“Dream big, you never know what might happen”…

4 Jul

Hello everyone, now I know you’re probably thinking that this is completely not fashion and beauty related and why I’d be posting this but it’s just a little post with something to think about but first please take a moment to watch this short film about a little boy and his cardboard arcade and I promise you it will be totally worth everyone minute by clicking this link that will take you to the YouTube video (I wanted to put it as a video on here but have no idea how?) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faIFNkdq96U&list=UU1aMZ56rL_429UP02uoNsCg

So this little 10 year old boy made me think (put on your snorkels this is going to get deep), even though I’m not 10 years old anymore, he did make me realise a few things about myself. When you’re a child you have a crazy imagination, playing games with your friend in the playground making up all these storylines that went with each game, in your head you could be however or be wherever you wanted to be even though it was just a playground or park or anywhere you happened to be, you could make it amazing, like a arcade made from cardboard boxes you found lying around your dad’s shop. When you become older you lose that, everything becomes reality, the reality of revision and exams, money, seeing boys (and girls) as not the disgusting people you would refuse to sit next to but instead want to sit next to them and want a relationship with later on and seeing the  world differently to the amazing fun place it used to be. But does reality really matter? It didn’t then so why should it now? We were happy and imaginative then right? I’m not saying to get your friends together from when you were little and play a game of zookeepers or mums and dads with them, but instead to just be more open minded and positive about life, just like how we were when we were children. This little boy made a games out of cardboard and thought outside the box (literally) to create real arcade games from what we could find, with no fear of failure or judgement, it’s just what he wanted to do. In a way reality has prevented creativity, reality has made us think something is stupid and it will never work and the fear of failing, but really who cares if you fail. We should all take a leaf out of Caine’s book and dream big, because you never know what might happen.

Another message I can take from this story is to never give up on anything, if Caine had given up on his little arcade in his dad’s shop straight away, Caine would have never have had that one customer turn up that would change his life forever and I would not be writing this blog post! I’ve given up on so many things just because of fear in a way, fear of failing, fear of being judged, fear of getting nowhere, I even gave up on this blog a little while back because I thought I was no good. But this is what I want to do, I want to write so what was the point on my giving up? What is the worse that can happen, no one reads this? I write for me, because I love to write, and if people read it that’s a bonus for me! I give up to quickly because I lost hope but Caine stuck at his arcade for ages before his luck changed and since then he’s been able to not only help himself secure a university fund but also help other children across the world with his Imagination Fund. I think we need to find the hope and desire to succeed that children have with no fear of failing.

So maybe we should all learn something from 10 year old Caine, and be like the kids we used to be when we were 10 as well, if that’s an arcade made of cardboard boxes that was made into a film gaining worldwide fame, or a small idea that pops into your head, we need to lose our fear of failure and just do what makes us happy.

I hope you’ve stayed afloat after that deep post and had a nice swim in the sea of my words. But if you are reading this, I’d just like to say thank you, because it means a lot to me and I hope you’ve taken as much from this story as I have 🙂

If you want to take Caine’s advice on becoming an entrepreneur, look no further than his tips on the aeroplane sick bag!

“I don’t really like to think about growing older, I like being 9. If I get older I will be like my grandpa and become slow. You also are not able to see that well and can’t do or build the things you like. I get to do all the things my friends do. When you are a kid you get to ride bikes, scooters, play with toys and use your imagination. You don’t have to go to work or do all the things old people do. I can keep working on my arcade and making it more creative. When you are older you have to go to college and you have a lot of homework and have to work. At my age I have been able to meet many different people that come to the Arcade and gotten to go to many places like France. I like that I have met all these people and kids and I have learned a lot from them. I think if I was older I would not have enjoyed it so much. Well I might want to be older? Age 10, which I will be next month, only because I will have two digits in my number.”

– Caine Monroy (still age 9 for a few more days)

Cardboard Robots in Costa Rica

One little boy can put a smile on the faces of hundreds of children all over the world. Every big idea starts from a small one…

Caine's Arcade T-Shirt


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