My new summer love…

28 Jul

This summer holidays me and my friend Lauren decided to keep up our fitness by carrying on dancing, we’re both dancers and dance students so we wanted to keep it up and improve. As well as doing yoga and step class (both way harder than you’d first expect and are more like torture classes than fitness classes) I wanted to learn ballet. So that is what I’m doing.

Me on pointe on day one. Be impressed…

Lauren is really great at ballet and has been studying it for years now, so she agreed to teach me ballet so I may be able to join in with her class in September which I really hope to do. When it comes to my dance background I did actually do ballet like most other 3 year olds do, inspired by Angelina Ballerina and carried that on for a few years then decided I’d had enough of the bitchy girls in my class and moved on to ballroom, Latin and Rock n’ Roll classes, which was the dance love of my life. To be honest ballroom is not really a style of dance you think of a 7+ year old doing but even though it wasn’t cool like street dance was I still loved it (and the shoes!) I carried on with that for years, doing exams and competitions mainly with the same one dance. Then I did street but I kind of went of dance for a little while but a soon as I started GCSE dance and met Lauren I became dance obsessed.

Look no hands!

Look no hands!

After a few hours of ballet, I do really love it, it is really hard work but I think I’ll get there eventually. To make me more determined I ordered some ballet shoes earlier and I’ll be on pointe in no time right? (I’m hoping anyway.)

What is everyone else up to this summer? Going on 20 mile runs or slobbing it watching daytime TV?

Maisie xxx



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