My ‘Tumblr’ Bedroom…

7 Dec

Hello my lovely lot,

So basically I have been absent from this blog for a while because of school, in the next two weeks I have mock exams and last week I had a French writing to revise for all weekend. I also had a dance show last week with my dance company, so I danced every day and night, ended the week with a crazy Friday night at ballet! (Crazy teenager right here! Watch out.) I won’t be able to blog much which I hate but when I break up for Christmas I shall bombard you with blog posts and maybe I’ll get to 200 follows before my birthday? (28th of December, just so you know, I will be accepting gifts 😉 )

So I am not hipster in any way and my bedroom isn’t actually on Tumblr, but I do have Tumblr, so if you want it give me a follow click here. The title of this blog basically came from when Lauren came round before the dance show so we could get ready and I could do her make-up for her, when Lauren came into my room she said, ‘Your room looks likes like one of those bedrooms on Tumblr.’ So that is where the blog title came from, and also the first ever decor related post I have ever done on here. Recently I’ve had my room sort of re-done, which is all my own work and choices, so I took a few pictures to share with you.

*Disclaimer: Being a lazy teenager I didn’t dust my bedroom before taking these pictures, but Tumblr bedrooms have dust right? 😉 Also I am not writing this as a promo for Next, I just have a lot of Next home wear as I love their ranges.*

Elle magazine kindly chose their cover to match my room.

Elle magazine kindly chose their cover to match my room.

Some of the magazine selections in my room, Event from the Daily Mail just because it had One Direction in, Closer magazine for my gossip fix and not the latest issue of Elle, one of my favourite fashion publications. This issue was extremely kind because it matches my room perfectly and came with a free Benefit lip gloss.

Tiny purple alarm clock, Taylor Swift Love Struck Perfume and two vintage jars from Next.

Tiny purple alarm clock, Taylor Swift Love Struck Perfume and two vintage jars from Next.

These jars are the latest addition to my room that my mum picked up from Next recently, I really love them and are perfect for storing all my hair bobbles and bobby pins that drive my family nuts, and cotton buds in the larger one. I also have Taylor Swift Wonderstruck which I actually got last Christmas I think, and I still have quite a bit left in there. The tiny purple alarm clock I’ve had for a while, but I can’t remember where I got it from, sorry.

Tea and sully in a bobble hat. What's not to love about this?

Tea and sully in a bobble hat. What’s not to love about this?

Yep, that’s a slightly stained Sully from Monsters Inc. (that I have actually owned since the first film came out) wearing a bobble hat that is from an Innocent Smoothie, and a mat that my friend Olivia got me from a holiday as I am a big lover of tea. My room has sort of become things I have collected over the years, that are also happen to be turquoise and purples.

Love some florals

Love some florals

 This floral frame is also from Next got as a present a few years ago. I love mirror finish to it even if you can see it is slightly dusty!

Oh balls.

Oh balls.

 Some windowsill bits and bobs, the front paper weight is something I won, the dark purple bubble paper weight is from Ikea and the back pink candle holder is from Next.

No. I am not obsessed with post it notes.

No. I am not obsessed with post it notes.

I love this shape post it note because they are the best for revising from, which is actually what is on them currently. That highlighter got some looks of envy from fellow students in my English class, because it is flower shaped and has all the highlighter colours. Yeah I know, you’re jealous right? I got it as a freebie from Move It dance convention earlier this year.

Bling Bling

Bling Bling

This jewellery tree used to belong to my Great Grandma and it is one of my favourite items. Under all those earrings is a purple/ pink floral pattern.

'Here's another song for the radio...'

‘Here’s another song for the radio…’

I am a lover of radio and a few years ago I got my hands on this beautiful vintage Roberts radio. It’s a bit pricey but you get DAB and FM radio along with other funky settings, the sound quality is also amazing.

No... That's not dust...

No… That’s not dust…

I’ve had this glass bubble lamp for a long time now and yes, it’s from Next again.

Love me some bling

Love me some bling

Blingy Wardrobes

Blingy Wardrobes

I’ve recently had my wardrobe extended to a double and a half size, and also a new built in dressing table, and this is what they look like. They are by Hammonds Wardobes if you were wondering. (Fun fact: This is the same wardrobe designs used in the film Kick Ass 2.) 

Got to love the scatter cushions.

Got to love the scatter cushions.

All of the cushions are from Next from over the years, and the bedding, which you may recognize as the background of my blog photos, is from John Lewis.


Ohhh’ more florals

Another print from Next I have had for a while, it’s a large floral back print and them another floral design over the top of it.

I'm an artist.

I’m an artist.

This is the stone I use as my doorstop, I painted it in year 3 and as you can tell I can paint dolphins (yes, that’s what it is) very well. I will be taking orders very soon. 😉

Look there's more!

Look there’s more!

These Post-It notes are revision notes for Textiles, I need to revise it and these are only pattern symbols so I have a lot more of these to write up.

I hope you liked a little sneaky look at my ‘tumblr’ bedroom named by Lauren. If you like these sort of decor posts give it a like. I hope you all missed me in my absence. I will be giving my blog a make-over this weekend so make-sure you have a look at that, and hopefully a collab coming up before Christmas.

Maisie x


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  1. Kavi December 13, 2013 at 6:03 pm #

    Loved this post! Such a good idea! Loving the pillows especially! I nominated your for the sunshine award by the way lovely, and tagged you in the How much is my face worth tag! And please please check your email 😉 xoxo

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