A weekend being me!

15 May

Got to say my look normally consists of t-shirts and jeans or shorts, and my weekend look was exactly that! I recently brought a tee from H&M, with the Ramones on without ever knowing who they were and how popular these t-shirts are! I’ll defiantly be wearing this tee a lot, (since then I have listened to the Ramones music and I have to say it wasn’t my cup of tea but you know!)  I teamed this top with shorts from New Look and tights, which will be staying until the temperature decides to climb higher than 10 degrees and the sun shows for longer than 5 minutes, and no sandles yet so I slipped on my good old purple converse (which I’ve had for 4 years! Yes, my feet haven’t grown past the tiny size of 4! But I guess it makes shoes a lot more value for money!) Later on I did add an electric blue cardigan as I got a bit cold, which was also from H&M, as they are really good value for money.  (Sorry about the picture quality, I’m saving up for a new camera!)

On Friday, I had about 5 minutes of free time so I decided to paint my nails in my new Barry M, magnetic nail polish which is the big trend of this season. (As seen below.) Normally I love Barry M, especially the crackle effect as it made nail art really easy but I was pretty disappointed with how it turned out, the instructions were clear though, but when it came to the effect it didn’t really create the star effect as well as advertised and you had to hold the magnet really close and I ended up knocking the paint a few times.  Maybe it needs a bit more practice, but it was hard to do by myself so maybe getting someone else to help with the magnet it may work better. It is pretty pricey at £4.99, but it is one of the cheapest of this effect out there, so if you want to follow nail trends I’d still snap this up before the colour you want is all gone!

So this weekend hasn’t been that interesting for me as had tests coming up so I had to hit the books, which was made a little better by my notebook (below but mine is red!) I love Paperchase but I do end up buying pointless notebooks so it was great to actually get round to using it, to make some actual notes. So want to get my revising look?! My one you can’t get any more as it was an old collection but you can get one like it for £6.50.  So me and my friend did loads of revision but let’s talk more fashion as she was wearing the most amazing leggings, she loves Jessie J which she defiantly channels within her outfit. (The leggings below) She styled it with Doc. Martins that she has in the most amazing cherry red colour and a black top as you can’t go over the top with this look! Well if you love the look, you can get them from Republic for £15.

Well, there you go, Sorry my weekend wasn’t that interesting but overall we revised in style I think?! Drop me a comment or an e-mail if you have anything that you think I should investigate or a problem you want solving! M xxx
Barry M Magnetic Nail Paints Blue


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