How to: Get perfect winged eyeliner…

31 Jul

Hello everyone, hope your all having a lovely (rainy) day?

It’s been a little while since I’ve down a ‘how to’ post, and I haven’t done a make-up related one before so I thought, why not do one on eyeliner? I’m no make-up artist so I’m not sure if this is how the do it in make-up artist land but this is how I do it and it works for me. There are two ways I find the easiest, the first one I’ll talk through is easier than the other so this is for you if you are completely hopeless like I used to be!

The perfect eyeliner flick

The perfect eyeliner flick

 1. The guide line method (easiest)

This method is the easiest out of the two as you are going to use a white or nude colour eye shadow or a soft white eyeliner to draw on a guide to where you want your eyeliner to go, this way you can easily wipe it off with your finger if it’s not the right shape or it is too long/ short.

The eye shadow (the one I've squiggled round in pink) I use as my eyeliner guide

The eye shadow (the one I’ve squiggled round in pink) I use as my eyeliner guide

Once you’ve got the shadow or pencil that you can use, draw a flick from the outside corners of your eyes, just like you’d do with eyeliner, but because it will rub off you can keep adjusting it until you’ve got it perfect and equal on both eyes. If your struggling to find the right flick height and angle, I always try and match it up with the corner of my eye, so if you were to carry on the flick it would meet with the end of your eyebrow. But if you find this too angled, try holding up a tissue or a piece of paper at the angle you want it and using that to draw out your guide line.

My eyeliner guide

My eyeliner guide

After you’ve think you’ve got your guide lines perfect, it’s not time to use it by tracing over it, it may be easier to do the flick before the whole eye, and joining the main line with the flick. My favourite liquid eyeliner is Miss Sporty Studio Lash eyeliner, it’s really easy to use and has a really tiny brush to create a bold and neat line. If you’re struggling to create a neat line, instead of trying to do one big stroke, draw dashes along your lid, then join those together so it’s less fiddly to do.

My favourite eyeliner

My favourite eyeliner

2. The freehand method (getting a little bit harder)

When you’re feeling a little bit more confident you can draw on eyeliner without the guide line first and would be quicker (if you don’t make any mistakes) Firstly draw a line, which will be your flick, from the outer corner of your eye, reaching the crease line in length, and also following the eyebrow angle (there’s a picture of this in the guide line method above.) After this, you then just draw your eyeliner line as normal, drawing it into your flick. Simples.


I forgot to take a picture of myself doing this method, this picture explains it better than I could and it’s from

Finish the look…

Finish your look with your favourite mascara to widen the appearance of yours eyes and to add to the dramatic flick eyeliner look, my favourite right now is Rimmel London’s Scandal Eye’s Lycra mascara which I would really recommend and I’ve been asked if I was wearing fake lashes when I had this on, bonus!

My favourite 'false lash style' and lengthening mascara

My favourite ‘false lash style’ and lengthening mascara

Also when I’m using liquid eyeliner, I keep some cleansing wipes handy just to dab away any mistakes I make (usually quite a few in my case), so my Simple Cleansing wipes are always in my make-up draw.

For people with not a very steady hand (eg me)

For people with not a very steady hand (e.g me)

I hope this will help you guys create a perfect winged eyeliner, when it comes to liquid eyeliner, practise really does make perfect and eventually you’ll be using eyeliner in seconds rather than an hour! Happy eye lining! Maisie xxx

The finished look...

The finished look…






2 Responses to “How to: Get perfect winged eyeliner…”

  1. Lauren July 31, 2013 at 6:20 pm #

    The first method is so simple, yet I’d never have thought of that… I shall try it out sometime 😉 Also, I have that eyeliner:’)


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