Fashion for all…

12 Jan

My dream as a journalist is to make fashion more appealing to all types of people, black, white, big, small, tall, short; we are all different! And we all wear clothes, so it’s fashion right? At the moment, as I flick through Vogue and other fashion magazines I see tall skinny girls, perfect hair, teeth and skin, which makes you think your the only one in the world who isn’t perfect! But lets just look around school and along the street! We are all different! We are all beautiful! So just because we don’t resemble these girls, does it mean we can’t look  beautiful and be fashionable? As I’m sure many of the readers are nothing like that! I’m not saying that just because you are skinny and a model you should be thrown out of modeling but instead have your fellow models representing the world! All different! Many magazines are probably scared to go into this area but to me, this shows they are strong, a high fashion magazine that can stand out from the rest and say, fashion is for all! I’m sure many people would support this view! I’d love to see clothes that represent the people and that for us instead of dreaming that we were like them and we could fit in the clothes, we could! We could see beautiful women just like us, on those glossy pages of the magazine. I feel just the same for catwalk models too, but lets just start with one little fashionable baby step at a time!!!! FASHION FOR ALL!!! M x


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