16 Jan
M, i would like to know what kind of style you think would suit me this spring, also being kept low-budget. do you think pale pink jeans would work this spring as i have some and dont know what to wear them with. if you could help with both questions or perhaps combine them, that would be great!
agent C xxx
Hi Agent C, I love coloured jeans and this pale pink colour is defiantly going to be big! I’ve picked this peter pan top in a pink colour, with the jeans this is a bit of colour blocking but not too vibrate and a lot more pastel and delicate, which is defiantly is so on trend this spring. This style of collar is super fashionable and as it’s so simple can be teamed with so many different things this spring, it’s from Matalan for only £9.00.  Satchel bags are perfect and practical, for keeping everything safe and looks trendy too, from New Look at £8.99. This scarf is so spring! From H&M at £2.99, the pink from the top really will bring out the Japanese style flowers, a huge trend for spring/summer and with another hint of pastal colour blocking (Sorry the image is so small, it went a bit weird!).  Whilst the weather is still cold, team up with some army boots or brogues. Hope that helps! M xxx
Peter Pan Collared TopChestnut (Brown) Soft Chestnut Satchel | 232169925 | New Look

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