My Trip to Cornwall (A.K.A My Happy Place)…

2 Sep

Hello beauties,

So I’m going back to school in just over 2 day (boo) and I want to try and blog once or twice more just before I have to crack down on work and blogs will become less regular because of that. Wish things didn’t have to be that way but that’s just the way it is folks! (Another reminder that at 100 followers there will be a give away and that is getting ever closer so yay! Get following!)

If you’ve read my previous post (if you haven’t, please do) you will know I’ve been to Cornwall again with my family for our regularly yearly trip in a caravan. Also before we get too far into the post, I must inform you that this will be a very photo heavy post so be prepared for some scrolling and admiring, so if you’re feeling a little peckish go grab a snack, maybe a rich tea or some pringles? Oh’ and it may get a little deep, so pop on your snorkel while you’re at it! Enjoy!

Look! A Harry Style ;)

Look! A Harry Style ūüėČ

So even though I’ve gone to Cornwall a¬†over 4 times now, this time¬†did seem a little different. Normally after a week stuck in a very confined space with my family I’m more than happy to get back home but¬†on the last few days I began to get really sad and really didn’t want to leave, even though it would mean sleeping on a really skinny bed. (Why can’t caravans just have normal width beds, I will never know?) Not only would I¬†miss the very attractive surf instructor who I had a nice bit of harmless flirting with, I would also just miss that place in general. The beach, the sun, the smells, knowing I was completely free with nothing to worry about. I made sure I’d done all my homework before I left and all I took with me was a notebook and a magazine in French. (And clothes of course, I didn’t go noody the whole time.)

What? There's a surfer there? Oh' I didn't notice, I took it for artist purposes only. Promise.

What? There’s a surfer there? Oh’ I didn’t notice, I took it for artist purposes only. Promise.

I was nice not having to think about stuff or stress about exams and homework and just chill out and admire the beautiful surfers and that is why I didn’t want to come home.

I’m in love…

On the night before we left, me and mum took a walk along the headland around where I was staying and even though I was happy, I was hit with sadness and I wanted to just sit on the beach looking out to sea because I knew it was going to be to the last time I was going to be there in over a year due to revising and also the last time I was going to be there without the stress and worry of exams. Which is beyond scary and really weird all at the same time.

Sometimes positive things come from walking miles in mid day sunshine

Sometimes positive things come from walking miles in mid day sunshine

I also realised I wasn’t a child anymore, even though I act like one when I’m on holiday and still like to act like a child I knew I’m not one. In a few months I turn 16, which just seems so old to me, like a really massive leap for me. Like I really am a teenager now, no turning back. At 16 you can have a big party and do other stuff… We won’t go into that but you get my drift. Then in a year I can drive. What? That just seems mad to me. Really crazy. It seems like yesterday that I was in year 4, playing games with my friends in the playground and the idea of being 16 seemed so old and exciting, and also so far away. But it really wasn’t. I was excited for make-up, and the floods of boys wanting to¬†date me left right and centre¬†(Disney channel makes it seem that dating is the easiest thing in the world, so wrong Disney. Very wrong) and parties, but truthfully is really is a big pain in the bottom.

Don't look down!

Don’t look down!

(Take your snorkel off now, you’re out of the deep!) So when I was in Cornwall I achieved something that I will add to the not real list of things I’ve achieved this summer, which was. I surfed. Yes, I stood up on the surf board and I really, really surfed the whole wave. Well yeah it only happened once, but after about 4 surf lessons I finally was successful! Then I stood up a few times for shorter periods of times but I was so happy and my surf instructor gave me a cheeky cheer and a thumbs up (eeeeek!)

Does anyone know what this beautiful bird is?

Does anyone know what this beautiful bird is?

So that was my very thoughtful trip to Cornwall along side some of my favourite pictures I took (I had to choose from over 600 photos otherwise you’d be overdosed on my photos!) I’m going to go into this year feeling confident, new start and all that, and hopefully it won’t be another year until I go back there again. If you want a nosey at what a brought, take a look at my previous post!

I'm one very happy doggy!

I’m one very happy doggy!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely summer too?

Maisie xxx


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