Maintaining and Caring for Ombre Hair…

20 Oct

Happy Sunday once again!

Hope you are all having a lovely relaxing Sunday and you’ve all had a great weekend?

Let me set the scene for this blog post… The other week  I posted the photos from a recent photo shoot I went too and you were all so lovely and complementary especially about my hair, thank you for that because personally I hate it! My hair is sort of natural, the curly/ frizziness, yes that is all natural, all I use is water! The darkest bit of my hair, that’s all natural too, but the blonde is ombred so I’m 1/3 unnatural hair.

Actually love how ombre my hair looks.

Actually love how ombre my hair looks.

I know ombre hair isn’t exactly new anymore and mine has been ombred for about a year now and I haven’t redone it since, so a lot of people ask me how I keep it looking blonde and new in a way as a lot of people have struggled with it at home. I know a lot of you are scared of peroxiding your hair because it’s damaging, and yes it is, but so is using heat on your hair and we all do it, so if you care for it correctly, your hair won’t look damaged and horrible, I promise.

The ombre kit I used, not my picture, sorry, but I didn’t keep the box.

I used L’Oreal Wild Ombre Preference No.3, which is the middle one above, but it comes in a lot of different shades depending on your natural hair colour. I’ve actually ombred my hair twice; the first time I only did  it at the front like it tells you to do a tiny bit, just in case, the second time I got my mum to do it all the way around and taking it higher, this also lightened it some more.

Personally I don’t think this kit works as well with the blending if you have dead straight hair as it goes a bit liny but because mine is curly, there isn’t an obvious line with the ombre which I was super pleased with. I’m glad I was brave and went through with it, even though it stunk a lot.

So here are my 3 tips which keep your ombre looking new and not damaged…

* Don’t go too light. Don’t buy a lighter kit just because you think it will look better, the lighter you go, the more damaged and unnatural it will look.

*Have the ends of your hair cut regularly to stop split, straw like ends. Also having a trim will also make your hair grow faster.

*Buy a blonde conditioner, buy a brightening one if your ombre is looking a bit dull and a lightening one will also make your ombre look fresh and noticeable, without it looking unnatural. My favourite blonde conditioner is the John Freda Go Blonder Collection, I used to use the brightening one, and now I’m using the Sheer Blonde, Go Blonder lightening conditioner I actually got by mistake but I love it. Even though it lightens hair, it has no peroxide or any other bad, harmful chemicals in, lemon juice is actually one of the main ingredients used in it.  Also because it’s a conditioner, it makes the ends really soft and shiny so it doesn’t look damaged.

My favourite hair product.

My favourite hair product.

I’m not exactly a hair girl to be honest, I think shampoo is shampoo and hair is hair and as long as it’s clean I don’t really care. (How poetic was that? I didn’t even realise I started rhyming until I read it back. The Maisie Ombre Hair Poem ladies and gentleman! I’m copyrighting that) 😉 But it is really important to care for coloured hair so I do have to try just a little bit.

If you liked this hair post, please give it a like and maybe I’ll do some more.

Yay ombre fishtail!!!

Yay ombre fishtail!!!

See you soon

Maisie xxx


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