Finding my ‘zen’…

24 Jun

I’ve got to say I’m the ultimate stresser and worrier, and the past few weeks with assessments and revisions I’ve probably been my most stressed in a long time. Recently my two friends decided to pick yoga as their sporting activities for their DofE work, I didn’t do DofE because I’m not into the whole camping in the middle of nowhere and walking until my feet are red and raw but I came along with them anyway just for fun. I really needed something to do after taking a break from my dance club due to so much work at school and yoga is meant to be relaxing which is a bonus for me.

So, I went along to the first class not completely sure what to expect, all I really know about yoga was on Wii Sports and I wasn’t completely sure if that was real life. We ended up setting up our mats at the front of the class as everyone had got there super early and were just lying around, but that will be the  last time we go at the front! So then the instructor came and introduced himself (yes, it’s a guy) to us, and he was so nice and talked us through what the class involved. Then he says, ‘This class is intense but I expect your fitness levels are very good anyway’ (We nod whilst nervously glancing at each other, if you call unable to do one sit up ‘very good’ then well that is us.)

We got into the class and I tried everything, apart from the odd move. We were the youngest there considering you don’t think about yoga being a teenage thing, and I was so amazed and jealous of how fit and flexible these about 50+ women were! Hopefully if I do this for a while I’ll be as pro as they all were. I’ve never been so relaxed and so in pain at the same time, which sounds slightly weird, but if you’ve done it or do it I think you’ll completely understand!

I’ve taken from the class some really useful things that I can use in my everyday life and will really help me handle my stress during exams, such as breathing and helping my self zone out, and relax. I think yoga really helped me find my ‘zen’ (I don’t know what zen actually is, but it must be a good right?) I totally recommend it!

Some examples of yoga positions.

Some examples of yoga positions.


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