How To: Stay on Trend on a Teenager’s budget…

10 Aug

(This is the post that I recently wrote for and it’s coming to the end of my time being the featured blogger for the week. I had a great time stepping out of my High Street Spy blog comfort zone and getting picked to write a blog post on their site, so thank you to everyone at A Dress a Day for giving me the opportunity to write for you. So here it is for all of my followers on High Street Spy, enjoy!)

Hello everybody,

So being a teenage girl means you’re a lot more self-aware, from the way you look, to creating your own sense of style. Looking back at pretty recent photos of myself I realise that I change what I like so much, I even look at photos from about a month ago and think to myself, ‘what was I thinking, did I really think that top looked good on me?’ or ‘why did I used to wear my make-up like that? I look horrendous!’ I change my mind so much it means I’m forever going off the majority of the clothes I have in my wardrobe and always wanting new clothes. But then there’s another problem with being a teenager in general, the majority of us are skint, the only time we really ever have money is Christmas and birthday time and we can all admit, (unless you have amazing clothes willpower) lasts up to a month or whenever we next pop to town or shopping with our friends. But we are all becoming a lot more fashion and style obsessed but it’s harder for us to follow trends and keep up with all our friends sometimes, we’re forever surrounded by things we can never have!

What I’ve found is that most fashion and beauty bloggers and vloggers are adults, and seem to have unlimited bank balances. I spend most of my time watching videos on Youtube and reading their blogs but they’re always showing us hauls, reviews of products and looks that encourage us to try, but most of their readers and viewers are teenagers like me who want to be like them but will never have the money for it. I understand they really love to use the high quality make-ups and come back with about 30 shopping bags from a trip to the shopping centre but as much as I’d like to do that too, I can’t afford a completely new outfit 99.9% of the time! I guess that is where I try to be different on my blog, because I am on the same sort of budget and into the same sort of things as my readers and won’t talk about things way out of a normal teenage girl’s budget.

So this is how I see it, we can follow trends as teenagers but instead of doing it the typical blogger way of ‘shop ‘til we can’t carry anymore before our arms snap off because we’ve bought every single thing we wanted’, we have to do it the teenager way of the, ‘not breaking into our bank account too much and using our purses in a super savvy way to get exactly what we want, but still looking great, all at the same time’ method. (I made that up myself, simple right? But if that becomes a worldwide craze, remember you saw it here first!) Okay, so it might be a very long sentence but let me explain, I’m not saying don’t spend a single penny, I’m saying invest your money in something you really love that you can mix and match (just like sweets) with things you already have. Such as buying a really nice dress, that you can wear with a pair of converse on a casual day and dress it up with some jewellery or even doing your makeup in a dressier way will make that same dress look smart, sometimes we can’t help buying something new, but instead of buying the clothes, invest in the clothes.

Still a bit stuck for inspiration in investing in your clothes? I’ve put together a little example of my own of how you can take a simple dress from day to night.

My example of making the most from one outfit...

My example of making the most from one outfit…

*Dress~ Topshop


*Backpack~ Claires

*Bracelet pack~ Claires

*Bow earrings~ River Island

*Statement necklace~ Topshop

*Wedged heels~ Topshop

*Triangle Earrings~ River Island

When it comes to mixing and matching outfits, it’s all down to thinking what you already have at home and buying something that will last you a long time because it’s super versatile and then with however little money you’ll still have different and fashionable looks even if we are just teenagers.

I hope you all enjoyed reading that blog post, I’ve had a great time writing this post for A Dress a Day and hopefully you’ll all be hearing from me soon!

Maisie xxx

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One Response to “How To: Stay on Trend on a Teenager’s budget…”

  1. Thrifting Couture August 11, 2013 at 2:37 am #

    Great post! I kind of feel that way sometimes too, I don’t have the money for clothes that a lot of fashion bloggers seem to have.

    Also, I tagged you for a Liebster award if you wanted to check it out and answer the questions.

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