Jack Wills…

16 Jan

Jack Wills is got to be one of my favorite shops and if I could buy the whole shop I probably would, but I defiantly do not have that kind of budget, so at the moment Jack wills are offering 10% off. Compared to other high street shops it’s not a lot but grab those bargains whilst they are still there as they will not be hanging round for long! Here are some of the top bargains that you should be adding to that Jack Wills shopping bag! (Top left to bottom right)   First up, is the shopping bag you can carry all your bargains in, available in lots of different designs at £6.30.  Take a look at this totally glam over sized rugby shirt, wear with tights now, and without later and reduced from a purse emptying £69, to £17.10.  I think of all the Jack Wills things on your wish list it has to be a hoodie, and this one is even fur lined to keep you warm while it’s still a bit chilly, I love it in this blue colour and goes with everything! Reduced from a whopping £98 to £35.10! Everyone needs t-shirts, so this Jack wills one can make your tee selection a lot more interesting for your everyday look, at only £17.10. P.S Even though your getting a bargain, tell everyone you got all these must have items at full price! I won’t tell if you don’t! M xxx

Woodbridge BagGlanville Rugby DressWinterson HoodieHelton Tee



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