Legally Blonde…

12 Aug

You can tell that I really do like pink, from my blog already but I recently went to see Legally Blonde the musical on tour and I’ve got to say it was one of my favourite musicals I’ve ever seen! (I do like a good musical!) So, I’ve decided to try and recreate one of Elle’s signiture pink looks from the film, which I love, from pieces from the high street.

Pink is already really in right now, which makes it perfect for releasing your inner Elle! Firstly let’s start with Elle’s court room outfit from the movie, to start I picked this basic pink dress, which is a similar shape to Elle’s, but the shape is really flattering for any body shape. Just like Elle’s it has a v neckline and pulls in a the waist, this dress is such a base for any look. You can get this dress from H&M for £24.99. Okay now for a bit of DIY to create The belt,  cuffs and collar, because I’ve looked everywhere I can think of and I can’t find anything to copy these parts of the outfits, so I picked a fabric in the right colour. The belt is easy to recreate, by just measuring your waist (remembering you have to tie the fabric to the side) cut the fabric into a thin strip, then add some pink sequins along the belt. The cuffs are also simple to make, but because this dress is short sleeved they will have to be thin, so just make some short stips from the fabric that will go round your arms, and sew to the end of the sleeves. Finally the collar, which will be a little harder to make as a pattern will need to be made so both collars are the same. This fabric I found from John Lewis, which means it is a little pricey, at £15 a metre, (but any pink fabric will complete to the look!) To copy Elle’s belt by adding sequins, I choose these cup shaped ones in ice pink, these are from Hobby Craft, and cost £2.79 for a pot of these. Finish off the court room look, with these pink, peeptoe heels, that tie in with the belt, these are from New Looj for £15.99. Courtroom look, complete!

Güttermann Pailletten 6mm Cup Sequin In Ice PinkFuscia (Pink) Pink Peeptoe Mid Heels | 250726877 | New Look


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