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19 Mar

Hello lovelies,

I have become a blogger who likes to put myself out there because I feel that people prefer to read things when they can put a face or voice to the words, and then you want to go back and read more of their stuff because you become friends. (Or that’s what I think anyway!) So I was thinking half way through each month I will do a sort of update post of things I’ve done/ things I’m loving that aren’t big or interesting enough I feel to put in their own post! It also means the closer I get to exams there will still be at least one post a month that I can write pretty quickly at once, and then all you guys know I am still very much alive! (Touch wood 😉 )

mid march

So far March has been okay apart from the stinking cold I currently have had all weekend; I survived the whole winter with only the occasional sniffle but just as the sun emerges for the weekend in England, my body is like, ‘Bam! Have a cold, you’re not going out in that sun, stay in bed! Mwahah.’ As I’m writing this I am feeling sorry for myself covered in tissues watching daytime TV, (This Morning to be precise: they’re cooking something but it’s not floating my boat if I’m honest) in My Little Pony PJ bottoms and a One Direction tour t-shirt. I haven’t had make-up on all weekend, and my hair really needs a wash, so no picture of this guys, sorry!

At the end of last month I had a very belated, small gathering for my birthday which was really lovely! My birthday is in December which sucks because everyone is busy and Christmas and new year is way more important, so now I’m like the Queen and I have 2 birthdays! Trés snazzy, I know. I decided to have a PJ party because it means very little effort is needed to look nice, and this weekend I went to another PJ party for my lovely friend Naomi’s 16th, safe to say these are now my favourite parties. I love them because when you get home you just have to whip off the bra, scrub off the make-up, clean your teeth and hop straight into bed! We played a few games, ate loads of rubbish and even choreographed a dance routine, oh and I also met some new fabulous people who I love very much and can’t wait to see again. Last Sunday also was my bestest mate’s birthday, so happy birthday Lucy, I love you lots and lots.


Super man and my little pony collision

Last month (I think) I nipped into London with my friend who I alway go to London with, Olivia, my favourite little girl and her sister Zoe, and her lovely mum. After being squished on the train into London, we couldn’t resist a quick look around St Pancras and Boots of course for a bit of swatching to start off the day before nipping onto the tube to Camden. We looked around for a prom dress but Olivia and I only left there with bandanas from Rokit. (I’m trying to funk up my look okay? 😉 ) Back on the tube and off to Leister Square, for M&M world to take some pictures for some tourists like always and to reenact the same pics we take each time we go, then we walked to Convent Garden. (Disappointingly we saw no naked people on bikes… If you’re intrigued to what I mean, please ask because it’s a very long/ strange story!) We decided to be brave and go into MAC and to our horror people were swatching sample lipsticks… ON THEIR LIPS! So we left. (We also couldn’t afford it but we were pretty disgusted by these women and the germs. Not cool.)

Is this me?

Is this me?

Or is this me? Go on take a guess, first to win gets infinite love from moi ;)

Or is this me? Go on take a guess, first to win gets infinite love from moi 😉

Each summer I go to my favourite place in the whole wide world, Cornwall, and I wanted to tone my legs up a bit more because they have become a bit bulky from dance. I don’t want a massive huge thigh gap or anything but I just want to lengthen them, so I am doing a little Pilates routine I found online. The video is really good if you want to try this out too and this extremely perky woman teaches Pilates for all abilities. Also in order to better myself I have been drinking more water to make my skin less dry and my skin just brighter. I’ve also not been overdoing my skin to make my skin nice and clear for prom and summer *cough* surfer boys *cough* You can watch the tutorial I am following right here.

Next I’m thinking of dying my hair, at the moment it’s ombré but I’m feeling a change to the main colour as it’s a mousy brown, and I want it more of a rich brown. I want to go that colour just to make it look glossier and then I might re-ombré it again, just an idea really. Thoughts?

That’s basically it for this month, if I’m honest there’s not really a lot coming up to fill you in on apart from I really am desperate to go shopping, because some of my favourite beauty products have ran out and I feel I’ve haven’t spend any money in forever. Which is kind of good, depends how you look at it!

What have you lot been up to at the moment?

See you all soon,

Maisie x


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