My ‘A Dress a Day’ blog post…

7 Aug

So recently I was doing a bit of online shopping and came across a website called, what they do is they offer all their users a chance to get a different dress each day at a crazily great discount price. Other websites like this I’ve seen offer discounts of dresses from unknown brands but unlike them, A Dress a Day have dresses from high street brands like New Look,, Ted Baker and many more, you just have to check their website everyday and they might have a dress for you. I really recommend you check out their website and keep it as a favourite, as you never know, that dress you’ve been admiring might be super cheap!

Anyway, whilst I was clicking around their website I saw that they were starting up a blog and were looking for bloggers to write posts for it, and all you had to do was e-mail them with name, blog details and what you would write about if you were picked to be a featured blogger on their site. I wrote my e-mail and send it off, and the day later they e-mailed me back, telling me I’d been picked to be their blogger and to make start on my blog post. After a little happy dance, I wrote my blog post and edited my image to go with it which I checked over 100000 times, (a bit exaggerated) to make sure I hadn’t made a stupid spelling or grammar mistake, as I am a bit lazy when it comes to proof reading my blog.

It was weird writing for a different site besides High Street Spy, I’d never really done that, and it also meant I had to write like I was writing to people who didn’t know me and hadn’t previously read any of my other posts and got me yet. It also needed to be a little bit different, not just a OOTD or review, it needed to have more of a purpose behind it and interesting to read. So this was what I titled it, ‘How to: Stay on Trend on a Teenager’s budget’.

I’d love it if you could have a cheeky little look at it by clicking on the screen shots of my post below, and tell me what you think of it because that would make me a very happy girl!

Look it's my blog on their website (whoop whoop!) Click on this photo to read my post!

Look it’s my blog on their website (whoop whoop!) Click on this photo to read my post!

Another cheeky look at my blog post!

Another cheeky look at my blog post!

If you read it thank you very much and thanks to everyone at A Dress a Day for the opportunity to spread my blogging wings. At the end of this week, I’ll post up the blog post on here, but you should read it on the site anyway!

See you soon!

Maisie xxx


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