My Love/ Hate Relationship with Beauty Tutorials…

10 Aug

Okay, let me set the scene which prompted me to write this post. (This post is a bit random, instead of a OOTD or haul, this is a bit more of a rant.)

So I love watching YouTube Tutorials, Tanya Burr’s in particular, so I look at the finished look and go ‘I’d really like to try that out, it looks really pretty.’ So I click on the video and start to watch it, she goes through foundations, and even though she might use a certain brand I know I’ll just use my own foundation and then the same with concealers. Everything is going great and I’m being so excited that I might be able to try out this beauty look, it comes to the eye shadow next, and out comes the MAC or NARS palette. ‘What’s so wrong with a MAC or NARS palette?’ I hear you ask, and my answer is nothing! I don’t actually have anything wrong with these palettes, I would love one myself but I can’t afford it and there lies the problem.

The majority of the viewers of beauty tutorials are teenage girls like me and I understand that these bloggers love these very expensive palettes but what I’d love is instead of assuming we all have these palettes and trying to guess ourselves what cheaper eye shadow looks about the same colour, they’d explain an equivalent colour to ‘Nylon’ or ‘Jest’ because I would really love to try out the looks but it’s so hard to try and recreate the same eye shadow looks not knowing what they really are.

Ride Up to the Moon Ride Up to the Moon Eyeshadow Palette

Oh’ no not NARS!

I have nothing against Youtubers and I love Tanya Burr, she’s amazingly talented and beautiful, I’d love to be just like her but I like to watch or read a tutorial where the make-up is more in a teenage girls league with very little money so I could recreate looks so much easier.

Okay, rant over! If anyone can help me out? Is there a blogger out there who can do tutorials just using normal ‘drugstore’ make-up? Anyway, I’ll be posting one of my normal (and non-ranty) post later today or tomorrow, see you all then!

Maisie xxx


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