to do became a chore and a huge weight on my shoulders. My boyfriend even got be a journal for Christmas for me to write, but I’m even struggling to write about my personal thoughts.

My blog is not a huge pitty party, and I know some of you will probably be thinking, for god sake get over yourself, and if I’m honest that’s exactly what I’m thinking too. It upsets me that my camera sits in its case, and my blog is silent, and really good outfits and make-up go unappreciated. ūüėČ

Many of my blogging friends, who I am so grateful for, ask me to write again and to you, thank you and I owe you this explanation.

When I find my love and happiness in my writing, and confidence in my ability, I will be back.

But for now this is kind of a, ‘see you later.’ Just for a little while longer anyway.

Love always,

The always over dramatic,

Maisie x


Products That I Regret Buying…

1 Oct

Hello my lovely readers,

Now I’ve been toying with the idea of writing this post just because if I’d known about what these products were like before I’d brought them I would have never spent my money on them, which is a positive of course. But also in a way I feel a bit bitchy slagging off these products because I think about the people who have worked hard on the products, but anyway I’m going to post this anyway and call this constructive criticism instead. ūüôā

Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundation

So disappointing...

So disappointing…

If you saw in my previous blog post, you would have seen that this product was on my wish list and I was really excited about getting it because I do get a shiny t-zone and needed a foundation in the right colour. I really liked the mouse feeling of it and the colour was really great but after wearing it twice has made my skin go seriously down hill. Even though my skin is oily it really dried out my skin round my nose and in between my eyebrows and dry patched under foundation is never a good look; I even moisturised first and it would be completely fine but would dry out during the day. You’d also expect this foundation to do exactly what it says in the name, stay matte, but it didn’t. I wore it to a photo shoot and I started to get shiny from the lights and heat within a few minutes which was really horrible. I also wore it at school and had dance that day, not only did I get shiny but it sweats of in patches. Generally really disappointed in this because I was really excited for it.

Maybelline The Falsies Volum’ Express Black Drama

Love/ hate this...

Love/ hate this…

Okay, so I actually did love this product and just the normal black version of this product, it’s the ‘black drama’ part I really didn’t like when it came to taking it off. I use the Simple cleansing lotion and sometimes the Simple wipes to take off my eye make-up which is normally fine, but this one just would never come off. You’re face would be covered in black and you’d be trying to get it off forever! Then just when you thought you’d get it all off you’d wake up with really dark panda eyes after trying to get it off for over half and hour. The product itself was so dramatic and really made your eyelashes look great but the taking off, not so much.

Rimmel London 1000 Kisses Lip Tint

Why could this not last forever?

Why could this not last forever?

At first, once again I loved this product, I loved the colour and the balm that went with it, it also lasted all day. It lasted for a little while but then the colour began drying up and there was only a tiny amount of balm on the end and it hardly lasted a few weeks, and I had to start using different balm which didn’t work that well. The only thing I’d change is make the balm last so much longer then the product would be perfect. Mwah.

Maybelline Master Shape Brow Pencil

Eww too waxy

Eww too waxy

I must own every eyebrow product under the sun, just experimenting with different products, I liked this one because it was meant to be a little waxy for holding the eyebrows and also a brush to brush those bad boys too. But the wax was too waxy for my liking! You couldn’t sharpen it because it would just fall apart and also when you were applying it. It would also give your eyebrows a really unnatural look and also a shiny finish to it due to the wax which is never a good look.

Primark Vest Top

Someone please take it?

Someone please take it?

I know, not a beauty product but this top is just hanging around my room at the moment because I’ve missed my change to take it back. Why? Because I committed a Primark sin. I didn’t try it on before I brought it. Also I don’t live really close to a Primark so I haven’t been since I brought it to take it back so I’m stuck with it. The¬†fit is really weird and it’s hard to explain, it came quite low on me, so I gave it to¬†Lauren and guess what? It looked weird on her too and on my mum and hers. So right now I’m on the search¬†for someone to give it to¬†but I think that will be a miracle!

Hope you all liked this bitchy post from me! ūüėČ Remember to follow if you don’t already and let my know if anyone wants this top as you can have it!

P.S I’m working on ideas for a giveaway so if anyone has any idea on what you want from the UK drugstore ranges let me know.

Maisie xxx

My ‘A Dress a Day’ blog post…

7 Aug

So recently I was doing a bit of online shopping and came across a website called adressaday.co.uk, what they do is they offer all their users a chance to get a different dress each day at a crazily great discount price. Other websites like this I’ve seen offer discounts of dresses from unknown brands but unlike them, A Dress a Day have dresses from high street brands like New Look, boohoo.com, Ted Baker and many more, you just have to check their website everyday and they might have a dress for you. I really recommend you check out their website and keep it as a favourite, as you never know, that dress you’ve been admiring might be super cheap!

Anyway, whilst I was clicking around their website I saw that they were starting up a blog and were looking for bloggers to write posts for it, and all you had to do was e-mail them with name, blog details and what you would write about if you were picked to be a featured blogger on their site. I wrote my e-mail and send it off, and the day later they e-mailed me back, telling me I’d been picked to be their blogger and to make start on my blog post. After a little happy dance, I wrote my blog post and edited my image to go with it which I checked over 100000 times, (a bit exaggerated) to make sure I hadn’t made a stupid spelling or grammar mistake, as I am a bit lazy when it comes to proof reading my blog.

It was weird writing for a different site besides High Street Spy, I’d never really done that, and it also meant I had to write like I was writing to people who didn’t know me and hadn’t previously read any of my other posts and got me yet. It also needed to be a little bit different, not just a OOTD or review, it needed to have more of a purpose behind it and interesting to read. So this was what I titled it, ‘How to: Stay on Trend on a Teenager’s budget’.

I’d love it if you could have a cheeky little look at it by clicking on the screen shots of¬†my¬†post¬†below, and tell me what you think of it because that would make me a very happy girl!

Look it's my blog on their website (whoop whoop!) Click on this photo to read my post!

Look it’s my blog on their website (whoop whoop!) Click on this photo to read my post!

Another cheeky look at my blog post!

Another cheeky look at my blog post!

If you read it thank you very much and thanks to everyone at A Dress a Day for the opportunity to spread my blogging wings. At the end of this week, I’ll post up the blog post on here, but you should read it on the site anyway!

See you soon!

Maisie xxx

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