Beauties Factory Eyeshadow Palette….

9 Nov

Happy Saturday beauties,

I’ve had this post in my blogging notebook (yes things got serious) for a while now because a few weeks ago I won this 40 piece eyeshadow palette by Beauties Factory in a blog give away by the super talented make-up artist and beautiful Veronica from across the pond in Florida. Please take a look at her blog here, one of my favourite make-up blogs. Sorry Veronica I haven’t got round to writing this post sooner but I wanted to write a long post to thank you and to make sure I’d tried it out. Please remember to take a look at her blog but only after you’ve read this, promise?

Am I a blogger now?

Am I a blogger now?

I’ve wanted an eyeshadow palette for ages now, recently I got really into using eyeshadow and blending eyeshadows because I’m weird like that but I just feel they make more of a sophisticated make-up look. So when I saw this competition to win a palette I knew I just had to enter, when it comes to give-aways I’m so unlucky but recently I’ve come into a bit of luck, and this one was picked out a hat, so using my maths skills I knew that the probability was very low. Not only did I win the give- away, Veronica also wrote these lovely words about  my blog, it was so lovely so thank you very much for that.

‘She’s a beautiful and quirky blogger who will someday turn this “hobby” into a real profession! Her detailed tutorials and insightful posts bring you into a world of beauty, adventure, curiosity, and fun beauty hauls!  High Street Spy said: “ I wear makeup because it makes me feel confident and I just find it fun and exciting, you can make yourself look so different and new. It’s art work you can wear around all day and show off your painting.”  I definitely agree, it gives you confidence and let’s you express yourself in your artwork. Sometimes it just enhances your features and sometimes it takes you to a whole new level of creativity! High Stree Spy, I hope you stick to what your heart has been telling you all along,  be a writer, be an educator, be someone who spreads words and laughter with the world! Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you “can’t” or “shouldn’t” do something, because in the end YOU are the one who lives with your decisions. Whatever you are in life, be the best you can possibly be! Thanks for entering my giveaway and opening your world to your readers through your blog.’

Somewhere over the rainbow

Somewhere over the rainbow

This palette at first is pretty bright, and you’re a bit taken a back by the colours, but actually this has made me think more about colour and they are all really wearable colours, helping me step out my neutral comfort zone. This palette does not just contain basically every colour under the sun, but smokey eyeshadow colours, and the browny/ pink neutrals I love. But no, it does not end there! It also contains shimmer and matte colours, so this is a super affordable all round palette, perfect for people who are just starting out like me.

Please ignore my naked nails, school is a poop.

Please ignore my naked nails, school is a poop.

What I also loved about this palette is that it is really skinny and lightweight, so it fits into my Ted Baker make-up bag easily if I want to take it with my and it’s not bulky and annoying so it fits into my draw. I wasn’t sure best how to show the size in pictures, but it’s about the width of my index finger, if that gives you a sort of idea.

The colours have a really strong pigment, super easy to blend and not too powdery so it doesn’t all come off and lasts all day and/ or night.

I have used this palette to create my own looks, but whenever I went to take pictures of it dues to the lack of new batteries in my house, but recently I did my lovely friend Sarah’s make-up for a birthday dinner with the girls using the eyeshadows which I will post a bit later on as I didn’t want to make this post too long.

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks to Veronica once again for this lovely gift.

Maisie x


3 Responses to “Beauties Factory Eyeshadow Palette….”

  1. listslifelovelivs November 9, 2013 at 8:26 pm #

    Lovely post, congratulations on the win! xx


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    […] smokey eye using my new Beauties Factory Eye shadow Palette, which I reviewed in a previous post here if you would like to have a cheeky read of that. But the silver also tied in with the silver shoes […]

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