True Beauty?

20 Feb
I though I should do a post on true beauty seeing as thats a key topic at the moment and the girls did a great job at the video with a really good and important message. Anyway, here it is…
Pretty much everyone says that they believe that ‘true beauty comes from within’ but do they always mean it?
I don’t know about you but I think that almost everyone cares about looks, you’ve got to make a good impression on the world right? But sometimes people ONLY care about looks, and then judge people on them. It’s all well and good saying that true beauty is on the inside but what’s the point if you don’t believe it? Have you ever seen the film ‘Shallow Hal’? Well, in a nutshell, it’s about a man who will only fancy girls if they look good, then he gets hypnotised so he only sees the beuty within people, suddenly all girls deemed ‘ugly’ but are really kind look amazing, and the good looking people who are actually really mean look horrible. Maybe we should see people like that too? It’s not fair that people get judged or voted ‘unpopular’ down to their appearance. People with spots or people that are different weights are all teased and made to feel terrible about themselves even when they are beautiful on the inside. So please think before you stand up for inner beauty because you have to really believe it, then you can be beautiful on the inside too! Remember, every girl is beautiful in their own way!
Agent C xx

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