The Ultimate Heels Continued…

18 Jan

Sorry spies that I never got to finish off this post yesterday, you know the type of day when you just can’t be bothered and then your internet doesn’t want to help improve that mood?! Yep? Well, that was yesterday! Anyway, I wanted to find some killers and some that are in a different price range to the others, so I thought I’d first take a look at Cheryl Cole’s collection for I’d never looked at this website before, but you have to become a member first, which is quite quick and simple even though I probably will not be buying; it starts off with this style quiz of 20 questions, so it can pick out shoes that suit you, which I think is a really clever idea, it also then asks you for your age bracket (so it can find shoes that it thinks are suitable for your age) and your size so you don’t have to select it when you buy! It’s a great website if you have deeper pockets and willing to buy shoes online, (Which personally I’m not as lets just say my feet are… well… unpredictable! Also I like to try shoes before I buy, as you don’t want to walking around in killer heels that are literally killing you! But if your feet are some how more perfect and every shoe seems to fit, which is like my dream, then this is THE website to buy!  Now back to shoes. P.S- All of Cheryl’s shoes have names! How cut is that?! , (Top left to bottom right) YOUR ROYAL HOTNESS BLUSH, Suede studded pump, £79.90- You can’t go wrong with a nude heel, they are in right now and go with every outfit! A must for a girl’s shoe collection! This one also has studded detail, this gives this cute girly shoe a rocky feel and is really on trend right now. Comfort Rating- 4/10, girls we just have to face the painful (Literally) truth that the higher we go the more they will hurt. FACT. Sorry girls! FREAK LE CHIC BORD O, Leather two tone strap boot, £119.85- Not too pricey Chezza?! No, I guess not if you have that sort of money! But if you do I love the these boots! They sort of include a whole load of trends in one shoe and have a sort of rock vibe! I’m loving the jewel tone straps and the patent leather. Dress up or down, you’ll be making a statement! Comfort Rating- 6/10, as these are boots they will give you much more support and the raised platform is always good news but they are still high! FUNKY MUNKY TARZAN,Fringe trim zip boot, £119.85- I guess, as the name suggests, if Cheryl was ever to go to the jungle it would be in these boots even at that price! Heeled hiker style boots seem to come each year and I’m sure they’ll be sticking around, so you’ll defiantly be getting your money’s worth! Comfort Rating- 7/10, to be honest, out of all the heels in the collection this is as comfy as it’ll get, with the heels slightly lowered and more support in the foot. M xxx

Your Royal Hotness - BlushFreak Le Chic - Bord OFunky Munky - Tarzan


2 Responses to “The Ultimate Heels Continued…”

  1. Haz January 26, 2012 at 10:36 am #

    where do you get your pic from mxx

  2. highstreetspy January 26, 2012 at 4:26 pm #

    If you are asking about these shoe pics, I got them from the Stylish pick website, but if you want them you will need to create an account which was quick and easy! M xxx

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