Pretty Little Things…

19 May

I was flicking through the latest issue of  ‘Look’ magazine and came across an advert for an online accessorizes site called,, so I thought I’d check it out and it defiantly didn’t disappoint. It sells quirky and original jewelry, bags and footwear at affordable prices too, so I picked out my favourite pieces to share with you but I really recommend you take a look on this site (after you’ve read this post of course!) 1. I thought this make-up bag was really cute, and was defiantly ‘High Street Spy’ and would make a really nice gift, and it’s only £12. 2. Now to the sunglasses because I have faith that the sun will eventually shine but if not, these are the perfect sunglasses to take to the sun, they also look like the designer brands, but cost a lot less at £8.00. (I’d also just like to mention I’ve only picked pink items so far but other colours of these items are available, I just LOVE pink!) 3. I thought this was a really girly necklace, that is perfect for any summer look to add a statement to a basic outfit, casual or formal; you can get it black, white, teal and pink and for £8 maybe you could buy more than one?! 4. As festival season approaches, wellies are a must, (well if you go to festivals and enjoy the mud and port-a-loos whilst living in a few square meters but some people do!) But when I looked at these wellies I thought, if Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz was going to a festival, she would swap her glittery red ruby slippers, for these glittery red ruby wellies! If I was planning to be knee deep in mud and wanted to channel my musical side, I would be happy to spend £18 on these! 5. Finally it’s time for a complete bargain with this cute bow cuff, and at only £4, do I need to say any more?

Do make sure you check out this website, and talk to you soon spies! Au revoir! M xxx

Polkadot Red Makeup Bag Marie Pink SunglassesFlower Charm Pink PendantAura Red WelliesBow Cut-Out Bracelet (Fuchsia)


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