My July Favourites…

31 Jul

Hi everyone,

I’ve been counting down the days until I can post my July favourites as this is actually the first time I’ve ever done it so I’m way more excited than I really should be to write this post. When I started writing this blog the world of blogging and vlogging was basically unknown to me, so I didn’t know the ‘typical’ blogging posts, so now I know, I’ve really wanted to do a favourites but I’ve only really felt this month that I’ve really had enough new products to talk about.

Natural Collection Loose Powder

In these hot and humid summer conditions (she says when she notices the sky is full of grey clouds) I couldn’t live without this Natural Collections loose powder, it’s my go to de-shiner otherwise you’d be able to see my shine from space! Mine is in a tan translucent because of my tanned skin but it’s also available in translucent and it’s been a favourite of mine through July because it gives a really flawless matt finish to your skin.

My favourite de-shiner

My favourite de-shiner

Rimmel London Professional eye pencil

If I had to pick a feature on my face I really hated, it would be my eyebrows, I dislike the shape and they’ve become a bit gappy, I used to use a matt brown eye shadow to fill in my eyebrows but they started to become a bit thick and obviously filled in. I actually brought this a while back but tried it once and for some reason I didn’t like it and my mum decided to take it. Since then, I’ve tried other pencils and they’ve been terrible and waxy which I really disliked. But then a few weeks ago I found this Rimmel pencil again and loved it and I’ve been using it everyday since! The colour (001 dark brown) is really good, but also creates a natural finish, the colour also sticks around all day and is really easy to draw on and take off, it also comes with a handy little brush on the lid. Thank god this pencil has made my brows look half decent!

My eyebrow angel

My eyebrow angel

Miss Sporty Studio Lash Eye Liner

Liquid eyeliner has pretty recently been added to my everyday make-up, from a small amount of liner to a winged eyeliner look, this has been my favourite cheap eyeliner I’ve used yet. I’ve been obsessed with winged eyeliner at the moment (see my previous blog post if you want to see how I do it) and this is the easiest liner to do it with. It creates a really bold black colour, and the brush is small so it’s easy to create a non messy line, and the liner itself is really quick drying too, so you don’t find yourself getting another line in the crease. This will also be my August favourite too!

£2.79 worth of pure value for money

£2.79 worth of pure value for money

Eyeliner love

Eyeliner love

Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Lycra Flex Mascara

This mascara was also featured in my previous blog post, and I really do love this mascara. I’ve had a scandal eyes mascara before and it really does create a false lash effect but this one is even better than the original. I love the way you can top up your mascara throughout the day and it doesn’t go thick and heavy at all, I originally picked this up because I was really desperate for a mascara on holiday, and I’m really glad I did.

My favourite 'false lash style' and lengthening mascara

My favourite ‘false lash style’ and lengthening mascara

Maybelline Colorsensational

So yes, another make-up product I’ve featured not that log ago in my post Lipstick Loving (click the link if you fancy reading my review in more detail about the product) I’ve been completely obsessed with the orange and orange has become ‘my colour’. I don’t want to bore you by going on about it all again, but take my word for it, they’re brilliant!

Electric Orange and Shocking Coral...

Electric Orange and Shocking Coral…




This is not make-up, but this has been my July favourite because I’ve become blogging obsessed this month, trying to blog everyday when I can. This blog has become my baby and when I get so many of you liking my blog posts and following my blog it just makes my day (and I celebrate by doing a little happy dance. I’m serious.) This is one of my best July favourites and hopefully my favourite in the future too. I hope you love my blog as much as me and thank you so much for reading. You’ve made me a very happy girl. 🙂

High Street Spy

High Street Spy

Have a happy August!

Maisie xxx




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