Geek Chic…

3 Apr

Glasses are really on trend right now whether you need them or not, I do and I love my chunky frames but then I discovered Gok’s range of glasses for Specsavers and  they are so on trend. Gok has designed a range for every style and face shape, and at the price of £99 they are affordable too compared to the other designer brands. Here are my picks from the range, view the full range here I’m loving these colourful glasses, these  candy floss colours are a big trend for spring/ summer and are a great everyday pair of glasses. This pair of glasses have to be my favourite, I love vintage fashion and the tortoise shell and gold frames make these a pretty sophisticated, and will really top off any look. If you just want to go too crazy with your glasses I really recommend this simple pair but with a mustard twist, literally! These will go with most outfits but make your outfit a lot more interesting.  M xxx

GOK WAN 61 glassesGOK WAN 54 glassesGOK WAN 14 glasses


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