Sparkly Vampire Nails…

28 Oct

What’s this? Another post? On a Monday?

Well hello there, I thought I haven’t done a nail look for a while because they’ve been naked due to school, but because it’s half term I got the nail varnish out and painted them myself successfully! *Happy dance*

At the moment my room is being redone, I call it my wardrobe extension, because essentially that is what is going on, to my sparkly new bedroom furniture. (The handles really are sparkly.) I’ve also sorted out my room and nail varnish collection, so I’ve discovered some really lovely polishes that I’ve seemed to abandoned and just like my new bedroom, this nail varnish is also sparkly.

I changed my font to have a green glow, as Halloween as I'm getting ;)

I changed my font to have a green glow, as Halloween as I’m getting 😉

Personally, Halloween has never appealed to me because I’m not into being scared in the slightest, it’s not fun and it’s not nice, Dr Who is as scary as things get in my life. But this does have a bit of vampire-ness to it due to the purple/ darkness, but not just any vampire. No, a sparkly vampire. Fabulous. 😉

Have a little girl crush on Fearne

Have a little girl crush on Fearne

One of the things I would love to do is have my own nail varnish range, and for a budget nail varnish, Miss Fearne Cotton will always win. Every year Fearne Cotton has brought out a range of gift sets for Christmas at Boots. I’m hoping they’re still doing them as they are always really great colours, have a Christmas feel, great quality and at an affordable price. People always buy me the nail varnishes as a present, and they’re always in really on trend colours and in a beautiful box you can reuse too, I even had a little compact mirror that is always with me (event though my friend Olivia broke the case grrrr!) Get yourself to Boots because they’ve brought out the gift sets now for the Christmas, and buy yourself a present, but also I might be giving one away on this blog very soon.

Cranberry Sparks by Fearne

Cranberry Sparks by Fearne

The colour I used was called Cranberry Sparks, which is very Christmas, and not Halloween at all sorry. 😉 It’s not actually a glitter polish, and it’s kind of hard to describe as it’s not 3D or gritty feeling as it’s nice and shiny like a nice painted nail should. This one is from a set of glitter polishes and I love them all, but this one was more Autumn/ Halloween. Is it too early to be wearing glitter? I think not, but maybe not red glitter just yet.

This is surprisingly good for me

This is surprisingly good for me

My mum is a beautitheripist, so she normally paints my nails for me, but I did this all myself so please all admire the finished look 😉

Hope you all liked this not really Halloween nail look. Hope you have a lovely Halloween, if you can call Halloween lovely, maybe if you are into scariness unlike myself it is lovely?


Maisie xxx


2 Responses to “Sparkly Vampire Nails…”

  1. Simytoe October 28, 2013 at 6:03 pm #

    Love that colour! I’m also not into scary things, I can’t even watch Doctor Who at night because some of the episodes are so creepy!

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