4 Feb
hello M:-)
going on holiday to africa this summer and would like a new outfit – what can you recommend? i’d be happy to spend around £50? thankyouu xoxoxoxo
from sarah! 
As soon as I saw that you were going to Africa, I wanted to go and look at the New Look out of Africa range, but maybe not! A bit of holiday fashion advice, take things you can mix and match, such as something you could wear to the beach or dress up for the evening, this way you can pack more and have more looks! (From top left to bottom right.) Check out this dress, it’s a simple shape and a light material is perfect for summer. The nautical look is also a big trend this summer, so this is a perfect way to add to your look. Remove the belt, and you have a dress you could slip over your swimming costume, to go down to the beach in, or keep the belt for a perfect everyday look.  New Look, £19.99.  A must is a good pair of sandals, and I love the washed out colour of these, Next, £20.  Another thing from new look, a group of fab casual bracelets, only for £4.99.  To finish this look off, for every evening look, add this cute necklace, from New Look for £2.99. (As you can tell I may like New look!) Total cost: £47.97! Have a great holiday! M xxx
 Red Pattern (Red) Striped Cowl Neck Jersey Dress | 243160269 | New LookToe Loop Sandalsnull (Multi Col) Multi Coloured Beaded Bracelets | 247867299 | New LookPink (Pink) Love Pendant Necklace | 243603470 | New Look

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