I love nude nails…

4 Aug

Hi everybody, I hope you’ve had a nice weekend?

A while back I was about to do my nails in a French manicure but instead I decided instead of using the nude as in the French, I thought I’d do them completely nude. This was during school time so I wasn’t sure if I’d get away with it (I know, I’m a rebel in nude) but I did because of the nude isn’t that noticeable. The nude colour I decided to use was ‘Bubble Bath’ by O.P.I and I already have a bit of obsession with O.P.I nail varnish because of the great quality of them and the colours, (and the names of the colours are pretty cool also!)

My favourite nude nail varnish.

My favourite nude nail varnish.

Nude colours are an ‘on trend’ colour right now but I wasn’t completely convinced by the idea of nude because I’ve always been a colours girl. But bubble bath is not completely nude as it has more pink tones in it but also has a slight shimmer to it which makes it more of an interesting and different nudes that I’ve seen.

O.P.I Bubble Bath, Sally Hansen double duty base and top coat, Sally Hansen Mega Shine top coat

Sally Hansen double duty base and top coat, O.P.I Bubble Bath, Sally Hansen Mega Shine top coat

The nail varnish is really easy to apply, even for people who are completely useless with painting their own nails like me! I started with a base coat, just to create a smooth layer for applying the varnish and to stop it from chipping, I used Sally Hansen, which is a tried and tested favourite of mine. The only thing which is not as good with using nude is you have to apply quite a few coats to build up the colour, maybe 3 or 4  so you can’t see any of the nail underneath that, which means more time spend on nails and more drying time (boo) but it’s worth it. This colour also looks great in a French manicure for a more pinky look. I finished it with a Sally Hansen High Shine top coat, which prevents chipping and gives it a really high shine, glossy finish.

...and the finished nails

…and the finished nails

After not being completely sure I liked nude nails, it turned out I really love them, I think they look really good with my olive skin tone and the shimmer in bubble bath gives it a bit more depth. If you haven’t tried the nude trend, I really recommend it to broaden your nail colour collection. Nude isn’t as boring as I first thought.

What are all your thoughts? Loving nude? Or too boring for you?

Maisie xxx


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