4Beauty’s Campaign against airbrushing…

11 Feb

After watching Gok’s teens the other day it made me think how airbrushing effects young men and women’s lives and how it can go to the extremes of anorexia. These images are all around us, which makes us aim for a beauty which no one can ever achieve healthily. So that’s why High Street Spy is supporting 4Beauty’s Campaign against airbrushing, where they say ‘since very thin models and airbrushed images lower our self-esteem, there really is no excuse any more. It’s time for people who work in the media to agree to portray healthy real women.’ In early 2010, MP Jo Swinson launched the Campaign for Body Confidence. This campaign wants a greater diversity of body shapes and people used in magazines, adverts and on the catwalk, and the standards of airbrushing changed. They also want schools to hold body confidence sessions to help build their self esteem and love their bodies and who they are, also not to be pressured by these airbrushed images. You can find Jo’s petition to the Advertising Standards Authority here: Real Women: Take Action petition, where you can join the campaign for real beauty. If you agree, please share this post with your friends or family via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter and stand up for real beauty, thank you. M xxx


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