I Believe in Pink…

23 Sep

Hello my lovely lot,

Hope you are all okay? Firstly I’d like to say yes, I am still alive, well and blogging, it’s just that I’m currently under a massive mountain of revision and school work, but when I get this week done and dusted I will be on here a lot more I promise. Also I am one away from 100 followers and a give away, so if you aren’t following me right now, please do! When I reach 100 followers I’ll do a post about different give away ideas to see which one you’d all prefer to have and enter, which is very exciting so keep checking the blog for more information on that. Also I got into my school dance company, but I don’t want to mumble on too long like always!

So pink has always been my colour, ever since I was 3 I used to dress myself in head to toe pink and Barbie was my fashion inspiration. I guess I’ve always been a girly girl so that’s why I’ve always loved pink, so when I heard pink was actually on trend at the moment I was beyond excited because now I could wear it and look on trend without going for the Barbie Doll look on a 15 year old girl. Of course Miss Audrey Hepburn also believed in the powers of pink, along with other pink patrons such as Elle Woods, Angelina Ballerina and Regina George to name a few. ūüėČ

After hearing this¬†very exciting news I did a bit of online shopping¬†to find my favourite pink items on the¬†high street (I’m called High Street Spy for a reason) and edited a little collage¬†of them for you to have a snoop at.¬†I also looking for some celebrities for a bit of fashion inspiration, as well as some snaps from London fashion¬†Week.¬†Enjoy.

My favourite pink pieces out there…

Oh so pretty...

Oh so pretty…

* V neckline dress~ Topshop

* Barbie Sweater~ Sheinside.com

*Pumps~ H&M

*Scarf~ H&M

*Simple glittery dress~ Ted Baker

*Skinny jeans~ H&M


*Applique Dress~ I think this is Miss Selfridge or Topshop but¬†I didn’t write it down (sorry guys!)

*Satchel~ Topshop

*Collared Top~ Miss Selfridge

*Beanie~ ASOS

*Lace hemmed top~ Topshop

*Floral applique skirt~ Sheinside.com

Antonio Berandi- LFW

Antonio Berandi- LFW



Collars and pink? My two favourite things in the world! Miss Whitmore is my fashion crush at the moment!

Laura Whitmore looking beautiful in pastel pink

Laura Whitmore looking beautiful in pastel pink

Chloe Moretz in head to toe pink

Chloe Moretz in head to toe pink

Why not add a little bit of pink to your wardrobe this season? Also remember to follow my blog if you don’t already do so because then a give away will be coming your way very soon, and I know you’ll all want to enter.

Remember, on Wednesdays we wear pink.

See you all very soon,

Maisie xxx



2 Responses to “I Believe in Pink…”

  1. whatwewear September 23, 2013 at 6:27 pm #

    pink is such a fun, girly color! we love it too!
    love the dress Chloe Moretz is wearing here!
    xx Vera & Rony

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