A Few Holiday Jewellery Purchases…

31 Aug

Hello Everybody!

I’m back from my holiday and I hope you’ve all missed me and my blog? (Hopefully) I thought just to get me back into writing again after a week off I’ll do a short little post of the things I’ve brought on holiday. I went to Cornwall which is one of my favourite places in the world, just because it’s so beautiful and I love finding little shops where you can buy little bits and bobs that no one else is going to have where I live. Normally I buy quite a bit, but this time I only brought a few things and only spending about £15 which is quite good considering Cornwall is generally an expensive place. Here’s a nosey at the things I’ve brought and guess what? It’s not make-up of any kind!

'Live' ring for my friend Lucy

‘Live’ ring for my friend Lucy

My ring to remind me to never stop dancing

My ring to remind me to never stop dancing

If you like it. Put a ring on it.

If you like it. Put a ring on it.

I brought these really cute Live, Sing, Dance rings (I only brought dance for me, you can probably guess why! And live for my best friend Lucy as a present.) They aren’t real silver or anything snazzy because they weren’t that expensive but I just thought they were really cute and had a sort of vintage look to them. I love rings because they make my short fingers a little bit longer and my fingers feel a little naked without any rings on them.  They were from a tiny jewellery shop called Gwyneth’s, I wish I’d brought more but I thought I’d find more stuff and didn’t want to spend all my money, but I didn’t. If you’re in Cornwall, this shop is worth a visit.

Looks like I've made them myself ;)

Looks like I’ve made them myself 😉

None of these friendship bracelets are actually mine but they were so cute, I like the multi-coloured beaded bracelets if I was going to pick some for myself but these are for my some of my friends that buy me little presents from their holiday. I didn’t want to spend lots of money as I had to buy 5, and I came across these cute bracelets in a clothing boutique for just under £2 each. They would look really nice stacked and have the sort of home made beach effect to them so they sort of link to Cornwall. Again I was being stingy when spending money on stuff for myself but I hope my friends like these as much as me, as I’d happily have them!

Not a lot, but I thought you’d like a nosey. I’m going to write a big diary/ lifestyle/ picture post about Cornwall and also a blogger challenge coming up soon for you all to join in with which should be a blast (yes. Very exciting.) I’m also so super close to 100 followers, just under 30 followers to go, and then I’ll be doing my give away, so follow my blog if you’re not already doing so.

Thanks for reading.

Maisie xxx


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