Christmas Nails…

24 Dec

Christmas is tomorrow! I REPEAT TOMORROW IS CHRISTMAS!!!!

So because it’s almost Christmas and I know a lot of you will be spending time with loved ones, so I thought I’d do a quick nail post of the varnish I am wearing for the Christmas season.

nails edit christmas

This is another Fearne nail varnish which I got in a gift set with glitter varnishes available for Boots. If you read a lot of my posts you will know I am a huge fan of her ranges that she brings out at Christmas and you never know, you might be gearing some of these in your stocking! Of course I had to choose I red because it’s this time of year and with a cheeky bit of glitter in there, what I love it you can still top coat it I get the shiny nail look as the glitter is not 3D and gritty.

christmas nail edit 2

I completely suck at nail art so I didn’t even attempt it, so I decided to use my computer editing skills to add some Christmas illustration to my nails, just to make it look a little bit more Christmassy for you all.

I used a Sally Hansen base and top coat so that the colour stick around longer without ugly chipping and to make it lovely and shiny.

I hope all my lovely readers have a wonderful Christmas full of Christmas cheer and calorific foods! I love you all and see you soon, remember you have 3 days to prepare for my birthday!


Maisie x

P.S I HAVE REACHED 200 BLOG FOLLOWS! As I was writing this I just got the notification to tell me, and I can not thank you enough! If you’ve been reading my blog for a few days or since the beginning, you all mean a crazy amount to me! A give-away as a cheeky thank you will be coming up in the new year. Mwah x


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